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The Vortex Optics Venom is our top pick for the best budget red dot sight for the Canik TP Elite SC. An objective lens with a good field of view, fully multi-layered, anti-reflective coatings is the perfect combination you need for your Canik Tp9 firearm. Top 5 Best Canik Tp9 SC Elite Red dot sights The Canik TP9 Elite SC is the perfect choice if you want a concealed carry pistol with high-quality optics. It will probably last longer than your gun xD. This ensures you get easy and fast range adjustments while aiming at the target. I dont think this could get any better than this. Although it will completely depend on your personal preference, I would recommend going for the green light if your shooting time mostly involves daylight. Yes, the mounting cut of this sight will fit on the Canik Mete pistols mounting slide. After going through the checklist you will know what you need to check in a red dot sight. If you want to have fast-fire in a short range, the optic has got your back. There is also a Lock Mode which freezes all your settings so that your shooting does not get interrupted with unintentional pressing. Given the auto brightness system, it gets easier to handle the targeting process. The Shadow system DR920 has a full size slide so it will require RMR footprint optic to mount on the gun. It's built-in motion sensor, as soon as motion resumes, HAWK0 resumes its previous brightness level. This sight is affordable, yet it still offers a clear and crisp picture. Brand New. This product will allow the shooter to utilize a variety of red dot sights on their CANIK with one adapter. Similarly, the size of other MOA types will also vary in various ranges. But you dont really have to worry about co-witnessing in a handgun since the red dot will do most of the job. My shots were accurate and on target, and I had no issues with sight. There is also a low battery warning indicator to give you heads up about the battery condition before it completely dies. As the first candidate for best Canik Elite optics, I have listed the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Reflex Sight. If you want, you can check out other optics like Liberty, Justice or Kingslayer to mount on the gun. People wanting small carry pistols with the Micro Red Dots to fit them are out there. Best Optics For HK VP9: Red Dot, Laser or Night Sights! . A concealed carry optic must [MANUAL VS. AUTOMATIC, THE CHOICE IS YOURS!] Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Reflex Sight , Matte, 2.5 MOA Dot (119688), Shield Sights Reflex Mini Sight 4MOA, Black, 1.7x1x0.9 in, RMS-4MOA, HOLOSUN HS507K-X2 Classic Multi Reticle, Red Dot Sight (Black), Burris 300234 Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount 3 MOA Sight (Black). This is a PICATINNY optic mounting plate for Glock that replaces the factory rear sight dovetail of all Non-MOS Glocks from Glock 17 to Glock 43 to glock 100. There is no separate button to power up the sight. However, you can set up a brightness setting separately for both daylight and night time by holding the + button for 3 seconds. There are lots of factors to consider when purchasing a red dot sight for your Canik TP9 SC Elite. With the Tp9 sfx you can mount any type of red dots as it comes with 4 different mounting plate options. The ability to convert this pistol from a subcompact to a compact with just the insertion of the 15 round magazine that includes a finger rest and matching grip texture gives the shooter a "two guns in one" situation. HOLOSUN - HS507K-X2 - Best Overall red dot for canik tp9sfx. Youll want to choose a reticle that is easy to see. The 16mm diameter objective lens creates a wide window to spot targets fast and acquire them even faster. The 3 MOA red dot can be used in conjunction with the 3 MOA or 8 MOA reticles. With the help of the 10 brightness level, you can easily adjust the light intensity of the sight. This power saving feature automatically deactivates the reticle illumination after 5 minutes of any inactivity. But the ultra micro size still worked in our favor. The Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight is the perfect choice for those who want a high-quality sight without spending much money. Moreover, the automatic brightness adjustment system will allow you to have clear vision on both low and high light conditions. The ADE RD3-020 Shake N Awake red dot fits all pistol with optic cuts for Trijicon RMR, including aftermarket slide such as Rockslides, Polymer80 and PSA that has a optic cut for Trijicon RMR Pattern.. Micro Red Dot Sight for RMSc Mount . It provides a precise point of aim, making it easy to get shots down range with authority. There are different types of MOA such as 2MOA, 3MOA, 6MOA, 8 MOA and so on. If youre using it for hunting, you need a sight that is durable and easy to use in low-light conditions. Look for a sight that is waterproof and shockproof. However, in case of mounting it on TP9 Elite SC, you are recommended to use a compatible adapter. I spend most of my time fishing and hunting but am also an avid shooter with two years experience writing about firearms related topics. Plus, it is so lightweight, you can install it as an additional part to the existing sight of a firearm. Its not cheap, but its reliable and durable. Unlike other high quality sights, this one has been constructed from CNC machined 7075-T6 aluminum. What Red Dots Fit Canik Tp9 Elite SC? I think this Sentinel-M sight will make a great partner for your Canik SC pistol as you are getting quite a few features within a good price range. The Crimson Trace RAD Micro Reflex Sight is the perfect choice for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. When you are looking for a good red dot sight it is important that you choose one with good battery runtime, at least enough to get you through a decent amount of time. This just simply makes my work easier as I dont have to constantly change the brightness levels depending on the lighting condition of that day. Look for a sight with an easy-to-use dial for controlling the dot intensity. What red dot fits a canik TP9 elite combat? The Shield Sights RMSc compact is a great choice for those who want to carry their weapon efficiently. When the multilayer coatings on the glass ensure the maximum light transmission for a bright image, the long-life battery helps to illuminate the red dot on the sight. Similarly, when it senses movement of the gun, it instantly powers up the illumination. This optic is known to withstand 10 times more shock impacts than other glass optics. Holosuns HS507k-X2 is the perfect choice for those looking to conceal carry and shoot without standing out. I hope that this article has helped you to choose the best red dot sight for your Canik TP9 SC Elite. Nikon Monarch 5 vs Vortex Diamondback: Comparison Of The Beasts! Holosuns HS507k-X2 has a built-in shake awake feature that turns on your sight when you move. The multi-coated lenses ensure youll be able to see your targets down range with optimum clarity. Yes, you can rack the slide but it will put extra pressure on the mounting screws and the sight itself. $9.99 MSRP. In that sense, you can very easily carry this with your Canik Elite handgun. This helps you to get a perfect shot every time. The dot size doesnt matter, as long as you can see it. To aid in this fast targeting process, the sight also comes with 1 MOA windage and elevation adjustments. DeltaPoint Pro Reflex Sight is also 100% waterproof, fog-proof, shockproof, and backed by the legendary Leupold customer care. This 4 MOA micro red dot is highly compatible to use with the micro or subcompact optic-ready slides such as Canik Elite TP9 SC, Ruger Max-9, Sig P365X, P365XL, P365XL and so on. It has a blackout rear and phosphorous front white dot sight and micro red-dot interface with co-witness feature. It is best to let the gunsmith do this job since the micro Leupold sight needs a mounting ritual. Newly updated front switch designed in Oregon. I always give great attention to the body structure and weight of any optical device especially when it is used with a handgun. Sig P365X/P365XL/P365XL SPECTRE COMP I just want a cheap red dot i dont really have the money to put a 300$ sight on a gun i got for 400$ lol. "reddotheaven.com" is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. You also need to unlock the sight in order to turn it off. Another point I want to mention is its high capacity CR1632 lithium battery that has the ability to keep this sight on for almost 50,000 hours. It is also equipped with a low battery indicator to let you know when its time to change the battery. . Interchangeable back strap in 2 sizes (small and . So I recently got a CANIK TP9 ELITE SC and I was wondering what sight to get, whats the best sight (red dot) for this handgun for concealed carry? The battery life of the sight prolongs due to this motion sensor system. It makes the optic really sturdy to endure any rough situation. Although I dont like the fact that you have to demount the sight from your Elite Canik whenever there is a need for battery change, you dont have to do it often. This sight is specifically designed for shooters with astigmatism, and it offers a clear and crisp sight picture. Remember to think about the type of shooting you will be doing, and make sure that the reflex sight you choose is compatible with your firearm. Therefore, you know you can go out and about with your night sights without worrying about using them with the existing red dot. The sight features two types of brightness settings such as Sentinel-M (manual) and Sentinel-A (automatic). Swampfox Sentinel Micro Reflex RED DOT (RMsc Pistol Cut) Shake n Wake 3 MOA dot Manual Ade Advanced Optics Spike (RD3-018) Micro Red Dot Sight for Canik TP9 Elite SC, Canik Mete SFT, Sig the Dream Plastics Scope Cover for Shield RMSc, Ade Advanced Optics Picatinny Mounting Plate, Best Rifle Scope For 1000 Yards Top 7 in 2023 [Guide & Top Picks], Best Scope For Marlin 336 Reviews and Buying Guides w/FAQs, Best Light For Canik TP9SFX Reviews and Guides w/FAQs, Best Tactical Light For Benelli M4 Reviews and Buying Guides w/FAQs. So, lets begin! The DeltaPoint Pro Reflex Sight is extremely reliable and easy to use. Sentinel offers very real advantages in defensive shooting situations. The vortex Venom offers precise accuracy at any range, and with the 3 MOA dot, youll be able to acquire your target quickly with ease. It will also co-witness perfectly with the iron sights when the optics are installed. (I have a Sig Romeo Zero backordered) Ideal for competition and self-defense applications, it is hard to go wrong with having a Canik pistol in your collection. This is one of the most popular micro sights you will find in the market that has all the good features you will need to enhance your shooting experience. We independently review everything we recommend. Plus, with the Shake Awake feature you get to save more battery energy as it creates the perfect brightness according to the surrounding lighting. Ill tell you why. The Canik TP9 Elite SC is an awesome subcompact pistol. With ten brightness options, youre getting the perfect level of lighting for any situation that comes your way. Anyone here know? There are + and - buttons on the left side of the sight which aids in making the brightness brighter or dimmer. So, I guess we can compromise with this one thing, right? But it goes back to the previous brightness level as soon as it senses the motion of the gun. ADE RD3-018 SPIKE Red Dot Sight For Canik Elite TP9 SC with Shield RMS Footprint 2 product ratings Condition: New Quantity: More than 10 available 140 sold / See feedback Price: US $128.99 No Interest if paid in full in 6 mo on $99+* Buy It Now Add to cart Add to Watchlist 140 sold Returns accepted 351 watchers Shipping: Excellent optics, ten brightness levels, auto-brightness mode, 3 MOA dot, aluminum housing, top-load system. With the unique design of this scope, it is easy to use and offers a clear sight picture. Canik has done it this time. It comes in with aluminum housing for essential durability, so you wont have to worry about it breaking on you anytime soon. It can be tough to decide which one is right for you. It cant happen that we are listing the best red dots for Canik Tp9 Elite SC and not adding a Holosun product. Vortex Optics Venom Best for the money, Buying Guide For The Best Red Dot For canik TP9 SC Elite, HOLOSUN HS507K-X2 Classic Multi Reticle, Red Dot Sight (Black), Shield Sights RMSc Red Dot Sight | GEN II | Glass Lens | 4 MOA | Made in The UK | Reflex Mini-Sight Premium Optic, Swampfox Sentinel Micro Reflex RED DOT (RMsc Pistol Cut) Shake n Wake 3 MOA dot Auto Brightness, Crimson Trace RAD Micro Pro Compact Open Reflex Pistol Sight with 3 MOA Red Dot, Co-Witness Notch, Shake to Wake and Ambient Light Sensors for Compact and Subcompact Handguns,Black, Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight - 3 MOA Dot, 5 Best Red Dot Sight for Browning Buckmark, 5 Best Red Dot Sight For Shadow Systems MR920, HOLOSUN HS507C X2 Circle Dot Solar Failsafe. Thus, they tick all the necessary factors that we will see in the red dot sights before purchasing them for the Elite SC. No, unfortunately the sight does not come with a Picaitnny mount. Thats why its important to choose the best red dot sight for your Canik TP9 SC Elite. However, it is not submersible. So you will need sights with that footprint only. Now Canik Tp9 Elite SC has a specific optic footprint when it comes to red dots. Shield Sights are designed to work with the same mounting footprint as Holosun 507K X2. Since the Mete SFX also comes with optic-ready cuts, you wont need any additional mounting plates to install the sight. When it is shifting to its last breath, I mean battery-wise, just put on a CR2032 lithium battery and you will be good to go for another two to three years. To make your search for red dot sight for Elite SC more easy, lets look at some sight reviews. The auto-brightness sensor detects ambient light conditions and adjusts according to this information. Only high-quality and compact optics are considered in this list. If you have astigmatism, then the Shield Sights RMSc Red Dot Sight is your best choice. The FastFire III is also parallax-free so that you can keep your focus on the target. But whats interesting about the part is the use of Shake Awake technology and the lock mode of the optic. Elite Founding Member Jan 15, 2021 #2 I recommend downloading the owner's manual on the manufacturer website. This freakishly tiny 0.61 oz red dot is perfect for the Canik Elite pistol with its aluminum housing. know the major difference between vortex venom and vortex viper. 5 Stars 92% 4 Stars With its bright red glow and sleek design, the Crimson Trace RAD Micro Pro is perfect for any situation where you need a quick sight picture. On the left side, the optic has a manual option to increase or decrease the brightness level (ranges between 10 levels). This is when the Sentinel sight comes into the equation. You can use the regular components like lens pen, lens cleaning solution, microfiber cloth and so on. There is no doubt with the RMS footprint of this sight which also cuts out the SMS mounting standard. Since the Canik TP9 Elite SC is designed with optic-ready cuts, the red dot sight you are choosing should enable you to mount it directly on the gun. The multi-coated glass makes the objective lens a color consistent porter for better visibility. The additional features that the PRO series includes areMulti Reticle Technology(only on select models, ADE is releasing the 2023 PRO SERIES for ADE RD3-015(2016-present) Zantitium red dot called Zantitium PRO(D3-015PRO). With its 3 MOA red dot reticle, the Crimson Trace RAD Sight makes it easy to find your target, and co-witnessed sight will give you additional confidence when aiming. Go to canik r/canik by [deleted] CHEAP red dot for sc elite . CANIK OEM OPTIC SCREWS (M4) Compatible with TP9 SFx, TP9 ELITE COMBAT, TP9 ELITE SC, METE SF, METE SFT, METE SC models. This ADEs FDE ADE is releasing the 2023 PRO SERIES for ADE RD3 series that fits a varieties of popular optic footprint on the market. One thing that is very different about this sight from the rest of the red dots is that it has an iron sight curve at the end of its body where you will find two white dots. While this little red dot sight may seem small, it is ridiculously light, coming in at just over 1 ounce. I'm Micheal, an avid shooter and hunting enthusiast from Texas. You can use the Evolution Gun Works Sight Mount, as a mount for the sight. Precision CNC Machined from Aircraft Grade Aluminum What I dont like is that you have to change its CR2032 battery that lasts for 2 years by unmounting the sight since the battery door is underneath it. Holosuns HS507k-X2 is a versatile weapon that can be outfitted with 3 different reticles. The reticle is clear and easy to see, even in low light conditions. Best Speedloader For Ruger GP100 Reviews, Guides w/FAQs. Otherwise you will not be able to mount this on your firearm. The 507K micro red dot sight is compact, affordable, and easy to use. Especially with the Canik Tp9 Elite SC handgun, this point gets clearer as you cannot mount just any sight on this model. You cannot use just anything with these handguns. The 4 MOA dot is perfect for close-range target shooting, while the 8-mOA provides an excellent view of longer distances. Holosuns HS507k-X2 is a great choice for those who want to carry their weapon efficiently. The HOLOSUN HS507K-X is my top pick for the best red dot sight for the Canik TP Elite SC. Canik TP9 Elite Combat - Desert Tan - 9mm - W/ Vortex Viper Red Dot . This FDE/TAN body color Green Dot is one of ADE's newest product in 2022. One review told of what 'won't fit', but not what does. In fact, the lens of the sight has also been carefully crafted to make it as user-friendly as possible. Sentinel is really small. Yes, you can mount this red dot on the Hellcat OSP handgun with the RMSc mounting plate. Features: This optic picatinny mount made by ADE is to connect to certain type of optic sight to standard 1913 picatinny/weaver rail. Micro Red Dot Sight for Canik Elite TP9 SC Only Designed to fit Canik Elite TP9 SC Note: 1.You need to turn on the red dot to use shake awake function. If youre using it for competition shooting, you need to find a sight that is easy to adjust and that can hold its zero. This powers up the brightness system to operate in all lighting conditions. Can a Full-Size Optic Mount On The TP9 SC? We at OuterImpact have gone to great lengths to assure that the fit and finish of this system are top-notch. This new red dot is amazing with a 4MOA red dot it the perfect size. HOLOSUN HS507K-X2 Shield Sights RMSc Swampfox Sentinel Micro Reflex red dot Crimson Trace RAD Micro Reflex Sight Vortex Optics Venom 1. On an average the battery can serve you about 4 years long. This makes it quite easy to sight in a while, ensuring accuracy. The Leupold Delta Point Pro Reflex Sight is an extremely reliable sight for canik tp9sc pistol. Its self-adjusting dot intensity can be controlled by CT Radiant technology, so it never gets too intense or confusing just press down on this easy control button to monitor your targets reflection in crisp detail with every shot. This sight is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry and maneuver. The Canik TP9 Elite SC is the perfect choice if you want a concealed carry pistol with high-quality optics. Since it is also a 9mm concealed gun, the sight should fit into it. So, without further delay, lets get started. Free 4 day shipping The Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sights is a high-quality optic that will serve you well in any situation. Also, make sure the sight is waterproof and fogproof to withhold through different weathers. Now with a wrench, torque (15Ibs) the screws down and done! Add to Cart Compare. It also helps you to see through the lens in the low light environments with utmost clarity. No, this sight does not come with an auto-brightness mode. It only takes a certain type of optics that match with its Elite status. So I suggest looking into optics that will fit the Shield footprint. Moreover, the 1 MOA click adjustments also help you to adjust the angles smoothly. The Sentinel-M includes 10 manually adjustable brightness levels which can be accessed by the digital push buttons. This pistol comes chambered in 9mm and features a 12 round standard capacity, while still being easily concealed at an impressive 1.45" width and 6.70" overall length. It is important that the sights we choose for our short range firearm, should enable us for precise and fast target acquisition. Theme designed by Papathemes. CANIK MECANIK MO1 Micro Reflex 3 MOA Red Dot Sight for TP9, TP9 Elite - PACN1101. The mainly new change of 009D compare to other 009 productions is 009D has a cut underneath at the base near the the rear portion, it reduces the overall length of the base area where attaches to the handgun plate. We have made it more durable to withstand recoil and improved the ability to hold zero. Its also very durable and can withstand the recoil of most firearms. It looks clean and luckily has a slide that will accept a Holosun 407K, 507K, and EPS Carry without any modification. Well, In this article, I will review my top four favorite red dot sights that work well for the Canik TP9 SC Elite pistol. That is mainly because they give you a feeling of uniqueness. Battery Life: 2 yrs Brightness Settings: 10 settings Finish: Black Power Supply: CR 2032 Reticle: Red Dot Weight: .62 oz Delivery weight: 0.152kg Item details US export classification: 0A504.c Product no. When the Sentinel-M remains still about 4 minutes, the Shake N Wake motion starts saving the battery energy to prolong the battery life. The TP9 Elite Sub Compact (SC) is a concealable, lightweight, reliable, double stacked, striker-fired polymer pistol. The sights photosensitive sensor captures the surroundings and adjusts the dot brightness according to the lighting conditions. This makes it really easy to replace the battery without having to remove the sight from your weapon. Overall, I highly recommend the Swampfox Sentinel Micro Reflex red dot sight to anyone looking for a high-quality, versatile sight that can easily fit canik models and also glocks. The battery life on the Shield RMSc red dot is exceptional, and it will last for up to 50,000 hours on the lowest setting. You can literally use the part for all optic-ready handguns. So, the micro red dot optic will fit in the gun. As the Sig Sauer P365 is a Micro-compact gun, this particular sight should work with it. This helps you to have sufficient brightness for a clear field of view in all environmental conditions. Yes, the sight is compatible to use with Glock G19 Gen5 but you cant mount them directly. I love this sight because Vortex Venom has a built-in ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts dot intensity according to the shooters preference. Plus, the company has deliberately avoided the use of color coatings and radioactive coatings on the lens to make sure that your eyes dont get exposed to harmful elements. The battery compartment is on the top of the sight. Any of the red dots on this list should fit a Canik TP9 Elite Combat, but the Vortex Venom and the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro are two of the best options. Due to the automatic brightness system, you can have clear visuals of the target in both bright and low light environments. ADE NUWAcc is the first(and the only)red dot with RMRcc footprint that has TOP BATTERY LOADING system, no need to Remove the sight to change the Battery that requires re-sight in and waste ammo. The FDE standards for Flat Dark Earth, it is a Tan-ish color. You can also change the battery while the reflex sight is still mounted on your gun. If youre looking for a red dot sight that wont let you down, the HOLOSUN HS507K-X is the way to go. Canik Elite TP9 SC You dont have to worry about losing your zero because the FastFire III offers tool-less windage and elevation adjustments. The optics are really easy to mount on the optic-ready slides. With the help of the CR2032 battery, you can easily see LED red dots on the glass to aim at the target. Hence, we need to use micro red dot sights with this model gun as they have more compatibility than any other red dot optics. The HS407K red dot provides 12 brightness settings for a customized view, including two night vision settings for tactical operations. The sight is also waterproof and shockproof, making it the perfect choice for those who need a reliable sight in all conditions. Required fields are marked *. Sig P320 Xten (Using Sig provided plate marked forLeopold Deltapoint Pro optic footprint) Keep in mind all of your needs and preferences. What Should You Check Before Choosing A Firearm For Hunting? No, the Ade Spike always places the battery underneath the automatic brightness setting. The automatic adjustment of the illumination is one of my favorite items in every red dot. If you want to conserve battery life, you can use the automatic brightness mode or turn off the auto-brightness sensor. DARN RIGHT!] The Elite SC offers the same features as the standard TP9 models, while designed to be snag-free for better concealment and a faster draw. The TP9 Elite SC marked Canik's entrance into the subcompact world after several full-sized guns. The lenses have anti-reflective coating to minimize the visible signature. The Holosun HS407K X2 is an open reflex red dot designed for concealed carry pistols. We have picked the products by keeping all the important factors in consideration, so without any worries choose the optic that meets your shooting styles most. Canik is one of the best brands in firearms. You get all the necessary screws to mount this sight on a handgun along with an Allen key. Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Reflex Sight for canik tp9sc. Youll want a sight that provides a clear and crisp sight picture. They also need to be lightweight to avoid putting additional grams to the gun. Especially, when you are in a self-defense situation, this MOA size comes as a great help. Sig P365-380(make sure your 2050 Beavercreek Rd. Take a rubbing alcohol and degrease the screws, then apply a bit of Blue loctite on the screws. Its also one of the markets most affordable optics, making it a great value for your money. So keeping these factors in mind when you compare the compatibility of different red dot sights for this subcompact, you will see the micro red dots are the only sights that match the guns features completely. This sight like any other high quality optics comes with multi-coated glass and high capacity lithium battery. Why don't I see a perfect round dot? This multi-reticle X2 version comes with two different reticle styles to give you both close and long distance coverage. In order to mount the optic on the guns, the company includes 3 pairs of screws to directly place it on the rear sight of the pistol. Then, you can just read through the reviews to find the perfect Elite companion your Canik Tp9 pistol accepts. [DUTY GRADE? I'm a recreational shooter who loves to spend time at the range and enjoy learning about new firearms and gears. Now there is another reticle option with 32 MOA circle. The manual version is my preference because you can adjust brightness levels yourself. You have to lock the sight after turning it on and pushing the + button down for 3 seconds. With this kind of versatility you will not be disappointed for choosing this sight. police unit call signs,