Political Apps

Political apps are a great tool for both candidates and incumbents. Your app will allow you to keep in touch with your constituents and supporters, remind them of important events, and encourage them to vote on election day. The "get out and vote" effect alone makes an app an invaluable tool.


  • Instant Notification: send a message all app owners, directly from your copy of the app
  • Interaction: Q&A allows app users to ask questions. Answered Questions are posted to the app
  • News: Your online blog, et al.
  • Social Media: Your Facebook page, and your Twitter feeds
  • Information: Your biography, city information, and more
  • Sharing: The app will have extensive sharing ability so your supporters can help
  • Contributions: Instructions to make contributions


We will create the app from information you provide, release it for iPhone and Android, for $1,500 per year, paid in advance.

Email us: Brad Waller, VP Business Development

Phone: (310) 316-7424