This alloy, along with 14K gold, is a good compromise between durability and purity. 14-karat gold and 18-karat gold are similar in that they are both alloys. Similarly with 18 carat gold, which has to be 18/24, equivalent to 75% gold, the rest being composed of any other metal. This is why people allergic to nickel can be more sensitive to a 10K or 14K piece, whereas nickel-containing 18K or 22K jewelry might not induce an allergic reaction even though the metal is present in the alloy. This difference should be considered when buying gold jewelry, as it means that 18-karat gold will wear out and bend more easily than 14-karat gold. The same way that it’s possible, but unlikely, for 18k gold to tarnish, it’s also possible, but unlikely, that it will leave a green mark on your finger. The Moh’s Scale of Hardness. The non-gold metals could open the door to a little tarnish over time—but it isn’t likely or common. 196 Gold Bulletin 2004 • 37/3–4 18 Carat Yellow Gold Alloys with Increased Hardness Rainer Süss, Elma van der Lingen and Lizelle Glaner Physical Metallurgy Division, Mintek, Private Bag X3015, Randburg 2125, South Africa. However, if you are very sensitive to nickel, even some 14K pieces may give you a rash, whereas 18K gold … Chlorine and gold aren’t friendly with each other. That means that if you have a gold chain that weighs 40 grams, it has to contain at least 2 grams of gold. Because they may need the cash quickly, because pawn shops are offering so little, or because they want to unload the jewelry right away for emotional reasons. Karat is a unit of measure for gold purity and denotes how much gold content there is in an alloy relative to the amount of other metals mixed in. In order to legally use the term Gold Vermeil, jewelry MUST have a layer of gold that’s AT LEAST 2.5 microns thick. So, if you are looking for a more affordable piece of jewelry, a 14-karat piece will likely be cheaper than an 18-karat one, all else being equal. If any of those requirements aren’t met, the piece can’t be marketed at Gold Vermeil. First, since it’s quite pure, it’s fairly easy to scratch jewelry made using 18K gold. 18k Gold is an alloy that consists of 75% 24 karat gold and 25% from other metals that increase the hardness of the mixture and influence color. Beyond those risks, hard water and soaps can build up and dull the appearance of your gold jewelry. The story is a good reminder of how important it is to stay vigilant and verify that you got what you paid for (real gold). Are You Allergic to Gold or Nickel in Jewelry? From there, a number of other metals like Zinc, Silver, or Nickel could be added, as needed, to influence hardness and color. Jewelry made from a non-gold base metal is submerged in a tank of special solution. You might see 14K jewelry that doesn’t look much different from an 18K piece. When the guy was arrested, they searched his car and found more “gold” bars, “gold” rings, and diamond (which were also fake, I’m sure). On the surface, the ring looked undamaged, but it was weakened over time by chemical reactions, and the prongs eventually bent. The main difference is durability. As we look at 18 karat gold price (or value) remember, that this metal is 75% gold (18 parts yellow gold and 6 parts non-gold metals like Copper, Zinc, or Nickel). 18K gold is a good choice if you want a piece of jewelry that is reasonably pure but is not overly soft. Other pieces have thick coatings that may last for years before needing to be replated. We’ll briefly explain the process below. In the paragraphs that follow, I’ll give you more detail on how 18 karat gold is made. Your jewelry won’t immediately fall apart if you do. If 24 karat gold is valued at $49.89 per gram, for example, 75% of that value will be $37.42. If you notice marks being left on your fingers, you may want to try changing any lotions or skin creams that you might be using to see if things change. 10k gold has less yellow gold and more copper, so it generally has a much redder, Copper-like, appearance. In reality, Gold Filled jewelry consists of a thick layer of gold on top of a non-gold base metal. The markup of a particular retailer (this might include a premium that you’re willing to pay for a shop with a stellar reputation for quality). Again, the MAIN ingredient in 18k gold is yellow gold, but the second-largest ingredient is Copper. The size of the ring (a size 14 will be heavier and require more gold to produce than a size 5 ring of the same style. This difference should be considered when buying gold jewelry, as it means that 18-karat gold will wear out and bend more easily than 14-karat gold. Rhodium (plating) 800 HV 14k White Gold 230 HV 18k White Gold 210 HV 18k Yellow Gold 155 HV 14k Yell... Start a conversation Sign in. It’s even possible for the layer to last through multiple generations if it’s not mistreated. It sounds like gold would occupy the inside of a Gold Filled piece of jewelry, right? How will an 18 karat gold ring be different than a similar ring made out of 14k gold? However, if you are very sensitive to nickel, even some 14K pieces may give you a rash, whereas 18K gold is much less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Jewelry items with lower purity have high Copper contributions, and a much greater chance of oxidation and tarnish. All gold other than 24k will have non-gold metals mixed in to add hardness. If you are looking for durability, 14K gold is better in this regard and is the recommended choice for jewelry that you will wear often. What Are the Differences Between 9-Karat and 18-Karat Gold? For Gold filled items, at least 5% of the total weight of the piece MUST consist of gold. The term plated is short for ‘Electroplated.’ Electroplating is the process that’s used to apply the gold over the base metal. This gold is typically a good option for people with sensitive skin that reacts when it comes in contact with less pure gold mixtures like 10k. The base metal also HAS TO BE Sterling Silver. This also holds true when comparing 14K and 18K gold – the latter is supposed to have a warmer and more saturated color, whereas the former might not have as strong a yellow hue.

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