Today, however, it has the exact opposite effect. 35 comments. 10. 56. Vegetable Salad from the Joys of Jello, 1963. Read more » 1970s. Green Jello Salad (AKA Mormon Jello Salad) is One Retro Dessert That's About to Make a Big Comeback September 10, 2020 – 12:25 PM – 0 Comments By Krista Marshall Parade @everydaymomsmls Why was there so much jello and so many jello molds? 56. I'm sure that back when lime Jell-O, grated onion, cottage cheese, mayonnaise, and a questionable "seafood salad" were considered a delicious combo, the above image looked seductive. 9. Salads. The Kitchn. fuckyeahvintagerecipes on Tumblr . share. Both times featured very interesting food. Old recipes are interesting and sometimes amazing. Tuna Fish Mold. This is a true, retro Jello salad recipe made with lemon gelatin, boiling water, crushed pineapple, and grated carrots. Creamy and fruity, Peach & Cream Jello gets a kick of boozy flavor from the peach schnapps. Press J to jump to the feed. Sea Foam Salad. 2. Here's the recipe. save. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Does everything need to be mushy and in some weird shape? Not all the food was bad though. Frozen Caribbean pie: Bananas, pineapple, rum, cream, lime and mayo (1972) Here’s a delicious, fruity tropical dessert that’s cold and refreshing – Frozen Caribbean pie – like a fruity salad in a pie shell. It sets up beautifully in a Jello mold and will be a stunner on the dessert table. Posted by 1 year ago. User account menu. Jell-O salad gelatin came in two flavors, celery or mixed vegetable, and both savory salad gelatin mixes made to be a base for vegetables and meats. The other day I shared a meal plan from the 1950s and now it’s time to check out some recipes from the 1960s. Here's the recipe. Log In Sign Up. Please share yours here. Close. Archived. Jell-O Lime Cheese Salad. Vegetable Salad from the Joys of Jello, 1963. Peaches & Cream Jello. Salads. See what happened when someone actually tried it.

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