Completionist. For a typical gamer this is an underwater walking simulator. To put it nice and shortly, ABZU is one of my favorite games of the Eighth Generation of consoles and sold me on Giant Squid as a game developer. Glad I tried it as a rental. I could easily play this game over and over even though I have 100% completion. Beautiful soundtrack, however the "story" is somewhat abstract. They are really the essence of an emotional experience. 4 Hours. Korean HaEun: Ninja princess and genius moody cow from South Korea ;DTHIS SERIESIn this series, we are playing Abzu! Please feel free to like and comment on our videos! But mostly it works. Gorgeous art direction, looks great on Switch, epic sense of scale, excellent soundtrack, fluid gameplay; Cons. Relaxing, calming, artistic game. Beyond some puzzle-like gameplay fragments where you actually get to "play" the game, ABZU more or less is a walking simulator with impressive world design and visuals, plus some interesting but simplistic allegories. Beautiful, gorgeous game. Whats up guys??? It really does become a roller coaster of excitement and amazement. The episodic format of the games seems to be an ironic nail in the coffin of quality, as I find myself wondering a lot "why isn't this just a TV show?". Buy ABZU. I was honestly surprised how much I enjoyed this game. Gameplay. ABZU Game Page. One of the best underwater exploration games out there. The controls are tanky and it's way too easy to overcorrect when ascending or descending. A good-looking journey comes with repetitive and shallow gameplay and its pursuit of affecting emotions remains halfway. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Abzu The game shipped in good condition. As a purveyor and hobbyist of many parts of games--narrative, artistic vision, and game design--I always find that the best games exist at the crossroad where the three interact. More like 75% but eh...good, varied environments and beautiful music. But I'm sure a child would be engrossed. Beautiful game with beautiful music. La verdad es que cuando compré Abzû no sabía que estaban relacionados simplemente me gustó la idea, el vídeo y me fié de las reseñas positivas, saber que estaba relacionado con Journey me dio un poco de miedo (la frase "del creador de..." ha hecho mucho mal en el cine) pero me animó a ponerlo más arriba en la lista de juegos para probar. Wasn't for the ending this score would be lower. ABZU is a short but beautiful underwater adventure. Short game but beautiful concept. The whole game is swimming simulator where you control a robot/human like character who basically can swim deep underwater. Relaxing game but there is nothing to do, just explore. One of the best I've had in years! Beautiful but limited in terms of gameplay. Still, execution being detailed and captivating it's definitely worth a dive. A quick game that'd I'd recommend for people that don't have a lot of time or want a break from a combat heavy game. Borrows equal parts from Journey and Thatgamecompany’s previous title Flower. The visuals along with the music paint a distinct tone for each chapter and this is highlighted by the different aquatic animals which take the centre stage. Beautiful graphics, one of the best I've seen EVER, the game's atmosphere is really good, an epic soundtrack, and overall, the gameplay is pretty decent too, at least for those kind of games. Hard to even suggest for the $5 I paid. sweet flow, aweseome visuals and great message. Great short game, relaxing and thought provoking. Simple and easy game to play with very basic easy to solve puzzles. What really holds ABZU back is the lack of pure gameplay. Similar to Journey the story is quite abstract, but maybe more so here. Es admirable lo bien acabado que está, como todo lo que te rodea se siente muy orgánico, como te siguen los peces y reaccionan a ti y lo estético que es todo, pero se queda solo en eso. Nice and short too. Tip #10: Take Your Time and Enjoy! I'm surprised they don't belong to one series. If you have played Journey and have $20 on you, this game is a must-own. This game isn't offensive for how much it borrows from Journey, but in comparison, I couldn't help but continue to feel through the whole game that this is not Journey, and there will never be another Journey. ABZÛ is an amazing experience for any PS4 owner or Steam User. The musical score is also masterful. i liked what it was doing and admire it's confidence in knowing what it is. Very pretty, and with an absolutely gorgeous soundtrack... not really a 'game' unless you're a child, though. Dec. 13, 2018. I was entranced by how beautiful this game looks. I guess let's go for a swim! So please join us on our adventure to test that out! But Journey exists. I just wish the story and collectibles mattered more. I'm at a crossroads for what I should rate ABZU. More ABZU Content. ABZU is a short but beautiful underwater adventure. A bit short; Bottom Line. Very nice. The graphics and art style are outstanding and the story is one of the best parts. There's a decent amount of lore for people interested in piecing things together or making their own backstory. Abzû is “a beautiful variation on Journey and Flower that’s not very creative.”. Abzû is a charming game that's obsessed with the beauty of undersea life. Beautiful music. Lot to live up to "from the creators of Journey". Very very short game but it is so worth it. I did enjoy my time swimming from the start because simple … What a better time to dive into a world like this. If you ever wanted an underwater version of Journey, then you found the right game. It tried to be a puzzle game, but the solutions were just too linear, and that dragged ABZU down. However, as you progress, the emotion intensifies. simulator. A beautiful exploration game. I streamed it on SkernStation Twitch - it was ver short though only 1,5h. Even in the end, I sometimes felt like someone picking up the controller for the first time and had never played an fps game in my life. Overall, not a bad game. The game might come off to some as a pretentious "Art" and "Walking Simulator" game but the difference is ABZU feels like a game when something like Everybody's Going To The Rapture doesn't. The game does start slow. 10/10. A little difficult to swim in the direction you want sometimes, and occasionally dips into boring territory. Beautiful and well prepared world, nice musics and lots of fishes. Such a great game, if you like games were you can calm down, then this is for you. The brevity encourages you to finish it in one setting, but the only incentive it seems to offer for doing each consecutive level is "You'll see a few new fish."

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