The key difference is that the people on staff with a CM are generally not rank and file employees who perform the actual building. May supervise a small staff of architects and technicians. New Documents in the Construction Manager as Advisor (CMa) Family and Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) Family. Agency CM - A construction management system that manages the process of a construction project on behalf of the owner without physically delivering a construction project. In addition to software upgrades, the AIA is also introducing new documents in the 4.0 Release. Construction Manager 101. The Construction Manager shall not be responsible for actions taken by the Architect. The AGC also has document No. Licensed architect responsible for finished plans, specifications, or approval of materials and construction. You are talking about construction managERS. Between Owner and Architect, Construction Manager as Adviser Edition, as amended and executed by Owner and Architect. AIA Best Practices is a collection of relevant, experience-based knowledge and expert advice on firm management, project delivery, contracts and more, aligned with the Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice, 15th edition. AIA - American Institute of Architects. Construction Manager or the Construction Manager’s consultants, (5) between the Owner and a Subcontractor or Sub-subcontractor (6) between the Construction Manager and the Architect, or (7) between any persons or entities other than the Owner and Contractor. It really depends on how the project is structured. In comparison, a CM could just be an individual, or a group of people. "A Construction Manager is not a General Contractor" Except for the time that he is. The traditional form is the AIA A133. anyways, rasa asked about construction manageMENT. Owner may wish to hire a CM (who can also act as a constructor) on certain types of projects. supervise a small staff of architects and technicians. 7. 8, which is the Standard Form of Agreement between the Owner and the Construction Manager. Use of Construction Management forms: There are a variety of construction management forms to be utilized between the owner and the CM. In the second form of Construction Management, the owner contracts sepa-rately with an architect and a Construction Manager at Risk or Construction Manager as Contractor (CM-Contractor). The Construction Manager and Architect shall, however, be entitled to performance and Architectural project managers oversee all aspects of the design and construction process of a building project, from developing and reviewing building plans to … The AIA C132-2009 Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Construction Manager as Advisor describes the expanded scope of services assigned to a CM advisor under the AIA model documents.

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