many IKEA pieces), so take that for what it's worth. Paint soaks into raw wood grain, getting it all out so it looks natural is a lot of work and sometimes not possible, depending on the wood and kind of paint used.If you are hard on your cabinets no paint will withstand that. Maple is harder then Alder but is a PIA to stain. will wood look tile conflict with real wood floors? Don't look at the cost difference between the alder and the maple as an expense, look at it as an investment. I need you help. Like you, we didn't choose miles of natural wood cabinetry, but we've decided to live with it for various reasons, and change out other elements. Just wanted to point out that Alder is not "almost as soft as pine". Meaning if your doors are made from poplar, they may twist and/or warp. They then started advertising in architecture magazines and putting alder in high end homes to create demand for the species. I had maple kitchen cabinets that were stained that held up or about ten years before needing to be redone. This was a new build about a year ago. Will double check-assumed cabinet manufacturer was shipping it in stained. If the specs on the website are correct, this negates all the comments about pine vs alder as both bodies are alder." Have read issues with alder wood not holding up well-does not hold screws well?. Comparison of Walnut & Maple Kitchen Cabinets, The Wood Types for French Country Kitchen Cabinets. I've never heard of poplar cabinets. Alder is very soft compared to either hard or soft maple. Whats people lookup in this blog: Alder Wood Cabinets Vs Maple I wanted a lighter color but not 1950's blond so alder worked well. It is on the soft side but it's a cabinet not a floor. And the finish has nothing to do with the underlying wood. Select Hardwood Floor Co. (I mean, who has dings on their cabinets because they are soft? I plan on installing alder cabinets in my new home. It has a dense grain and is usually stained and not painted. This bathroom is on the second level, so no concrete slab. But can you say what kind of wood they were and what specifically was wrong with them? Well, it worked. How do you know which one you'll like? NOT using knotty alder for our cabinets. These are the grandchildren who drive their tricycles into the lower cabinets and ram into them with metal tractors. All finishes will, it's just not as noticeable on naturally finished wood.If you want something bullet proof, have them made from something that has the color all the way though (plastic, acrylic, solid surface material, etc. I'm also told that it is difficult to refinish manufactured wood cabinetry in the future. But when you're talking about wood, I never see wood cabinets that don't last even longer than 20 years in any species. Thanks. Poplar is a soft hardwood, more of a utility grade wood. Whats people lookup in this blog: Alder Wood Cabinets Vs Maple Do not want to have dents etc that I have read about. Anyway, I think its a fine choice and 40+ years of cabinets would tent to agree with me. Maple is a hard, strong wood with a smooth texture and uniform grain, a dense hardwood that has a prolonged life. As a hardwood, maple is durable and will stand up well to years of heavy use. each one wanted to put the ventailation fan in a different spot etc. Anyone have alder cabinets for awhile? It depends on how you (or your contractor) order them. Kitchen looks beautiful! Thanks so much for the info. Maple and alder are at two different points in the spectrum of cost, appearance and durability.

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