: 10116951/00. This manual will exnlain the features of the BASIC language and the s~ecial ?revisions of the 4K, 8K, Extended and Oisk Extended ~ltair BASIC interpreters, release 4.1. Starter Manual Page 1 March 2011 . MotionView Multi-body dynamics pre- and post-processor HyperView High performance finite element and me- ... tion results in Altair's compact H3D format so you can visualize and share CAE results within a 3-D web environment using HyperView Player.versions. Operating Manual ALTAIR 5X – Multi Gas Detector ALTAIR 5X IR – Multi Gas Detector Order No. Emphasis is placed on those portions of the computer most frequently utilized by the user. Parts 2 and 3 in the manual describe the organization and operation of the ALTAIR 8800. I yofu have an y sugges-tions on how we can improv ite , please let us know. A For . sion of basic programming, and a discourse on computer lan­ guages. Me hope that you enjoy ALTAIR BASIC an, d are successfu il n using it to solve all of your programmin needsg . In order to maintain a maximum qualit levey il n our documentation, we will be continuousl revisiny thig s manual. Finally, Part 4 of the manual presents a detailed quick reference, a table of Altair BASIC instructions, diagnostics and functions are 9rovided in Section 6.

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