If they’re not on the same database, you won’t find them. Key specs – Test type: Autosomal, Y-DNA and mtDNA; Collection method: Saliva; Information provided: Health and genetic heritage; Contactable matches: Yes; Postage included: Yes; Import results: No; Export results: Yes; Deletable data: Yes, Price: £75, plus shipping (plus optional tree building subscription) | Buy now from MyHeritage. It's now £30 cheaper for Black Friday. Family tree-building is simple and rewarding, and the site does this part of its job very well. That feature is coming, and you can opt in to the beta right now. Save on DNA test deals at the Black Friday sale, including the best Ancestry DNA & 23andMe deals The answer, currently, is “not a great deal”. Like Ancestry, this is a purely autosomal test designed to help you build a family tree with help from your genetic code. Are you distantly related to Beyoncé? However, because you inherit half of your DNA from each of your parents, the results from this kind of test become less reliable the further back you go in time: parents pass down 50% each, grandparents 25% each, great grandparents 12.5% and so on. Key specs – Test type: Autosomal; Y-DNA and mtDNA available for extra; Collection method: Cheek swab; Information provided: Genetic heritage; Contactable matches: No; Postage included: Yes; Import results: Yes; Export results: Yes; Deletable data: Yes, Best hair dryer: Save up to 57% on dryers for Black Friday, The best electric toothbrushes for clean teeth and gums, The best beard trimmers, plus Black Friday discounts, Best DNA test UK: Now even cheaper this Black Friday, Black Friday deals on the best blood pressure monitors, The best laser hair removal machines you can buy, Best Black Friday electric toothbrush deals, GHD Platinum Plus review: Now 25% cheaper for Black Friday. The autosomal test examines around 700,000 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) to reveal how closely you’re related to somebody else. Key specs – Test type: Autosomal; Collection method: Saliva; Information provided: Genetic heritage; Contactable matches: Yes; Postage included: Yes; Import results: No; Export results: Yes; Deletable data: Yes. That could change in the future, of course, as it’s a safe bet that we’ll learn more about genes and DNA over the next few decades. If these sound high, it’s worth noting that you can import results from some other sites, but obviously then you’ll have to satisfy yourself with the limitations of those third-party tests. Best dog DNA tests in the UK: Discover your dog's breed and so much more in 2019, as it goes very in-depth into the British Isles, Banish lag time: These are the best mesh WiFi routers for gamers. An autosomal test covers the whole of your family tree, but gets muddled after four to five generations. There’s a reason that each of these tests asks you to agree to its terms and conditions: you may discover things you don’t want to know. They cover things such as the ownership of your sample (them), who pays if you sue and lose (you) and how much you’ll be paid if they somehow get rich off a cure for cancer from your DNA (nothing). Y-DNA testing looks at the Y on the twenty-third chromosome, which females lack, so this test is only available for men. But – and it’s a big but – you can only roll back through a line of female relatives. We did some digging to bring you the ultimate DNA test comparison guide. Six to eight weeks later, you’ll get an email telling you that the sample has been analysed and your results are ready to browse online. The more detailed the Y-DNA test, the more expensive things get, with a 37-marker test coming in at $169 (around £129) and a 500-marker test aimed at experts for $649 (around £497). Price: £79, plus shipping (with optional subscription for tree building) | Buy now from Ancestry It’s especially good for the UK, where most samples have been collected and even breaks down your heritage by regions of Britain. You should probably find out. Your mileage may vary. Finally, be wary of tests that promise insights on things such as optimal diet and sporting ability. Knowing what each of those is, and how they differ, will help you make your choice. These apps can help. All rights reserved. You don’t need to do the DNA test for this, but if you do, the site will give you access to people who share your genetic code, with options to contact them and share your bit of the tree. Competitive Health testing . 10 of the best computer monitors for working, gaming, and everything in between, The Elvie breast pump is a good product that you might not need right now, Apple's macOS Big Sur: What you need to know, Bose QuietComfort Earbuds review: High-quality sound comes at a high cost, Amazon Fire TV Stick (2020) review: A cheap streaming option for 1080p diehards, iPhone 12 mini review: The soccer mom's antidote to big and tall phones. As well as a genetic heritage test, you’re buying a health screen using genetic information about your susceptibility to illnesses. That’s why you’ll find a lot of possible matches coming up as “fifth to eighth cousins”. $99 for AncestryDNA test. Shop the best deals in the list below.Best DNA Test Deals: * Save up to 27% on 23andMe DNA test kits … MyHeritage DNA: Now £40 off for Black Friday, Ancestry DNA: Now just £49 this Black Friday, Best mattress 2020: Black Friday deals on our favourite memory foam, pocket-sprung and hybrid mattresses, Best pressure washer 2020: Jet wash your car, patio or driveway clean - and save some cash this Black Friday, with around a million DNA samples as of January 2018, just over a million records in its database, Best DNA test UK: Exploring your ancestry with a home DNA test kit is cheaper than ever this Black Friday. These are the DNA strands that enable your paternal line can be traced. The best tests will cover all of these bases, but it’s worth noting that FamilyTreeDNA is the only one below that allows you to mix and match.

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