Thanks. Its poor processor speed and other limitations made the unit a failure and ultimately only 10,000 were sold. And does anyone know who buys old software like this? FIRMWARE. A rare piece of Apple history is going up for auction this month. I have an eMac (all white) in essentially mint condition. Jason Ponic (author) from Albuquerque on December 27, 2017: The Quadra 800 fetches $100-$200 on eBay currently. Original packaging (box has is faded/worn/discoloring, styrofoam packing is perfect. Released alongside the Mac II, expansion was primary capability of the SE series. While voted one of the worst tech gadgets of all time, the Portable holds the title as the first computer to ever send an email from space. Apple will let you pre-order apps up to six months in advance The old policy only allows developers to list their apps up to 90 days before release. I acquired this complete 1984 Apple IIe system, as shown with Duo drive, monitor, and printer. Has none of the characteristic yellowing of the cases for the computer, mouse, keyboard, or printer seen with most Macs that are 35+ years old. I have owned 3 Apple 1 computers myself of which 2 of them were still functional. Could you give me quotes for these? Original MessagePad Complete System: Mint Condition: Up to $1,400Working Condition: Up to $350Broken: Up to $100, MessagePad 100 Complete System: Mint Condition: Up to $560Working Condition: Up to $350Broken: Up to $100. To date, the JLPGA is the only PowerBook 170 worth some serious coin. I have an IMAC Flower Power computer. hi, i am cleaning house and shipping somethings back to the US from France where I was living. Released in January 1984 as the very first Macintosh, the 128k was the first personal computer to feature a Graphic User Interface, a basic feature that would define home computing for decades to come. Also, my mouse does not work. It was sold from June 1979 to December 1982. What is it worth??? Any ideas on the value? Many unremarkable models exist today worth just a few hundred dollars or less, for a multitude of reasons: The following systems are currently worth $150 or less, regardless of condition, in the current eBay market: 2010, yet another milestone year for Apple with the release of the iPad. I have them both together listed for 1600, and one recently sold for 1700 that isn’t near as complete or in good condition like mine, I even have an early model, without the 128k, and serial # starting with F.. any advice? It was sold from June 1979 to December 1982. Other changes included in the Apple II Plus motherboard included those that had previously been made between Revision 0 and Revision 1 boards, as mentioned in Chapter 4. How far a drive is it? Your computer needs to have been manufactured before 2000 in order to place a value on it. Additional trade‑in values require purchase of a new iPhone, subject to availability and limits. Hi Jason, I have a working, near mint condition Mac SE20 (I believe it is SE20, purchased in a college book store in 1988ish) in the original box (very clean and great condition but some clear packing tapes on and address written on 1 or 2 sides) with an unopened and an opened sets of manuals (happen to have 2 sets of same manuals) in mint conditions, plus a mouse cover shaped like a mouse which was sold in Apple 'Company Store' in 1988 (no tag). Mac OS 9.0.4, built in memory 160MB, unused 127.8. it says in about part 36.5MB, I don't know if I should ship it back to San Francisco, or throw it away. It comes with a keyboard & mouse. Released as a limited edition in 1993, the Macintosh TV was one of the few desktops ever released in black and Apple's first attempt at computer-television integration. I have an old Tel it series 5000. Made famous by Sex and the City, the black G3 series laptops were the fastest available when they were launched in 1997. It is worth, just like anything else, whatever someone will pay you for it. Also have original boxes, though the one for the Mac is a little ragged, the one for ImageWriter II is in excellent shape. Used 10 times. These are either the 'Replica 1' from Briel Computer or the Newton NTI clone. Soaking the drive in an acetone bath overnight will restore the drive to working order! Macs were originally designed to be upgraded rather than replaced. Any comments? I have an apple computer with cover and all accessories. The Apple II Plus, Rev 7 RFI project is offered in several options. Units that still function today often have rebuilt batteries or have been modified to use lithium-ion batteries of the same voltage. I sold it to a friend for $2,000 Aussie dollars because I had paid $5,200 for it in mid-1982. Complete SystemMint Condition: Up to $9,000Working Condition: Up to $7,000Broken: Up to $1,000.

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