Includes manual bagging and manual tray-pack sections. personnel stands Unisorting has a strong and long experience in packing machines and systems, in particular for apples.. Unisorting lines technology is designed to reduce the packing costs of your apples.. Unisorting packing lines and equipment are designed to enable you to pack apples in various packaging solutions: plateaux, trays, bags or other kinds of packages.. Makes 2lbs – 5lbs product into a netted (mesh) film. Line consisting of the following equipment Hughes product conveyor 20' L x 18" W, stainless steel construction. Fresh curt cob line capacity estimated @ 2-3 tons per hour depending on feed rate and quality of product. Partial Line Durand-Wayland presents used equipment solely as an information-sharing communication channel. These apple packing line are available with customizable dimensions and consume a very low level of electricity. Find Aweta for sale on Machinio. Ideal for Apples, Pears, Citrus Fruits or Pitted Fruits. We used this to create a 4″x3″ box label. Prints a sticker, uses suction to hold label on arm, and then sticks to a box when the arm is triggered. By accessing this website, you agree to accept these terms and hold harmless Durand-Wayland, Incorporated, should you experience a problem with any transaction arising from the use of this service. Durand-Wayland, Incorporated, does not warrant the condition or terms of sale of any piece of equipment offered for reutilization by an existing owner. The apple packing line available on come in a wide variety of models and you are sure to find one that perfectly fits into your specific requirements. Durand-Wayland does not profit from the sale of listed equipment. V-belt singulator with size separator. Includes steel bulk pre-rinse station. Both lines were set up to feed me... Have 5 seconds to help us improve the results. Hughes cob feed shaker orienter to fresh market husker 10' L X 20" W. Hughes Husker Fresh Market 2 Lane. Durand-Wayland Model PentaSort Fruit Sizing, Washing, Polishing and Bag Packaging Line. Case sealer, single head top seal (tape), option for a bottom seal also. Search for used apple packing line. South Georgia Equipment sells new and used equipment for Produce Handling. DW 8 lane ultra-sort sizer, 4.5” cup pitch, 23 drops total, 4 – DW watermelon electronic weight sizers, Bin full signaled by : volume sensor, sizer count/weight, dedicated weigh scales under bins, Quick bin change – manual or powered head swing over for the fastest bin change, Bins placed or replaced by Jiffy Lift, forklift or robotic means, Safe operation with SlipClitch protect on drives for added protection for operators, Watermelon sizer 6 controlled drops + 1 all fall drop. No pass-through option. Air pressure needed to perform the “slapping” arm function. Hughes fresh market cob saw waste conveyor They are easy to operate and the capacities can be customized in accordance with your requirements. Easy manual adjustment for different height boxes. Durand-Wayland reserves the right to edit or refuse listings based on the item description and condition. Durand-Wayland shall not be liable for any claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, expenses (including but not limited to settlements, judgments, court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees) fines and penalties, arising out of any actual or alleged injury, loss, or damage of any nature whatsoever in connection with the sale or use of any piece of equipment purchased or sold. All at affordable prices so you can find the packaging line equipment you’re looking for. Accepts print options from the software. Creates 10 different product label options. It shall be the responsibility of the seller to provide accurate and detailed information about the equipment’s specifications and condition to any buyer. Bid on Equipment lists an extensive inventory of all manner of pharmaceutical packaging machines, from tablet packaging and capsule filling to liquid packaging lines and wet filling lines. Lakewood’s Fruit & Vegetable Grading & Packing Line Other Apple Packing Line Equipment For Sale: 0 Equipment - Find Other Apple Packing Line Equipment on Equipment Trader. Optical color sorter. Cleaning, polishing, and waxing line and Drying tunnel.

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