Arctic Air …yeah what a joke. A little deceiving but I caught it. My husband bought the Arctic Air for me d/t my office not having AC and being extremely hot. I think it’s worth the 20 bucks. What a waste! Was very interested in gettn this till i read your reviews. They want what is advertised and that's all. And definitely not for Florida heat. 5,000 Sold Out. However I ordered these off their webside. My name is Benjamin E. Bush. I did find that overnight, when it was off that water leaked out, about 1/2 tank, through the 4 holes under the water trays. Believe me it's garbage! There are 3 issues with this unit that consumers need to be aware of before making a purchase decision: WASTE OF MONEY. On high speed you can hardly feel fan. I ordered two of them on July 23. The Arctic Air Cooler requires batteries, which are not included in the purchase of the product. The answer depends on the application. Mine worked well for a couple of weeks then sprang a leak! Not all are bad. It is not a $500 air conditioner. ..hhhhhh… NO!…the cooler doesnt cool and leaks big time… do not…. Therefore they KNOWINGLY MISREPRESENTED the public. I bought the 2 for and they came in a reasonable amount of time. 19 of 20 people found this review helpful. Then at online checkout it has a double the offer field for $19.95 therefore she believed she was getting a double offer of the 2 units advertised for the 2 payments of $19.95 plus an additional $19.95 payment for a total of 4 units. I DID FIND WHAT LOOKS LIKE A FLOAT IN SIDE, MAYBE EARLY MODELS HAD A WAY OF GETTING WATER TO THE FILTER MATERIAL BUT CAUSED MOLD THOUGH I DO NOT SEE ANY WAY THAT WATER FROM THE TANK COULD EVER REACH THE FILTER THE ONLY WATER COOLING WOULD BE AIR PASSING THE TANK. 13 of 13 people found this review helpful. I received an email confirming order cancellation. Do not buy it. And water does not cool to any degree, and adds moisture to the air. This is a total piece of crap. I have not seen an issue with bleeding sinuses from extremely dry air from an AC. Folks living in hot, dry areas – such as desert areas will find that this unit does cool the air – but its limited cooling power is not enough to cool down a large room – or even a medium sized room – but it might help to cool down a very small room. WHY are you so hostile. It is what it is advertised to be and they stood by the product in my case. My mother’s a.c. went out, she saw the infomercial and wanted to try the Arctic Air. This means about 5 watts available. It maybe last a hour maybe. Its 19.95 x2 payments and only 1 payment for the second at 19.95. I'm going to try to return to Wal-Mart and exchange it for a microwave. Not a good buy. They both leak and 1 won’t turn on anymore. It was empty and was off. Listen to what your momma told you. Even when I turned it off, it made a slight humming noise and leaked all over my glass coffee table and magazines. I am always hot. I liked it. Works marginally if you are really really nearby. The laws of physics prevent this thing from working. Truth is these jerks are lying, there are no easy shortcuts, for it shall take some big watts before you’re home becomes a comfort zone. Then shortly after both continued to leak constantly from the bottom. I have been using Arctic Air for a month and still loving it. No problems. YOU DON'T. Have been working on it and I am not giving up. and its advertisers store your user information on their servers and/or your device for statistical, marketing, and user experience purposes. Last night, the ‘good’ unit’s light stopped working. What this is, is a mini-swamp cooler inside the area. Junk Junk Junk. Work for the company? I took mine back to the store as it made no noticeable difference even placing it inches away from me. Another issue is that the user cannot test the cooler prior to making a purchase to see how the unit cools as the product is only available for purchase by telephone or online. It is recommended that the user clean it regularly so that the built-up residue does not affect its continual use. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT!!!! This is a scam. I’m really tempted to drive up to Ontel’s corporate office and give them a piece of my mind. My invoice shows $39.99 charge. Again reading reviews, btw, which are not paid actors for the company and unsolicited commercials is the best thing ever. Yes it has to be close but anything this small would have to be close. anyone knows how to claim my rights ? This is a simple case of bait and switch. Oh gee, we have an Einstein over here berating everyone. I will call mc and see what they can do. . It sucks. I got the unit at Goodwill as apparently someone has donated one to them and it was 50% off senior day thus for $5 I Decided to buy it. Box fan in window backwards pulling out warm air along with fan circulating air cooled room better, no contest. All that rubbish as seen on tv shit. 3 I live on Rarotonga in the cook islands is it possible to ship or deliver this product to where I am free? Same problem for me. I put water in it and plugged it in. THE PEOPLE BEHIND THESE PICES OF CRAP ARE SLICK LIERS AND AS THE BIBLE SAYS NO LIERS SHALL ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEVEN GOD NEEDS TO PROPERLY BLESS THESE PEOPLE TO ETERNIAL FIREY HELL ALONG WITH SAINTON AND ALL HIS DEMONS PLUS ALL THOUSE TIPES LISTED NEAR THE END OF REVALATION THAT ARE TO BE THROUGHEN INTO THE FIREY PIT THAT IS TO THEN BE SEALD UP.. Zoo course mold will start to go..spores..on filter. The screwed thing is that it’s a piece of shit If I don’t receive another toy air machine, I’m reporting them to the Postal Service and every organization possible. Rs 16,000 . The first one didn’t work at all. The mold develops very quickly. Not pleased with the purchase at all!! Living next in the Hampton roads area, 20 mins from the beach, It’s humid, but it still blows realitivly cool air inside… just not too far away. For the $10 it is worth it somewhat worth it. Put a regular fan in front of it to extend the “cold zone”. Used the unit one night, know they test them at discount store, had black spots on pad/ filter media. To send them back i have to pay the return shipping costs for a product that was Deceitful to begin with. From my understanding there is a filter that soaks up the water. I would like to start a lawsuit .. please contact me at, Mine came broken. If the Arctic Air were that powerful then it would also cost a LOT more, but it’s not. Now 6 hours later I can’t get it to turn on at all. Easter no longer pulls from the reservoir. You would literally have to be right up under it and even then it's still, like um "hello I'm hot, cool me off already" but I will be returning these items back to the store. I’ve had my Arctic Air for 6 months. We decided to try one and learned that we liked it so we bought a second. I ckeaned it and it still flashes. It was never moved from my nightstand and it was filled with water so I don’t understand how it could break. I spent over $90 for these two units and now am expected to pay for the shipping to send the units back LESS THAN TWO MONTHS AFTER MY PURCHASE!! I’m thinking about getting 2 more of them. Your email address will not be published. Privacy Policy. No it doesn't cool the whole living space, though I didn't expect it to. Our AC stopped working, that was a good time to use our Artic Air. Then It asked if you want to double your offer. It would not come on, so I did what the instructions said to do when changing the filter, which was holding the fan and light buttons down simultaneously for a few seconds. I thought if a mold issue myself. According to my calculations, that should come to $59.97 plus a few dollars for processing or whatever. You can change your mind at any time and disable notifications. The first two weeks were great. It was two and a half months on its way and when it finally came it was like that. It is only useful close up blowing right on you and works best combined with you wetting your t shirt. - - - - Not Required For Comments & Questions, Tap Here to find Different Reviews on AMAZON. 11 of 13 people found this review helpful. Not recommended at this time. I purchased a a artic air cooler from this company. It is a total waste of money! Walmart will take back your arctic air without a receipt. Like a personal fan. I bought an Artic Air from Wal-Mart and happy with the product. If the user plans to use this throughout the entire day, this would mean filling the unit up every day as the reservoir will empty within the day use. Personally, I love my arctic air fan on my bedside table.

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