Religion maintains a defined, tangible code of ethics, while spirituality is largely undefinable. Read to find out. Journal of Religion & Spirituality in Social Work | Read 301 articles with impact on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. Or maybe they just needed the consolation and comfort that religion can give, to find shelter from the suffering of life, and a respectable position in society. The moment you say, “I am on a spiritual path,” you call yourself a seeker. Being spiritual but not religious means that spirituality is a very important part of your life, but you follow it your own way. For some of us, it is drowned by cynicism, skepticism, and scientific materialism; for others, it is expressed in limiting ways through a blind religious faith. It gave me meaning, direction and purpose. You can seek only that which you do not know. Somewhere, at some point, all religions started as a spiritual process. Religion is a social institution, an organized set of beliefs, dogmas, rules, and practices; it presents “holy men” as intermediaries between you and Spirit (however you may name it). The lecture came at the end of a one-day conference for British psychologists working in the areas of religion and religious spirituality. They join because it feels noble to do so, or because their parents expect, or because they were born poor and at least in the church/monastery there are meals every day. Religion has filled the gap between that absolutely blissful state that one can achieve in his own nature, and one’s present level of instability. Religion is the form. (I digress). Let us understand the distinction between religion and a spiritual process. Spirituality says every person has a unique path. It is a solace. “I do not know” is a tremendous possibility. The first and foremost thing in the spiritual process is to be absolutely sincere with yourself and be willing to see, “What I know, I know; what I do not know, I do not know.”, Get weekly updates on the newest articles, quotes and newsletters right in your mailbox. Religion asks you to sacrifice your present attachments for a promised future. Comes every morning. But when living life from the point of view that science is the only valid way of determining truth, we find ourselves in a cold, mechanistic, and indifferent universe. What is the difference between believing and seeking? Otherwise, everybody has an excuse and divine sanction for all the rubbish they do. Teachings become dogmas, principles become moral rules, spiritual practice becomes ritual, experiences become stories—in short, spirituality becomes religion. You can seek only that which you Much of the knowledge that science has, at any given time, may be proved wrong—or at least flawed and incomplete—a hundred years later; but it’s what we have to work with. I grew up in a regular, mildly religious middle-class family. They had a group of disciples who were also, in great part, moved by a spiritual search. Both religion and spirituality have their function in the world; but they are usually different things for different people. Religion has dogmas. Only those who are lost and disturbed need solace. The moment you say you belong to a religion, you call yourself a believer. Understanding their differences helps to define what you are practicing, and if it is serving you well. Spirituality is internal. But in their eagerness to organize, they lost the fundamentals. Please share it in the comments. Religion is just spirituality gone bad. It is the basis of knowing. Otherwise they would break up. It is also the strongest basis for human goodness and ethical conduct in society. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. That inclination was not being triggered by the religious dogmas and practices that I was exposed to, so I felt it simply wasn’t for me. Whether you believe there is God or believe there is no God, there is no difference – you are in the same boat. What is the difference between believing and seeking? Or in other words, the fundamentals of seeking are that you have realized that you do not know the essential nature of your own life. Spirituality is a journey. You are believing something that you do not know. Science and spirituality each have their own domains of knowledge, their own unique methods and purposes. What this essentially means is that humanity is beginning to move from religion to responsibility. Science brings knowledge; spirituality brings meaning. And yet we humans have this inherent thirst for meaning in life, for a higher purpose, and for strong principles to lead our living—whether individually or socially. 4, November 2015. But as centuries pass, as the groups start increasing and social acceptance grows, people who are not really burning with that spiritual drive start joining in and redefining the movement. You do not know who you are, what you are, where you came from and where you will go. My dad wanted me to go through catechism classes, but he never forced me to—I just attended one, because he insisted, but felt no pull to continue. Somewhere, at some point, all religions started as a spiritual process. Spirituality asks you to look. The first and foremost thing in the spiritual process is to be absolutely sincere with yourself and be willing to see, “What I know, I know; what I do not know, I do not know.” It does not matter who said what – whether Krishna, Jesus, Buddha or anyone else said it – maybe they are telling the truth, but with all due respect to them, you do not know – you have not experienced or seen it. The Difference Between Spirituality and Religion . This is keeping a lot of people sane. As for the institutionalized religions, if they still want a place in the next chapters of human history, they better become more like spirituality, and less like dogma. In the past, it was your priest, pundit, guru or scripture that thought for you. Comes every Thursday. This is certainly a result of the advances in science and technology in the past century. What is inward is dimensionless. Confidence without clarity is a disaster. Then what happened to turn spirituality into religion?

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