You don't need the original Pokémon anime now in HD to see the flaws in this theory. So Back in the good old days, Delia was Professor Oak’s girlfriend. This is somewhat related to the Mr. If you watch the video, it discuses how this can be broken down into how Pokémon evolve, plus how their relationship works with humans. The 1956 film was adapted from the novel of the same name by Jules Verne. MetroTechUniverse raises the theory, positing that Mr. You’ve almost certainly seen her around, even if you don’t know you have, and a quick cursory Google search will return hordes of images that tow the line of "not safe for work." But sometimes I can't help but wish we could drag most of the people currently making a mockery of themselves in the presidential election through the streets and announce their crimes to the world. How does one even become a professional cosplayer? There's also a bit of ancient lore written in the 1997 and 1999 works of Shudo's, two books called Pocket Monsters: The Animation Volume 1 and 2(which we will discuss later).These could actually mean that he hasn’t been written yet and was stalled since being written, or that he has been for a long, long time, simply waiting for the most opportune moment to show himself. 1.2K likes. Gender: Giovanni, on the other hand, isn't the type of dude to be proud of someone, even if they're doing and proliferating his evil deeds. .css-d8ali9-Footer{padding:1em;}.css-1bjgiud-SiteLink-Footer{color:#1A1A1A;padding:1em;}ExploreContactPrivacy PolicyTerms of UseSupport. There's also hefty evidence that proves otherwise by way of the fourth movie, Celebi: Voice of the Forest, wherein a young Oak is portrayed as "Sam." Just some guy with a cowbell shouting to an angry crowd—without the typical political media circus. I will go through all the evidence. Ash Ketchum's Dad. As a technicolor action adventure comedy, it follows the journey of Phileas Fogg, a Victorian Englishman who bets he can circumnavigate the world in 80 days with the new steamships and railways. Although there has been controversy surrounding the portrayal of women in video games for years, they still continue to kick ass. But how did Jessica Nigri become so prolific? Any fool out there who thinks Ash’s father hasn’t long been in the making, or kept purposefully hidden within the shadows, is not reading into the big picture. One particular characteristic about Ash that has not changed throughout the series, aside from his determin… Over the past regions, he had different caps.Ash has two lighting bolts-like markings underneath each eye.Ash has a narrow, triangular, edgy, tuft of hair in the middle of his forehead, that come to point on the right side. Pokémon Emergency! Remember those publications I mentioned earlier, Pocket Monsters: The Animation Volume 1 and 2? This comes also from Pokémon evolution and their relationship with humans, just like Mr. This is my personal favorite theory in the long list of possibilities for the father of Ash Ketchum. But dear old Dad? Let me explain what happened. I don't know about you, but .css-1psntrz{-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}.css-1psntrz:hover{-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;}Pokémon is a huge part of my life. Delia Ketchum (wife)Ash Ketchum (son)Unnamed father Mime is the father of Ash Ketchum not only for being around so much, but because of old Sinnoh legends. In the Pokémon Chronicles mini-series episode “The Search for Legend,” a character by the name of Silver is revealed—no, not the same Silver that actually is the son of Giovanni in the games. Doubtful as it is, the possibility for Ash Ketchum having a long deceased father is very possible. Every Pokéfan and lover will know that Delila always has a Mr. First off, Sir Aaron is dead. Besides these traits, and Bruno's absolute love for Pokémon training, there's nothing much else tying the two characters together, and while strong evidences they may be, they're certainly not groundbreaking. A lot of evidence in the show and Pokemon origons points to Red being Ash's father. Male From the very minor portions of dialogue, it can be assumed that his father started on a journey from Pallet Town, much like Ash. Powered by Vocal © 2020 Creatd, Inc. All Rights Reserved. (mentioned only) Ash Ketchum's father is the unnamed father of Ash Ketchum from the Pokémon Anime series and husband to Delia Ketchum. Aside from stuff like "what happens inside of a Pokéball" and "why doesn't Ash age," one of the biggest unanswered questions and most sought after conspiracies behind the classic anime and video game, .css-u6hpqs-Italic{font-style:italic;}Pokémon, is the identity of Ash Ketchum's father. He was a traveler and aspiring Pokémon Trainer. These speculated characters, however, have attained no hard evidence that they are in fact related to Ash in any way. Back in 2008 the anime show's director Masamitsu Hidaka even teased that we may meet Mr. Ketchum if Ash needed to "grow". Debut: Ash wears a few outfits, as seen in the Pokémon anime, he also has black hair and brown eyes, and always wears a cap. Mr. Ketchum If you watch the video, it discuses how this can be broken down into how Pokémon evolve, plus how their relationship works with humans. No, I think if the father of Ash Ketchum were deceased, we would know about it and how he had died—though, that in of itself could be a sick plot point if ever taken into consideration. This goes for many like Takeshi. Ash Ketchum is the main protagonist of the Pokémon Anime series. And, to top it off, Ash and Giovanni have had some encounters, none of them pointing to any direct relation, and one of which even entertaining the likes of Mewtwo. The two fell in love and their relationship became rapidly stronger, so … A cosmic adventurer rendering wayward letters into infinite lengths of conception and prose, like quantum streams of pneumatic information. We do know his mother is Delia Ketchum, a sincere, gentle, and always smiling saint of a woman still living in Pallet Town, but his father is only ever mentioned once. Probably more unlikely though, given Delia's limited acknowledgment of him and his absence. I know there's no one quite like Ash and Pikachu, but you have to admit the father of this legendary character must hold some merit to the story. I grew up on it, but the fact that more and more awesome Pokémon and characters and even places all have been added to this wonderful story, yet still nothing at all in the form of info on Ash's father makes me wholesomely intrigued, if not merely driven to great lengths in the quest to find the answer myself. After 20 years of Pokémon and why I'm still a fan can easily be rendered here, in the cultivation of information on one of the biggest questions in anime history: Who is the father of Ash Ketchum? It gets long and complicated, but fans eventually turned their attention to Riley, another Sir Aaron look alike who does look like Ash in some respects, but not all that closely. Again, highly doubtful though. Delia knew him in her inn, when she was 18 and her mother was still alive. The anime has yet to reveal the identity of Ash's father, although it has confirmed that he is a Trainer. He didn’t have a job and lived off of Ramen noodles. While all of this may be grounds for positive evidence, Silver being Ash’s father is still highly doubted by much of the fanbase. MetroTechUniverse raises the theory, positing that Mr. The bad guy of all bad guys himself and leader of Team Rocket, a ruthless organization that kidnaps and abuses Pokémon, Giovanni does have ironic potential to be Ash's father by way of his and Delia's secret past, discussed in an off-anime play called The Pokémon Live Musical Show. Character information We're still no closer to the mysterious father of Ash. This younger iteration of Oak shares little similarities with Ash, giving rise to high doubts of his being his father, though speculations still continue to percolate.

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