After the initial 30 min. And easy. Also perfect for work leftovers. That should help eliminate the lumps. I don’t have a ceramic baking dish, so hopefully my pyrex will do the trick! From here on out, I think I might just stick to your recipes versus… basically anything else. I LOVEEEEE this recipe so much! But, *ahem*, I NEED this reuben casserole recipe too. Well said. Rate this recipe It feeds 6 people so it’s perfect for a family meal or to prep for a few meals throughout the week. So it doesn’t necessarily need pasta or rice or quinoa or another carb-y thing? But it’s sort of a mashup of my past life and current, because, you know, QUINOA and everything. Quick clarification: the recipe says 3 cups fresh broccoli florets AND 3 cups broccoli. Ceramic dishes heat your food much hotter than a classic cake pan, so do note this with bake time! So…6 cups of broccoli? This recipe is part of our delicious quinoa recipes page. Finely dice 1/2 a yellow onion (any color will work) and then chop your pepper and mushrooms into small bite-sized pieces. I’m wondering if Tom didn’t cook the flour and liquid. I have made something very similar to this in the past with the quinoa as well. If you didn’t stop to taste what you were making along the way and adjust the seasoning accordingly, and waited till the dish was done. Thank you. Taste again when you add the broccoli. This is a perfect weeknight dinner! I’m not a big casserole person, but this one sounds so delicious! Andy freaked out with each bite. Dinner is done and DELICIOUS. The quinoa came out really soft and kind of mushy, though. And usually in involve cheese. The video shows a drizzle of olive oil over the cheese and chicken but not your instructions. Looks great- I could eat casseroles every night. I had to cook for over an hour. Though. Thanks!! Oooh I like the sound of that! OMG that Lazy Man’s Pierogi. Thanks for such a quick, easy and tasty dish! Period. Your video says 400deg but the description says 375? <3 So glad you loved it!! =) can’t live without them!! Saute for about 2-3 … You have the best ideas, I can not wait for Australia to cool down so I can make this! Looks so good! Mix together well then slowly add the milk and chicken broth for the cream sauce. I cooked it for a new mom and made it two days early :/. Next, layer your veggies and quinoa onto the bottom of your casserole dish. Hot dish? Luckily I kept tasting the quinoa to see if it’s cooked or I would have tossed it. Not to mention, it’s packed with protein and veggies. I'm Lindsay: former 4th grade teacher, now full time blogger. This was delicious! There shouldn’t be any need to drain off any sauce – it’s pretty thick by the end. Sooooo good….and yet, so bad , I love this modern twist on chicken and broccoli casserole! Lee is the founder of Fit Foodie Finds and based in Minneapolis, MN. Quinoa Recipe with Chicken. My mistake. Mine was the Microsoft one. This is exactly the kind of thing I crave in the winter…and I love that this doesn’t use canned soup!! But I always forget to make them – I really need to try this! Overall, totally recommend!! I am also a midwesterner (from St. Louis) and I love casseroles! That’s, um, my life. A little thing about me: I ♡ FOOD. PS: here’s the one we. Taste it after you add the chicken and cook for 30 min. I’m going to try it again with just 2C and see if that helps since I’m the only one who seems to have had a problem. Not that I won’t eat this too. You mentioned in another comment that you’ve made it with 2c of marinara. Unless Thanksgiving stuffing counts… I grew up in California with a mom that really didn’t like cooking, so we normally ate salads and pasta for dinner. If you can get your hands on that recipe I would loooove to have it! This is a casserole. Bake at 400° for 25 minutes. But then of course ate it all! NO WAIT THOUGH I’M SERIOUS. Tried it the original way super clumpy, then I did it your way and it was great! If you’re looking for canned cream of something soup, look no further than a casserole. Like, could I do a veggie-centric one with your favorite cauliflower or sturdy sweet potatoes without the casserole police chasing after me? My adjustments came out ok. What I was not aware of was the Thighs I used were Lemon Pepper, and that surprised everyone, even me. I make this ALL THE TIME. It's gotta be a top 5 fav for me :). Thanks Lee from Minnesota from another Lee Born in Duluth. Next time I will add some Italian seasoning. Everyone = happy. And add bacon. Pretty much Midwest heresy. Basically its… To comment in such a way as to tear down the OP is rude. we used Kiebalsa but I guess bacon would work…or use both WTH! , Hi, I am really excited to make this. We ate it all and h I’m so glad FFF is going well for you. Saute onion and garlic in hot oil until … I decided I liked the sound of this so I’m trying it. Have you made this? I’ve never made a casserole before but your directions have nothing about straining the sauce mix… did I do something wrong? Congrats! Do you freeze this with the broccoli in it or add the broccoli after thawing and the 1st stage of cooking? Our cheeses of choice were Parmesan and 4 state.Thank you for the recipe. Pretty much Midwest heresy. It was ridiculously easy too. there were no leftovers. Place chicken breast on top of quinoa mixture. Heat vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. LOL The taste was really good, and the fam still enjoyed it. There were many posts that were insightful and helpful and gave me a good idea of what pitfalls I may have in attempting the recipe. 2 cups + 1 cup milk +1 cup water to 1 cup quinoa +1 cup flour is way too liquidy to lay chicken on top! If you did this you could give more constructive feedback than it was horrible, “like the soup was a bit bland so i added a bit more salt, blah, blah..” Given that everyone will be using different brands of broth, some homemade broths, different seasonings and spice blends, it is very possible that the combination of seasoning you chose did not meld well together or they caused a salt imbalance in the dish. Thanks Lee! Season with salt and pepper, to taste. I had to start the sauce all over again. I sauteed the peppers and onions first. ★☆. For this healthy chicken parmesan quinoa casserole, you literally throw everything in your ceramic baking dish completely RAW! I grew up in Minnesota and it was ALWAYS hot dish (v. casserole). LOL I love your writing, and the food looks delish too! What you can do for the sauce is when you have added the chicken stock and milk to the sauce pan, take about 1 cup if the mixture, before heating it, mix that into the 1/2 cup flour and then add that to the remaining chicken stock milk mixture, bring the heat up slowly, and continue to mix until nice and thick and creamy. My family is definitely unusual in that we don’t care for them. . Given that we are using reduced salt not unsalted broth and cured pork in addition to seasonings I would anticipate a good amount of salt to be present in the dish. A big plate of that with a piece of bread and a glass of milk = my 9 year old self’s dinner delight. I’m not giving up on this one!! I’ll change that now! I loved the idea of using quinoa instead of pasta. Thanks for the mini lesson and the winter comfort . Frozen broccoli works perfectly. Is it ok to double the recipe?? ANYONE? Go. Both were delicious. I made this last night and I would add some fresh onio and increase the seasonings just a tad more. Delicious and low carb! Was just going to mix it all in a bowl. It is easy to modify to your specific taste and budget! I love this healthified broccoli cheese casserole recipe! add salt? The only ones we do like actually contain quinoa! I begged for my mom to make it every year on my birthday because, you know, it’s normal for a child to have a food obsession with rye bread and sauerkraut.

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