3. 2. 1.1k. On paper, pencil is an easy fit. Using an H pencil lead. Archived. The ink must state that it is waterproof. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 33 comments. It also helps with adding effects; Start your drawing by using a hard graphite pencil and make an underdrawing, this will help you be more precise and … Sort by. I do have a calligraphy pen with various sized nibs. share. by: Delmus Here's something very close to what I use. In this example, the umber underdrawing helps to unify the entire drawing into a more cohesive whole. Maybe a light blue or an orange. Posted by 1 year ago. But these felt tip pens work just as well. But it's a different story on canvas which is my support of choice for major paintings. If your working with thin paint you can always put a thing neutral wash/ground over it that still shows the drawing faintly through. There is a right way to hold a pencil as well, so you need to work on your grip and maintain it to create stable drawings. level 1. Close. Some artists work with both and use the blue pencil for underdrawing. You can be as dark as you want and then put another piece of paper on top for a final line. An under drawing is NOT the final drawing. That’s why it’s best to stick with harder grades -- 6H-2H are ideal. Pencil will skip over and skirt around the bumps, making your lines look shaky and broken. Pencils for underdrawing need to make fairly light lines so they won’t show through the finished painting or cause the paints to get muddy. A portrait sketch I did today showing the underdrawing in red pencil. This thread is archived. These are a vital part of the painting process, but badly chosen media can hurt as much as help. Doesn’t take long and you can wash the pencil away with water. In the past, I’ve used graphite and then inked using various different methods. Ever made a mistake on your drawing? Use color pencils for your under drawing. A monochromatic underdrawing simply uses a single color—and it can be any color! A portrait sketch I did today showing the underdrawing in red pencil. You can use either standard graphite or non-photo blue pencils for this step. Here's the scoop on the pen needed for underdrawing your oil painting. (Read How to Create a Colored Pencil Landscape Underpainting for more information on how I made that particular drawing.) best. save hide report. Get a light box. 99% Upvoted. Most comic artists draw their artwork in pencil before going over it again with ink or sending it to specialized inkers. The natural roughness of the canvas' gessoed cotton or linen is a hassle as a surface for pencil. I don’t have much experience with these methods, but its a lot better than straight graphite pencil.

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