Some producers insist on tuning the drums to the root or fifth of the song’s key, while others simply go by ear. Trap and hip-hop producers have used it to marvelous effect on 808 kick drums, taming clicky attacks and extending boom tails. Although traditional wisdom dictates that you get the sound right at the source, Torque is the next best thing for fixing what would otherwise be an unsalvageable disaster. CLA Drums was designed to make crafting great-sounding drum tracks simple, straightforward, and fun. Other producers did wish that Drum Channel had more controls. But if you are after that warm and vibe-laden character reminiscent of one of the most-revered hardware consoles in the history of recorded music, the SSL G is for you. Get 65% Off Mix Essentials Now. The Renaissance Compressor also has an internal brickwall limiting feature that prevents output clipping. Smack Attack is a versatile transient designer that sounds great and is easy to use. Drums can simultaneously be the most challenging and rewarding musical instrument(s) to mix. Renaissance is about as basic as a compressor can get. Your email address will not be published. Transient shaping is one of the most neglected aspects of drum mixing. When I want to add girth to kicks, snares or even drum buss, I regularly employ this technique using the API Vision Channel Strip. Crank it up. I’ve found SPIFF to be a stunning tool for rescuing poorly tracked or weakly struck individual drums. It works well on non-drum sounds too, so expect to get a lot of use out of it during your mixing sessions. Although drums aren’t actually melodic instruments, it might be beneficial to consider how their tuning affects the entire production. Although fairly modest compared to other plug-ins, these controls give you pretty much everything you need to crank out some fat beats. Even with plenty of other fine compressors available on the market today, many still consider the Renaissance an essential addition to the drum processing chain. It works equally well on full loops, synth hits, and anything else that has a pronounced transient. This feature alone makes Smack Attack more versatile than most other transient designer plug-ins. Its volatility is what makes it so much fun. JJP Drums is an essential add-on for anyone in need of thick and meaty drums. As expected, it does a superb job of sweetening up drum tracks, full mixes, and most any other audio material. Use the Flexi spots to your advantage to create a drum sound appropriate to the rest of the arrangement. Like all of Waves’ “signature” plug-ins, it remains very easy to use despite its ability to shape drums to an extensive degree. Dynamic Effects Processors – sometimes referred to as dynamic effects – are used to alter the loudness or amplitude of a signal. This is one of the best plugins to achieve a clean mix, and is surprisingly easy to use. Note the parenthetical — while the goal is to get the drum set working as a cohesive whole, it requires a lot of attention to the individual pieces of the kit to achieve that. The sonic wizardry of the creative duo behind the psytrance act Infected Mushroom is undeniable. You don’t necessarily want everything to punch through, so decide on the elements that you want to stand out (typically the kick drum and the snare) and boost the transients on those. You simply can’t have phat beats without introducing a compressor into your signal chain at some point. For many users, Pusher’s presets are right on the money. I use Pro-Q 2 on the drum buss in mid-side mode. It’s one of the best drum plugins available. Copyright © 2020, Our iZotope Ozone 9 Video Review [plus 20% DISCOUNT]. The FabFilter Pro-Q 3 is one of the best EQs out there. By allowing selective shaping, you can make all the transients pop out of the mix, or just tweak the loudest ones. The beauty of OneKnob Phatter is that it lets you beef up drums, bass, and even vocals simply by turning a single knob. By replicating the console’s circuitry, the plug-in gives you all the warmth, punch, and gluing qualities of the original at a fraction of the price. If I’m trying to place a drum in an unnaturally tight, resonant environment, I can easily pull it off with the Pro-R. As one user puts it, this plug-in will have you sounding like a pro with very little effort. The SSL G was designed to capture the behavior and sonic character of the original console’s input stage and amplifier section. This means that some the links on our site are affiliate links. Need to have a big, weighty kick drum that fills up the lower end of the audio spectrum? I'd like to receive the free email course. Even those with relatively little production experience were able to crank out sonically impressive beats with just a few slider tweaks. This combo gives you the versatility to handle a wide variety of audio material, essentially giving you the capabilities of two plug-ins in one. There are just seven plugins that will get you 80% of the way to a professional, studio-level mix. Each mode gives you control over the bass and treble bands, as well as compression, reverb amounts, and noise gate setting. They should be used in conjunction with EQs (see filte… But it has repeatedly proven its worth as a drum buss compressor, resulting in warm and present tracks. Best of all, it works its magic without you having to retrigger or replace any part of the recorded audio. I partially view the different consoles (Neve, SSL, API, etc.) It could also attenuate drum attacks if necessary for those times when you need certain elements of the kit to sit back and make the kick and snare shine. A slight twist of the compression (crush) knob and you’ve got enhanced punch and leveling (the name and design is derived from the Shure Level-Loc compressor hardware unit), push it a bit more for some wild, dynamic pumping effects. It lets you tune individual drum elements to specific keys without introducing sonic artifacts, and leaves the body, attack, and resonance intact. Kick Drum: SSL E-Channel Strip and dbx-160. The aptly-named Smack Attack is designed to add smack and snap to your drum and percussion sounds. The blend feature is particularly useful for allowing the user to have a combination of both the processed and dry signal audible.

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