What Exercise is Best for Optimal Health and Longevity? “Weight bearing exercises help you get stronger and have stronger bones, which help you sustain strength for the long run.” The strength of your bones is directly related to their density in minerals, like calcium, and lack of exercise leads to a greater loss of these important bone mineral (which can leave you more prone to breakages and osteoporosis). Put your winter boots by the door to remind you to walk daily, no matter the weather. “You won’t be able to move around as well—you might not be able to climb up a flight of stairs in the subway without getting out of breath.” Considering that a sedentary lifestyle ups the risk for things like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure (ever heard the term, “sitting is the new smoking“? Exercise routine for longevity Hi, I really struggling to find in depth and concrete information about exercise routine if you want to stay healthy. Most of information especially for men is about looks, power lifting or pure performance. Begin bending down by sending your hips back so your torso is hinged at the … Each of these elements serves a specific purpose on its own, but work best in the long run when you think about them as parts of a whole. Women, in particular, should prioritize bone-building exercises, because our bone density decreases dramatically when we go through menopause. A new study published today in the journal European Heart Journal says when it comes down to the anti-aging effects of exercise, cardio is queen. Examples of vigorous exercise include climbing stairs or hiking, cycling (faster than 12 mph), playing soccer, or jogging (faster than 6 mph). You don’t want your body to break down prematurely because of over-taxing it. I would love to hear from you about the exercise routine that works best for you. As we can see from his biceps workout, Charles liked the 6–12 range during his prime. Read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. ), walk instead of driving, grow food in your garden instead of buying it, and do manual work around the house instead of hiring someone to do it. Some ideas? Studies have linked light jogging to living longer – just 2.5 hours a week of the aerobic exercise can add between five and six years to your life. For an easy way to do that in less than 15 minutes, press play on the video below: Flexibility (your muscles’ ability to stretch) and mobility (your joints’ ability to reach their full range) are both important in ensuring proper movement and balance later on in life—just ask this 74-year-old Australian man who works on his mobility every day. “If you don’t have any kind of cardiovascular capacity, you aren’t going to last more than 10 or 15 minutes in any workout, because your heart’s going to be pumping, and you’re going to be out of breath and won’t be able to recover as well.” In other words, keeping your heart strong is the key to keeping the rest of your body strong, too. Once I return home, I will have walked for a total of one hour, in addition to my one hour squash session. This burpee-free, apartment-friendly one has s got you covered. But in addition to optimal daily performance, I also aspire to live as long and healthy a life as possible. Get it daily. For example, if the train station is a 15-minute walk away from your house, and you do that each way, that’s 30 minutes right there. With that in mind, every longevity-focused workout program should be made up of three things: cardio, strength, and flexibility or mobility training. A simple way to hit this exercise threshold is to have a stationary bike and a road bike (go outside when the weather permits, otherwise ride indoors), and make a point of riding for 30–40 minutes every other day, and for 2 hours total on the weekend. I place a high value on living in a walkable area! So in general, I would say that I get about 4.5 total hours of exercise per week. Andrew Merle writes about living well, including good habits for health, happiness, productivity, and success. I do 145 pushups each day, but otherwise don’t do any type of weight training. So there is certainly some additional benefit of going up to 5 hours of exercise per week, with some of the exercise being in the vigorous range. “Walking is low impact, easy on the joints, and it works to get your heart pumping,” says Dr. … Tennis, badminton and soccer are all better for longevity than cycling, swimming, jogging or gym exercise, according to the research. I can achieve this mental sharpness with just a 30-minute run in the morning at a moderate pace (9–10 minute mile). Any and all exercise helps to improve your longevity; however, a new study published in the British Medical Journal shows that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the best things you c Having meetings on other floors throughout the day enables me to rack up even more flights of stairs. Or, follow along with this 15-minute cardio jumprope session: “You need to work your muscles to give signals to your bones to get stronger,” says Stacha-Fleming. Plus, this foldable spin bike is the perfect way to get your cardio workout at home without taking up a single inch of floor space.

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