Please help us continue these important programs by becoming a member of the Society. After the tumultuous years of the second half of the 17th century, filled as they were with political upheaval, Indian wars, and culminating in the witchcraft crises of 1692, the new century must have seemed to local residents like entering a calm port. Our volunteer members have gathered rare photographs, documents, correspondence, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, audio and video recordings, books, trophies, and other historical memorabilia, dating back to the City's development in the early The John Cabot House is a Georgian style mansion built in 1781 during the Revolutionary War, and it was the first brick mansion built in Beverly. Marlene Willson, owner of Unique State. On view through September 26, 2020. Known for its spacious homes, tree -lined streets, and racially integrated population, Beverly has retained its reputation as one of Chicago's most stable middle-class residential districts. Beverly, MA 01915, 117 Cabot Street Design by Julia Balfour, LLC, “The Story of the Revolution:” Everything You Need to Know. Corporate Membership. Beverly Hills/Morgan Park offers abundant opportunities to enjoy all your favorite activities in one of Chicago’s most beautiful and historic settings. Balch Associates Membership. Through combinations of luck and foresight, the Balch House has survived while the hundreds of homes from the same era have fallen to progress or decay. Please help us continue these programs by making a donation to our Annual Appeal. "I always embrace the opportunities on offer by the local CRC, the staff provide us business owners' vital information to help us grow and promote ourselves. Get Involved. Drawn entirely from the Historic Beverly collection, “The Story of the Revolution” in Beverly brings together the first edition of Lodge’s book and two dozen of the original paintings that were commissioned for the publication. Enter your email address to receive news about Historic Beverly's collections, exhibits, events, and more. The Beverley Historical Society was formed by volunteers in 1987 to foster the safe keeping and promotion of Beverley`s Heritage. Stay in Touch. Dead Finish Museum opens from March - November or by appointment. We’re a neighborhood of residents, independent merchants, and community leaders who are connected and support one another. 117 Cabot Street Beverly, MA 01915 Hale Farm. John Hale was born in Charlestown, MA in 1636 and came to Beverly to preach when it was still known as the “Bass River Side” of Salem. Beverly, MA 01915, © 2020 Historic Beverly, Inc. All rights reserved. Historic Beverly has been preserving and caring for Beverly’s past since 1891 and the 1781 John Cabot House has been our headquarters since 1892, and is home to a collection of nearly a million objects and documents related to Beverly and the North Shore of Massachusetts. Balch House. The society operates from the Dead Finish Museum in Hunt Road Beverley. Originally part of the village of Washington Heights (1874), this area was annexed to Chicago by 1890 but remained sparsely settled for decades. Stories of Beverly’s black population can be found at Historic Beverly. 448 Cabot Street Beverly, MA 01915 Cabot House. The hearth was an integral part of the home for centuries. Be a Part of History. Collecting and preserving the history of Beverly Hills. The many rooms are filled with memorabilia, tools and equipment used in the days of early settlers. The Beverley Historical Society has preserved the lifestyle of yesteryear within the museum. 448 Cabot Street Historic Beverly Membership. Volunteers from the Beverley Tree and Garden Society assist our group by maintaining the beautiful gardens that surround the Dead Finish Museum. Country Women's Association (CWA) Beverley Branch. These are stories of citizens, black and white, battling against the unjust system of slavery; of enslaved men fighting for freedom for our nation, though not free themselves; of a woman using the law to emancipate her family; and of the racism that affected the lives of Beverly’s black population, long after they were freed from bondage. Historic Beverly’s mission is to share Beverly’s history with everyone through our collections which encompass 3 houses, 5 centuries and thousands of stories. Sign Up. The Beverly Area Planning Association (BAPA) is a not-for-profit, community-based alliance of more than a dozen civic and business groups dedicated to serving the historic Beverly Hills/Morgan Park neighborhood of Chicago. History grows with time and preservation needs increase as well. Your support will make a significant difference. Enter your email address to receive news about Historic Beverly's collections, exhibits, events, and more. As the oldest building in Beverley, the “Wheatsheaf Inn” was built by Alfred Smith in 1872. I find that connecting regularly with others that face the same struggles as I do reassuring and it is very comforting that I am not alone."

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