3. ArchBishopofHH 7 years ago #1. ... Red Member. Apr 1, 2013 #37 Feb 16, 2008 23,704 1 0. One that plays fortunate son (which was an awesome/hilarious surprise) and girls just wanna have fun. BioShock Infinite Chapter 30: ... you will see a few tears around and that means fighting is bound to occur. Confusion about the ending of Bioshock: Infinite. Inside the room, there is a man lying dead on the ground with instruments all around him. On this page of our guide to BioShock Infinite you will find the first part of a detailed walkthrough of Chapter 17 - Plaza of Zeal.Booker's task is to locate Chen Lin the gunsmith, and it is advisable to thoroughly search the entire area to locate various loot and secrets. Locations of tears in Bioshock Infinite? So don't worry more Bioshock Infinite is coming! In the building you will find a red tear. I found two. While in Emporia search for a room with a red tear. Come to retrieve a girl named Elizabeth, ex-detective Booker DeWitt finds more in store for him there than he could ever imagine. The third game in the BioShock series leaves the bottom of the sea behind for an entirely new setting - the floating city of Columbia, circa 1912. Approach the red tear to hear another bout of contemporary music. Secrets of BioShock Infinite While some of the mysteries of Columbia are obvious, others are ambiguous and left open for interpretation. BioShock Infinite; the red tears (spoilers sort of but not really) User Info: ArchBishopofHH. The ones that you can hear modern music coming from. 4. Bioshock Infinite Lutece Statue Transformation. Vigor' vending machine in it. Bioshock Infinite is also the best in the series (in my opinion) and it too was delayed three times. 2.

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