Save as often as you can. Higher grade photos give you more points. Energize the Ferris wheel 8 times then the right axle will blow up and reveal the rose inside. Maxing out 1 of the 4 tracks will get you this trophy. To pick up a Voxophone, highlight it and hold . The player has successfully completed 50 hacks. The other audio diaries you can go back to up until nearly the end. Find guides to this trophy here. You get a maximum of 3 or 3 photos per Splicer. The player has restored the forests of Arcadia. Rescued the Little Sister in “The ‘I’ in Team” without destroying any Machine Gun Turrets. [PST Would Like To Thank olsen77 for this Road Map], The player has purchased every slot in one of the Plasmid or Tonic tracks. When you walk in, Cohen contact you from his room via the PA system. 4. The PS4 version of Bioshock come complete with a really nasty glitch which will randomly change the difficulty of your game to Medium but fortunately, there is a workaround so see here for details: LINK The player has successfully hacked a turret. 1. Hack any of the safes found in Rapture. 5. Switch Vita-Chambers to "Off" in the Options menu (Do note that this setting is not very clear as to what you've selected so remember the following: ON = OFF and OFF = ON). If you haven't hacked a turret already, now would be a good time because the safe is behind the turret. BioShock Infinite - Burial at Sea - Episode 2 DLC Trophy Guide . The player has taken a Research Photo of the highest grade. There are 4 Roses in this challenge room. Search everywhere for items. Upgrade one of your guns i.e the pistol, shotgun, machine gun, chemical thrower, grenade launcher or the crossbow. To do this, you have to take one picture of each of each type of enemy. The player has successfully hacked a safe. Hack any turret that is in Rapture. Maxing out all four tracks gets you this trophy. You have to go to the beam to be able to reach it. You will get attacked by a Splicer and then a turret. These Big Daddies carry Rivet Guns and have the one light on their heads. Make sure you pick up plenty of items (3 Distilled Water, 1 Alcohol, 2 Battery) to invent some electric gel for when you have to fight a room with four Big Daddies. There are Tonics scattered around Rapture. You can take multiple photos per Rosie but the grade of each subsequent photo will drop. Completely finish all 5 levels of research for the Bouncer. Rescue the Little Sister in this challenge room. Every stage, beginning with the "Medical Pavilion", has at least one Big Daddy and Little Sister but most have two or three. Follow this video by 0verlord73 if you need more info: Rescued the Little Sister in “Worlds of Hurt”. Higher grade photos give you more points. Hephaestus - Core, as you enter this area from the tunnel turn left, go down the stairs and keep walking forward until you reach a Gatherer's Garden machine on the left wall and a Power to the People machine opposite it on the right wall. MISSABLE Rescued the Little Sister in “Worlds of Hurt” in under 15:00, on Medium or higher difficulty. These Splicers are the ones that climb on ceilings and walls, throw hooks at you and jump or cartwheel everywhere. It's located on your right as you enter the carnival area. All Kinds of Big Daddies - This is opposite the Little Sister hole, just turn round and it's behind a broken tree branch. In the area with the first audio diary, go down the stairs and there will be a couple of splicers in a room that is filled with water. Finish the game on Hard but switch Vita-Chambers to "Off" in the Options menu. This is the hardest trophy in the DLC but there are 2 ways of doing it: This will come after you have created the Lazarus Vector (which takes 7 samples of Distilled Water, Chlorophyll Solution and Bee Enzymes), plugged it into Dr. Langford's machine and restored Rapture's air supply. 1: Bookmark the following playlist and follow all 9 of the "Worlds of Hurt - Expert" videos: LINK This doesn't quite work the same way with the Little Sister but you can research her anew after completing each room (i.e. Guide By: DudeInDistress. You get a maximum of 3 or 4 photos per Rosie. You get a maximum of 3 or 4 photos per Splicer. You have to turn the wheel 6 times to get her down (A Shocking Turn of Events – Rescuer) and 9 times to get A Shocking Turn of Events – Master Electrician and A Shocking Turn of Events – Collector. You can take multiple photos per Splicer but the grade of each subsequent photo will drop. This room has a bit more combat then the previous room. Getting under 15:00 is difficult but can be done with a few practice rounds.

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