Items shipped quickly, and were packaged well. ALLERGENS: None Share 0 Tweet Pin it 0 Fancy +1. Keep up the great work. `Already waiting for my re-order to arrive. I've had black pudding from Scotland and Ireland, and this is some of the best! I've tried many black puddings over the years, and all of them have been very good. That is the crucial ingredient. Actually better than some I've had in Scotland. This sausage is absolutely authentic and delicious. Love it! I know several restaurants serve it for brunch, but I'd like to buy some and cook them at home. Unfortunately the Black Pudding was very dry and crumbled when trying to slice it, it also had a hollow all the way through the middle. Superb taste and texture. The next best thing to being in Hunter's Quay for a fry-up! Great black pudding but please start pre-slicing it. That was my last order - I absolutely adore haggis and Black pudding and I have no problem recommending the items that Scottish Gourmet have delivered to me for the last 9-10 years that I've lived in the USA (originally from Scotland). Some brands have an odd herbal taste, often leaving an unpleasant aftertaste, but this breakfast side is a pleasure with the mixed grill. Check the green lock! It arrived carefully packaged, and the customer service I received from Anne was excellent! This is the best black pudding! 7/14/2008. We are working hard to make and ship all orders, but as we are adhering to Pandemic regulations, we have less staff on premises, so orders may be a little slower to ship than usual. pudding has to much oatmeal It was all eaten for sure! FELL IN LOVE WITH IT AND HAVE BEEN EATING IT SINCE THEN. Made in the USA exclusively for Scottish Gourmet USA. This was the first time we had tasted the Stornoway black pudding and it was very good. This is the best black pudding this side of the Atlantic! Best I've had in the US. Pork, Water, Oats, Beef blood, Barley, Onion, Salt, Dextrose, Spices, Mustard, Monosodium Glutamate, Spice extractives. Jul 16, 2017 "I have a face-painting competition in my school, and the choice of topic of ours requires the use of fake blood. The black pudding we received from Scottish gourmet tasted every bit as good as the Stornoway black pudding we had in Scotland last fall. don't forget, we may have a stockist near you (we have over 120 butcheries, delis and farm shops), have a look at our interactive stockist map to find yours. Not real Scottish Black Pudding....but definitely best I've tasted in decades! This was good black pudding, and I'll certainly get it again ('tho it could be less expensive). The best way to start the day is with some Black Pudding fried in bacon fat or butter along with the sausage and a couple of eggs. Great service, delivery quick, excellent service especially during the current 'stay at home' environment - couldn't ask for a better set of products and a fantastic service. We will be purchasing more! First 250 orders over $50 get a gift box of shortbread! but don't eat the casing. The Bangers were amazing, the Bacon superb and it was the best Black Pudding I think I have ever eaten. We normally ship your order within one business day of your order. Taste was great with a little more pepper than what I'm used to. Awesome black pudding. We were so impressed by the flavor and texture. Try it and discover nirvana! We bought this to add to our hagis order for Burns Night and decided we should have it much more often. Just waiting for the Mutton Pies to come back into stock - I haven't had one of those with baked beans on top for probably 15 years! Learn More. I've had some things, like haggis and meat pies, that were made in the US in imitation of Scottish (and, admit it--English) fare, and they were bowf. Very good. Perfection! It tastes so much more authentic than what I had initially found elsewhere, and I will most definitely continue to order this as long as I am able. This brought back great memories. Delicious, but a bit crumbly. Try with fried pear or apple.. Mmmm. Quick, convenient shipping as well. Not overpowering in taste and quite delicious. You never disappoint. We have waited 4 years for a taste of home and this black pudding did not disappoint! This is exactly what I expected. Log In or Sign Up to comment Posting Guidelines | FAQs | Feedback. Great flavor, wonderful texture. Delicious - brought memories of my English childhood! Scotch eggs are also on our radar screen! At the moment, we are looking at a turnaround time on all orders of approximately 7 days. I'll be trying ours this Sunday. Report as inappropriate. I grew up eating black pudding. Nothing beats a breakfast of black pudding, sliced sausage, a soft fried egg and a fried potato scones (I made the tattie scones). They miss their English food, and I don't blame them. Owner Response: Nice idea on preslicing. It can be used in many ways to compliment dishes or as the main item. Velvety smooth blood pudding taste with hints of star anise, pepper and salt, and just how I remember it from childhood. This black pudding is awesome. It is really nice. This dried pigs blood is perfect for making black pudding, especially if you want to use your own recipe. Wish it came in the same size roll as the White Pudding... Just came back from a trip to Scotland and fell in love with Stornaway black pudding! £3.95 £3.95. It is as close to any I used to have in the U.K. Any leads would be much appreciated. So why do we want to know more than that? Fresh, real blood black pudding is so rare most of you have never eaten it. For more detailed information. Black pudding is not to everyone's taste, but we really this and it was as good as it gets back in the UK! Slice it up then grill (broil) or fry and serve with fried eggs, bacon, tomatoes and a pot of tea. I would give it a 3.5, but that's not an option here. You simply cannot go wrong buying this product, it's fantastic. Just like I had in my traditional, full English breakfast before over in London. Slice it up then grill (broil) or fry and serve with fried eggs, bacon, tomatoes and a pot of tea. Black Pudding Whole Stick . 1.5 cups egg nog. All Rights Reserved. Keep up the great work, and taste. :-). . Very hearty. Flavor took me back home again. Did very well with this black pudding!!! Excellent with an orange and chocolate drizzle. This is the best black pudding I have had outside Scotland. Very nice for a touch of home while I'm in the states. I served the black pudding this weekend and it was fantastic. Neha Singhal. Super pleased with the taste.

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