MBA graduates have better ability and skill when it comes to thinking logically in critical situations and solving complex problems. 480,000 per year. Let’s see how the MBA salary in India varies based on the the recruiter. Larsen & Toubro (L&T) pays anywhere from Rs 840,320 to Rs 2,480,940. The whopping salaries mentioned above are proofs for the same. What are some of the highest-paying jobs for MBA candidates in India? The location also determines the salary scale of Management Consultants. Early career below 4 years experience earns approximately Rs. MBA Salary in India: Based on Specialization Streams. 1,000,000 per annum. The program has been designed to stand at par with the best on-campus Executive MBA programs across the globe. Subsequently, an MBA after BMS job offers a good earning potential between 5 – 25 lakhs per annum, depending on the skills and work experience . For example, big giants like Amazon and Facebook tend to say that they are a technology firm, and there is no value that an MBA graduate can add to them. Such organizations promote a costly development scenario where you can quickly move up the ladder once you’re in! Besides these, there are several IT firms and startup companies the pay lump sum figures to MBA graduates from entry-level to senior-level positions. Most professionals pursue an MBA to jump the corporate ladder up a few steps. The salary increases with growing experience and knowledge. Bangalore follows up with Rs 730,000. Bristol-Myers Squibb – Summit, NJ. As per the reports, MBA graduates in Hyderabad get the lowest average wages, i.e., around Rs 590,000. Factors affecting the salary in India are experience, location, job role, and skillset. This line stands true especially when we consider that an MBA salary in India is directly or indirectly dependent on how upskilled and updated they are. Let’s talk about jobs which are offering the highest MBA salary in India. There are several facets to this job; it’s not just about solving your client’s problems but also about backing up your decisions or guidance with thorough analytical research and critical strategizing. In the IT industry, a Vice President (VP) is usually offered a whopping 70L to 1 Cr annual package. 678,000 per annum. Those at a senior level can draw a salary between Rs. 6 days ago. So here, we have discussed the average MBA salary in India looking at it from different angles. While companies like Microsoft and DELL value the technical, management, and leadership skills that an MBA graduate possesses and are ready to pay them higher. Right from planning and strategizing to making financial projections and building a team, the complete and proper execution of a project rests in the hands of a project manager, and therefore, MBA graduates are usually the first choice. If you’ve always wanted to work in new places, then choosing a good MBA program can be a great start to a long term view of settling down in a home for work post-graduation. An MBA specialization would help you know the Nuances of the company’s operations. Generally, the salary of MBA graduates in India grows up exponentially with experience. Apart from the high MBA salary in India, this is definitely a deal-maker. © 2015–2020 upGrad Education Private Limited. $48K-$123K (Glassdoor est.) For this particular role, a Project Manager will need to have at least the following skillset – and the specificity of the project will decide which quality requires a greater focus: An entry level Project Management Manager earns around Rs.160,000 per year. If you have the required skillset and are ready to keep yourself updated, your career is expected to keep growing onwards and upwards. What is the best time to do an MBA? 1,500,000 per year. MBA applicants are considerably younger in their starting and come with a maximum of two years of professional experience. What’s more, there is a very well-defined career path to follow. It is a recipe for success. Show Salary Details. 1000+ HOURS OF RIGOROUS LEARNING. Required fields are marked *. An experienced investment banker with more than 10 years experience earns nothing less than Rs.3,000,000 per year. Best Online MBA Courses in India for 2020: Which One Should You Choose? 708,000 per year. These numbers above are not set in stone. Average salary of MBA Operations Manager candidate is Rs. Average Management consultant salary in India is Rs. Project managers at the middle management level get to draw anywhere between Rs 585,000 and Rs 1,815,000. The average salary of entry-level MBA salary in India is of Rs 290,000. Then you can go for higher posts with time and experience and proper performance and your salary can range upto even Rs.100,000. Engineers India tops the list with MBA graduates getting from Rs 860,168 to Rs 2,800,000 per annum. Career in MBA course after completion of BBA. Accounts Manager get Rs 574,110 – Rs 1,267,777 while a Human Resource Manager gets Rs 508,220 – Rs 1,231,280. Most MBA graduates are hired as project managers in top companies. A role that allows you to put your best managerial skills forward lives up to that MBA fame. The Bachelor of Management Studies [BMS] Course Salary fluctuates from 3 to 5 lakhs per annum depending on a variety of factors. Associate Director, Portfolio Resource Allocation, Commercial Data Science and Decision Analytics. According to payscale, average MBA in International business candidate salary is Rs. 1,050,000 per year. Adequate financial understanding for projections, and more. We hope you liked our article on MBA salary in India. Let’s see how the MBA salary in India varies based on location. Whether you are interested in sales, business development, media and entertainment, advertisement, brand management, or even general management, these skills form the heart of any senior-level role. In Mumbai, MBA graduates get an average salary of Rs 732,000, while in Delhi, around Rs 690,000 is given. ONE-ON-ONE INTERACTION WITH INDUSTRY MENTORS. According to payscale, MBA Marketing candidates average salary is Rs. Chennai and Pune are comparable offering MBA graduates a salary of Rs 600,000 and Rs 620,000, respectively. But this may vary from one business sector to the other. The higher you go up on the ladder, your experience increases, and you are paid higher. Mid-level MBA Salary in India Procurement, Purchase, or Vendor Management folks in the middle management level may get anything between Rs 445,000 to Rs 880,000. If you have 10 to 19 years of experience, your average MBA Salary is Rs 1,400,000. With the IT sector booming and many IT companies starting up in India, IT manager with an MBA degree can demand salaries ranging from Rs 545,000 to Rs 1,200,000. Business Development Manager is yet another role that is high in demand right now with salaries ranging from Rs 475,000 – Rs 845,000. Business Analyst gets to draw around Rs 500,0000 – Rs 950,000. Let’s see how the MBA salary in India varies according to the specialization streams, After completing an MBA in Finance, one can find a job in the following sectors –.

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