Sweet, sour, and ornamental cherries are susceptible to the disease, being most prevalent in sour cherries. Combat leaf spot by following proper sanitation techniques, such as removing and destroying diseased, dropped leaves in late winter and spring. This common disease affects the stems, fruit and foliage of cherry trees, causing the leaves to brown and drop. Damage is usually not severe, although the mites can be controlled by spraying the tree with a narrow range horticultural oil in late winter, while the tree is still dormant. Some spots may drop out, leaving a shotholed appearance. Following proper cultural care for your specific cherry variety is crucial to maintaining a happy and healthy tree. The spots on cherry leaves will measure 1/8 to 1/4 inch (.318 to .64 cm.) The spots are typically outlined by a dark brown edge. The disease first appears on upper parts of leaves. Black cherry (Prunus serotina), a cherry native to North America, is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 9, where it prefers moist, fertile soil in full sunlight. It spreads rapidly during cool, wet spring weather, when new foliage is developing. Fruits may have circular brown spots that gradually increase, rotting the fruits, while flowers may develop a grayish mold. The shot-hole disease features many small, reddish to brown spots, which fall out as the tissue dies off, leaving holes in the leaf which look like shotgun holes. Cherry leaf spot, on the other hand, reveals red-purple patches with blurred delineations on the tops of the leaves, and white patches with a reddish edge on the underside of the leaves. What causes cherry leaf spots? Cherry leaf spot is a fungal disease that causes small, purplish spots on the upper surface of leaves. Ornamental cherry trees are especially vulnerable to leaf spot. Only plant cherry trees where they are hardy. Carefully replanted and I understand that there is a certain amount of shock the tree will go through as it is changing environments, however, the leaves began to develop brown spots. The leaves can become chlorotic due to leaf spot if there are lesions present, and the cherries can fail to develop if the cherry tree disease leaf spot progresses to severe levels. Eventually the spots turn reddish brown. Spots gradually turn brown before the leaves turn yellow and drop, defoliating the tree. Infected leaves develop spots, then turn yellow or brown and drop off the tree. Symptoms of a Cherry Tree with Leaf Spot. Apparently it is a fungal infection common on cherry trees.It can be devastating for the tree so I would treat it asap. Follow label instructions exactly, spraying evenly for full coverage. Trees can be completely bare by midsummer if the infection is severe. Coccomyces hiemalis is the fungal pathogen that leads to cherry leafspot. Just planted a Stella cherry tree 3 months ago (June '12) which was bought from a local nursery. Cherry Leaf Spot This cherry tree disease (leaf spot) forms reddish purple spots on the leaves’ upper surfaces before the leaves turn brown. Oval brown cankers may occur on twigs, girdling them and causing twig death. The fungus overwinters in dead leaves and then in the spring, apothecia develop. Cherry leaf spot is a foliar fungal disease that creates light-gray or brown to dark-purple spots on the upper surfaces of the dwarf cherry tree’s leaves. In severe cases, the disease may appear on stems and fruits as well. Google this and you will find lots of info and treatment options. These lesions are small, round, red to purplish to start and as the disease progresses, merge and turn brown. Avoid splashing the foliage when irrigating, as wet leaves invite fungal disease. Cherry leaf spot is probably responsible for the symptoms on your cherry tree. Brown rot is a fungal disease that occurs on different parts of a cherry tree, including the flowers, fruits, twigs and stems. Prune all dead or cankered twigs and rake up and destroy dropped fruits. Colors can range from yellow to yellow-green to orange-red to light tan, brown or black. Control Cherry leaf spot is caused by Coccomyces hiemalis. It is prevalent in periods of intense rainfall. On sweet cherry leaves the spots tend to be somewhat larger. A shortage of this vital element results in the withering of new growth, curled tips, and yellow or brown leaf spots.

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