Further education typically communicates expertise in the specific field and are requested by different organizations in the even that information is needed. Texas universities provide the best educational experience available, providing for better nurses with better opportunities overall. Being a part of this field proves to be widely beneficial for a nurse of this educational level. Its importance in the eyes of patients and medical facilities alike is outstanding. Making this transition to a higher degree program will prove to be beneficial both in the financial aspect of this career as well as job security over time. Master of Science in Nursing Education: a 39-hour program that can be completed in 24 months. The mean annual wage for graduate degree nursing managers is $92,810 a year in Texas (BLS, 2015). We have 15 BSN to MSN Programs in Texas in our directory. The program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and is approved by the Texas State Board of Nursing. The mean annual wage for graduate degree nursing managers is $92,810 a year in Texas (BLS, 2015). Nursing research provides very important procedural recommendations and techniques to the health care field as a whole. For those interested in a baccalaureate nursing degree, the LVN to BSN program pathway is ideal, with a curriculum that bridges the gap between vocati… The programs … For nurses that are seeking that extra push in the medical field, a higher degree can be the answer. Log in. Texas universities such as the University of Texas at Arlington offer an RN to MSN degree program online. Applicants must hold a license as an RN in Texas … It's important to do your research when looking for an BSN to MSN program to find one that is accredited but also affordable. All rights reserved. There is no better time than the present to try to increase career potential. The employee management information learned in the higher degree program contributes more understanding to this aspect of nursing, so employers prefer that management-level nurses have at least a master’s degree. In a field that is so competitive, this degree program is exactly what a determined nurse needs to get above the rest. As a master’s degree holder, nurses have access to additional job opportunities. MSN level nurses are also needed in the research field. In the educational field, nurses with higher degrees can work as trainers or instructors, providing assistance to up and coming nurses – usually at lower degree levels. These programs promote nurses to a master’s level education in a short time period. For those in the nursing field, there is nothing more profound than knowing that they have a career that can be trusted for years to come. Texas universities such as the University of Texas at Arlington offer an RN to MSN degree program online. The University of Texas, Austin offers a BSN to MSN program in a variety of different concentration areas, including adult gerontology clinical nurse specialist, family nurse practitioner, primary care … Nurses that have dedicated their professional lives to the care of others deserve the very best opportunities for advancement in the medical field. These are popular programs because they often take just a few semesters to complete. Master of Science in Nursing Administration: a 36-hour program that can be completed in 20 to 26 months. nursingdegreeguide.com is an advertising-supported site. The majority of these programs include requirements such as previous licensure, work experience, and some academic pre-requisite courses. The added convenience of an online option can make this degree program even more desirable for current nurses working in the field. The varying subjects included at this degree level give nurses the flexible knowledge needed to guide lower level nurses throughout their days and provide direct support in health information systems as well as higher level management. The educational platform provided throughout this state provides everything a nurse needs to be successful in his or her field. There are two basic kinds of RN to MSN programs in Texas: a version for RNs who have their Associate's Degree, which allows them to earn a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing simultaneously, and a version for those who already hold a BSN and now want to attain an MSN degree. RN to MSN programs take associate’s level graduates on a straight-forward path through the bachelor’s level degree program to the master’s degree. There are 15 nursing schools in our database with BSN to MSN programs in Texas. The RN to MSN program includes clinical training, which can be conducted at hospitals or private facilities. Having your BSN or MSN will provide more job opportunities than just an Associate’s degree. RN to MSN programs encompass every aspect of nursing. Most programs take about two years to complete, depending on the university. As a master’s level nurse, professionals will be expected to handle some business aspects of nursing in addition to patient care. The state of Texas provides degree advancement programs for its nurses that are beyond what can be expected of graduate level programs. Typical BSN to MSN programs can cost upwards of $25,000. Home | Program Directory | Articles | Methodology | Privacy Policy | School Program Listings. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates the growth of the nursing field to continue to rise over the next decade.

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