Yes, REAL Natives are legally able to have various feather for our spiritual beliefs, ceremonies and purposes but even we still get stopped and given hell about it. I, myself have, use and wear sacred feathers such as Hawk & Owl and various others. If you live in the US, then your feather collecting falls subject to the Migratory Bird Act of 1918, and several follow up acts. It seems very little thought was given to this and so many other similar laws. Any rule that makes a little girl cry has to be a bad rule. Laro, can’t you make a statement and leave politics out of it? Don’t get caught with those feathers, then. We fear that once the homes go in and the property values rise that we might not be able to afford the taxes. Why do Americans insist alternately that we are either the nation the most or the least free from governmental interferences? An exemption to the act does exist, however. I understand where you’re coming from here, but they aren’t saying for all laws, just this one in particular. The USA is a nation very similar in most ways to the other constitutional democracies of the world. BECAUSE I HAVE. These are placed in my braid attached to my hat. Shoot a dove. what about the remains found after the cat has brought in something and left it on the front porch or sofa? The law is mainly enacted to prevent poaching of birds but yes there are game rangers that will push the letter of the law to ridiculous extremes. If having A feather is illegal how can you keep ALL of the feathers as a taxidermy mount??? Which by the way is perfectly legal in both the U.S. and Canada. its pretty sad that a child can’t pick a pretty feather up out of the yard without being accused of shooting it. Why Do Rabbits Play Leapfrog? Like you I have always felt like they were gifts. I’m willing to bet people with the authority to arrest you for picking up a feather on a hike are rolling their eyes reading about how up-in-arms you are about the law, thinking, “Dude, chill. This article is definitely wrong about Canadian Geese. There is a hunting season on doves in many states… so there would not be a problem possessing dove feathers. None of my firearms have ever hurt anyone nor will they. I’ve had a gun for over 40 years. While the reason for the law is sound, the penalty is absurdly heavy-handed and is an unreasonable infringement. Despite sounding a tad ridiculous these days, the roots of the law are sound and still serve a purpose. They treat the animals horribly, e en the baby chicks. You could explain that a shed bird feather is just as important when its on a bird as other birds and wildlife might use the feather to make their nest or bedding soft and warm. Turkey, pheasant, are legal. It is the person using the gun in an evil way that is a murder machine. Yes, it is illegal to pull feathers from a live animal anywhere in the world, but they do it anyway for the sake of money. Since certain species aren’t protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, picking up and possessing their feathers is perfectly legal. They just collect the feathers/down as the geese are plucked. What an selfish and entitled statement to make! And i am sure theres a way to tell because you can tell if a hair is ripped out of an animal or person by the way the hair looks from close up. I love birds and would never hurt them, for feathers or any other reason. Okaaaaaaaaay, that might be over exaggerating just a bit much, no? Peace. It says its legal to get bird feathers that are not from an endangered species. You are so wrong. Some are rarer than others. All you have to do is take a picture of the feather on the ground before you pick it up. He is saying that this law is too strickt. After seeing one land in our hayfield and then fly up onto the power pole in the center of the field I was thinking how cool it would be to find one of their feathers one day. I have been collecting feathers all the time! Last but not least lets people like your daughter know that a certain bird also lives in the forest, by leaving it there, she is sharing her knowledge in letting other people know this beautiful bird visited. Because no one would possibly think you killed the bird and then posed the feather on the ground for a photo. I am working on making a list of all the bird species that visit or live there. People need only look to the areas of our country with the most stringent gun laws. The Eagle Feather Law allows the collection of Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle feathers for religious purposes by Native Americans. One day a guy is hiking along a trail and he spots a gorgeous-looking feather on the ground. So they put the burden on the carrier of the feather and took away the question. This makes it doubly important to protect yourself before picking up the bird feathers. Like seriously, how? So many so big. I was wondering if there is a special type of tobacco that I should use? i can understand the regulations about eagle and hawks, they do need to be protected but some of these are signs of environmental lunacy and over-reach… Or if what else might be acceptable. wild turkey feathers are also very attractive, as are those of pheasants. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens only hurts the people that aren’t contributing to the problem. Here is more on birds – birds resting on power lines, birds flying in circles, bird not sitting on her eggs, and birds fighting aggressively. ), Best Bedding For a Rabbit (And How to Use It! Then is it a Canadian Canada Goose? The treaty makes it unlawful to hunt, take, capture, kill, or sell migratory birds. I’m gonna pick up a feather I see on the ground and I don’t give a shit if it’s illegal. what do you do with those? How is picking up a feather that a bird has molted going to “protect wildlife from the gun and knife of unfettered commercialism. Your email address will not be published. It sucks that we have such laws but we still need them. If the bird trespassed on my property and left a feather, it’s mine now. Indeed, bird feathers are beauiful but they are also dangerous when picked up with your bare hands.

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