If you want to make hummus but you don’t have any chickpeas, try one of these unique “hummus” recipes! I’m excited to try the white bean and sundried tomato. Sprinkle garlic clove with 1/4 teaspoon salt and mash with the back of a knife to form a paste. Bring a pot or kettle of water to a boil, pour over carrot, and let sit for about … 20/03/2013; Vegetarian Recipes; 19 Comments ; On Monday I had one of the first cooking classes of the new season and we made cecina, also known as torta di ceci, a Tuscan chickpea cake. A bean-less hummus you ask? Carrots are combined with savory flavors to make this carrot hummus recipe both a colorful and delicious way of staying on a healthy diet. Give it a try! If you’re looking for an easy appetizer, try making these easy hummus stuffed peppers: Comment below and let me know which dip you’d like to try! Not only is it super easy to make and a great way to get the kids to eat their vegetables, but the carrots actually help protect against sunburn and sun damage. Try serving your favorite dip with one of these: You can also serve hummus on top of toast, as a dip on a charcuterie board, or as a bagel spread. Oil-Free Roasted Carrot Hummus {bean-free, tahini-free}, Creamy Broccoli Hummus {vegan, oil-free option}, Artichoke Heart Hummus (no beans, no tahini), Healthy Brownie Batter Hummus {vegan, oil-free}, Beet & Toasted Pepita Dip {vegan, oil-free, nut-free}, Lemony Roasted Parsnip Hummus (no beans, no tahini), 4-Ingredient Beet Hummus {Vegan, Oil-Free, No Beans}, Skinny Green Pea Hummus {oil-free, tahini-free, 5 ingredients}, http://tastespace.wordpress.com/2013/04/04/roasted-carrot-hummus-salad-with-black-rice-tomatoes-and-dill/, Vegan Keto Sunflower Seed Bread {nut-free, grain-free, oil-free}, Keto Vegan Coconut Flour Bread {oil-free, grain-free}, Keto Almond Flour Bread Rolls {5 ingredients, vegan, oil-free}, 2-Ingredient Cassava Flour Tortillas {oil-free, vegan}, 2-Ingredient Coconut Flour Tortillas {vegan, keto, oil-free}, 2-Ingredient Lentil Flax Bread {vegan, oil-free, grain-free}. Yep, and you’ll never miss ’em. View Story. Your email address will not be published. Pin It! With sun-dried tomatoes, fresh herbs and lemon and a whole head of roasted garlic this cannellini bean dip can be served at room temperature or warmed in the microwave with a basket of pita chips or crunchy crudité. This Sweet Potato Hummus makes a perfect healthy snack that’s packed with flavor. It's perfect for parties, after-school, or game-day snacking! This simple and healthy roasted garlic and beet dip is as beautiful as it is tasty. You’ll be surprised how delicious it is! You’ll love this creative twist on the classic hummus recipe. Make this carrots and hummus dip ahead and refrigerate before serving with veggies and crackers. Eating plant-based has never tasted so good! Fresh lemon and coriander leaves give it a fresh zing! Required fields are marked *. 1,282 suggested recipes. My American guests loved it and gave me a lot of fresh new ideas about pairings and other occasions to use it beyond our usual street food approach. Yay! With only four ingredients it’s easy to make a batch to serve with vegetables, chips, crackers or as a sauce for roasted vegetables or pasta! Yes No No Preference. For those of you who have saying ‘hummus’ means ‘chickpea/garbanzo’ you are absolutely correct. Switch up your spreads with one of these delicious ideas. Please read my, « Scottish Oat Cakes, like Walkers Highland Oat Cakes {gluten-free & vegan options}, Oat Banana Coconut Oil Energy Cookies {vegan, GF} ». No problem! Hummus lends itself perfectly to having vegetables added to it - see below for more ideas. Thank you for all the great recipes. Carrot hummus is simply hummus with added carrot. https://www.yummytoddlerfood.com/.../lunch/easy-hummus-recipe-with-carrots This is not hummus. Learn how to make easy Edamame Hummus. Carrot hummus is definitely something I will be packing for our Memorial Day BBQ at Peanut Island this weekend. You just blew my mind! Edamame Hummus Stacy's Snacks. It is great as a dip for fresh or roasted veggies, as a spread on sandwiches or served with crackers. This turmeric carrot hummus dip is the perfect snack. Take your traditional thoughts on hummus and throw them out the window, because this no-bean roasted carrot hummus is the most beanless-tastic dip you’ll ever eat. Check out this recipe for white bean parsley hummus. I’ve made this recipe 4 times in the past 2 weeks. In a roasting pan or on a large rimmed, Transfer hummus to bowl. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. STOP THE MADNESS AND CALLING THIS HUMMUS! Bonus – it’s vegan and paleo! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Last updated Oct 20, 2020 . I’ve seen a few recipes for carrot hummus that don’t include chickpeas: this isn’t one of them. Even Dave loves it, and he’s not always the biggest fan of my crazy dips!

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