The entire agricultural sector of the country is dependent of the bimodal rainy season. The rainfall deficiency for the country as a whole amounted to more than 20 p.c. Economic factors are those to deal with equipment needed and funds. Climatic factors include water, soil, land and fertility . CHALLENGES FACED BY FARMERS . droughts are very frequent, and they take away one every three seasonal crops. For agricultural spending to effectively address the challenges of entrenched rural poverty and low crop productivity, it must be better targeted to poorer farmers, it must further target crops that are better suited for the small land sizes that predominate in rural Zambia and must be less prone to appropriation by more wealthy and powerful individuals. Reports of starvation death from two drought-hit states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh indicate the dismal performance of the agricultural sector over the last 58 years or so. The second challenge to the agricultural sector and the TDT systems follows from the first - this is the development of the technology transfer system (both the software and hardware) to ensure its efficient supply and utilization. Although agricultural production has grown at over 5% annually since 2001, this has largely been achieved by bringing new land into cultivation. By adopting IoT in the agricultural sector we get numerous benefits, but still, there are challenges faced by IoT in agricultural sectors. Farmers are faced with challenges which can be categorized as: Climatic challenges, economic challenges , individual challenges, organizational challenges and human cultural aspects. Most of the farmers are not aware of the implementation of IoT in agriculture. Yield gaps between Ghana’s productivity levels, compared to what is achievable, are far too high. Challenges faced by the Agriculture Sector in Developing Countries with special reference to India Nidhi Dwivedy ABSTRACT I This is an attempt, through the review of literature, to understand the history and characteristics of the Indian agriculture sector, its transition from traditional to commercial agriculture and the problems it faces. Eighty percent of the country is considered to be arid and semi-arid, this means that the average yearly rain is 400mm. The Major Challenges Of The Agricultural Sector Ghana's cocoa farmers have enjoyed higher incomes for the current cropping season and interventions are underway to improve soil fertility. The retail channel’s constant conditioning of consumers for “specials” is also proving hard to shake in many markets. The biggest challenges faced by IoT in the agricultural sector are lack of information, high adoption costs, and security concerns, etc. in 2003-04. As a result, the production of food grains fell by about 14 p.c. Internationally, the challenges we are seeing across the sector as a whole include: Sluggish economic and real wage growth in many markets outside the US, dampening demand. and non-food grains by 9 p.c.

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