The Four Characteristics of Religion by Jordan Lyons 1. The role of religions in transnationalism and globalization. Sacred Texts and Writings 2.1. They follow their passions and desires and few think it is wrong. Religion/Characteristics Of A Universal Religion In order to help solve problems of the kind noted earlier, our new religion must possess certain features. Seven Characteristics of a Spiritual Person Spirituality is related to your beingness and actualiza-tion, not to your knowingness. EIGHT ELEMENTS OF RELIGIONS 1. Real and relevant issues must be recognized and addressed in a practical manner. The diversity of religions across cultures. Specific Rituals Designed to Give Religious Meaning to Transitional Points of Life: Birth, Puberty, Marriage, Death 2. Religious beliefs and practices, and why they change. 1. To create a dynamic, living and breathing religion, it must have […] Spirituality is the practical demonstration of certain characteristics which appear in your life. 2. Come in the form of doctrines and tenets 1.3. Religion is the belief and worship of an extraordinary and supernaturally controlling power that has developed and become an essential factor in the way humans have ordered and made sense of the world in which we reside in and is defined by its characteristics. A large number of people in the world are living in sin. What part religions play in cultural and social transformation. Religion, gender, and sexuality. Characteristics of Religion Most of the leading religions throughout history have shared characteristics. A Christian is somebody that is not being influenced by the spirit of the times. Beliefs and Believers 1.1. Brings people together in communities 1.2. You can belong to any religion, church, or group and fulfill your religious duties but not be a spiritual person. COMMUNITY: The belief system is shared, and its ideals are practiced by a group. How religions contribute to the maintenance of social order. As dynamic, living realities, religions help provide meaning for those who follow them. Religion is the state of being grasped by an ultimate concern, a concern which qualifies all other concerns as preliminary and which contains the answer to the question of the meaning of our life. 2. The chief characteristics include (1) belief in a deity or in a power beyond the individual, (2) a doctrine (accepted teaching) of salvation, (3) a code of conduct, (4) the use of sacred stories, and (5) religious rituals (acts and ceremonies). There are many different characteristics of religion that interact to create a dynamic, living religion. CENTRAL STORIES/MYTHS: Stories that help explain the beliefs of a group; these are told over and over again and sometimes performed by members of the group. The religion … Religion the Opportunity to Identify with the Divine Characters and Their Actions I. Rites of Passage 1. The religion has to be suited to our times. BELIEF SYSTEM or WORLDVIEW: Many beliefs that fit together in a system to make sense of the universe and our place in it. Groups can reinterpret universal meanings to make them applicable to their community 2. Characteristics of a Christian – free from the spirit of the times. 3.

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