Android app Google Pixel 4a 5G Review: Bigger but, Better? When testing it on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, however, we were faced with the "not certified" error (and the method above didn't help). 7/10 (210 votes) - Download Chat Partner Android Free. Samsung is COMPLETELY Changing Their Strategy! Terms of use Apple's REDESIGNED M1 MacBooks & Crazy Black Friday Deals! Get the freshest Pocketnow updates to your mailbox. Also it probably goes without saying, but we'd still like to point out that this is an unofficial method. Again, this is an unofficial way to install the Google Play services on your Huawei phone and it's not clear how long this method will continue to work. Previously, I tracked the error’s pattern and noticed that it always displayed when I used a Google app. how to install a google play store in hwaeii y7p, Home News Mobile version RSS feed Apple CUTS 30% App Store Tax: Sorry Epic Games.. M1 MacBook Testing: Apple Was NOT JOKING! Huawei gets yet another license extension from the US Commerce Department, Google applies for license to let it continue do business with Huawei, Leaked official images shows entire Huawei P40 lineup, colors and all. Change Ad Consent You’ll need to download a certain Chat Partner app (an APK of roughly 150MB) and launch it. Huawei or Honor smartphones usually come with powerful internal hardware, especially when we talk about their flagship phones like Huawei Mate 30 or Huawei P40.However, due to the ongoing war between Huawei and American companies, Huawei has so far lost official Google support for official system updates as well as any support for the usual American company services. Chat Partner is the application with which you can bypass Play Protect blocking on a Huawei phone and thereby bypass the uncertified status set by Google. Glossary Read the details and find the download inside. Temporarily, you might want to install VMOS pro, it surely works. Apple’s new MacBook Air with M1 silicon is already $100 off this Black Friday. The “Network error, please try again later” toast message is caused by a faulty app, particularly, an app working in the background. OnePlus 7T at 50% off is the best Black Friday smartphone deal. 24 Hours with Apple's iPhone 12 Pro Max & 12 mini - For Extremists. But fail to run. We are reader supported. Reviews Go grab one! Of course, always remember the warnings at the beginning. Log into your Google account and carry on (you can uninstall Chat Partner now). Today’s deals include the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, several iPad Pro models, the Apple Watch Series 6, Google Pixel 5 and more. Coverage If you get a "Device is not Play Protect certified" error, try this procedure. It is reported to offer a refreshing design. Privacy Contact us Installation will begin, and, after a reboot, you should have access to Google Play Service. You'll need the Chat Partner app, a 147MB download. Compare After running the app, you'll need to tap Detect Device then Repair Now and finally (after the Device Administrator window shows up) Activate. If you’re getting a “Device is not Play Protect certified” error, there’s a workaround detailed here . Confirmed? It will give you the option to Detect Device, which you should hit, after which select Repair Now, followed by Activate on the Device Administrator window pop-up. I downloaded Chat Partner (Huawei-GMS) and installed into my Huawei MediaPad Pro. Facebook When you see the Play Store, you can uninstall the Chat Partner app. However, the usual warning goes without saying that this is not an official method, it could impact your privacy, and it might not work on all HUAWEI devices. Buy it here. Samsung Galaxy S21 Certified & Crazy Black Friday Deals! Twitter, © 2000-2020

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