Before coming down to the Court or an authorised agency to make your application, you are encouraged to submit your application in draft and documents online by iFAMS. If you fail to show up that day, your application will be struck out. If the Respondent consents to the application and the Court is satisfied, a consent order can be recorded. What Happens to Your HDB Flat After an Annulment? If you applied at the FJC, attendance before the judge will be in-person while if you applied at the SCWO, attendance before the judge will be via video conference. More often than not, however, it’s a very complex process with a lot of ins and outs that need to be addressed and agreed upon. This would include: No. Applications can be made in the FJC in respect of maintenance including: This applies in cases where the person making the application above (the Complainant) and the person who the application is being made against (the Respondent) are both residing within Singapore. If there is a resolution and the Respondent consents to the application and the Court is satisfied, a consent order can be recorded by the Judge. Once logged in, you will be able to create a draft application for your child maintenance order. However, if the court has allowed such an agreement but you subsequently wish for your spouse to contribute to your child’s maintenance, you may apply to court to vary the previous maintenance order. Case Study - Love conquers All: The Divorce That Didn’t Happen, The income, earning capacity (if any), property and other financial resources of yourself, your spouse and your child, Your child’s physical or mental disability (if any), Both the ages of yourself and your spouse, The contributions made by yourself and your spouse to the family’s welfare, The standard of living enjoyed by your child before your spouse neglected or refused to provide reasonable maintenance for him or her, The manner in which your child was being, and which both yourself and your spouse expected your child to be, educated or trained, Any conduct of yourself and your spouse that would be inequitable, Is still schooling or undergoing training for a trade, profession or vocation; or, There are special circumstances such that the court is satisfied that the provision of maintenance is, Syariah Court divorce order (for applications for child maintenance following a, Identification document such as NRIC or passport, If your spouse fails to show up that day, a. you know the Respondent’s address in the foreign country; and. You should refer to paragraph 25 of the FJC’s Practice Directions for the full list. Until What Age is a Child Entitled to Maintenance? This hearing is usually fixed about four weeks from the last date of mentions. 1. Can I withhold maintenance if the other parent has not been allowing me to see the child? A divorce lawyer will be able to best advise you on the exact application process and the amount of child maintenance you may be able to expect to obtain based on your unique circumstances. 3), Singapore Council for Women Organisations, Ministry of Law Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA e-Services). It is taking longer than usual to set up Child Maintenance Service cases because of coronavirus (COVID-19). Step 3: Complaint read at the first mentions date. At the hearing, parties will attend Court with their witnesses. If your agreement with your spouse would leave your child with insufficient support, or if you and your spouse have agreed to an unfair distribution of responsibilities in relation to your child’s needs, the court would intervene and make orders to ensure that your child’s interests are taken care of. The FJC cannot provide legal advice or assist with drafting the contents of any document. Loading... Unsubscribe from Law? The provisional maintenance order must be confirmed there before it becomes effective. Under the Women’s Charter (Cap. If there are no mediation slots on the same day, the mediation will take place on another date. Whether the arrears should be paid in a single payment or in monthly installment. You will need to pay a nominal $1 for this summons to be issued. Both you and your spouse have to attend the hearing. You are being redirected to an external source. After all, since the government is not making it any easier (single moms do not get welfare or handouts in Singapore), you certainly need all the help you can get. A summary of what happens in court after that is as follows: You should also bring to court the financial documents listed in paragraph 25(1)(a) of the Family Justice Courts Practice Directions to help the court decide how much maintenance to grant: While parties are free to come to their own agreements on the terms of their divorce, the courts tend to scrutinise agreements relating to children more closely than other ancillary matters when deciding whether to uphold these agreements. In Singapore, parents are legally obligated to provide financial support for their biological children until the age of 21. The court may vary your maintenance order if you prove that there has been a material change in circumstances which require a variation of the order, or if there is a good cause for the variation. Fresh application for maintenance for a spouse (including an incapacitated husband) or child; Enforcement of an existing maintenance order for a spouse, ex-spouse (including an incapacitated husband) or child; Enforcement of an order for the enforcement of maintenance of a parent; and/or. All parents in Singapore are under a legal duty to maintain their children. An absent Complainant (the applicant) will have his/her application struck out. proof of expenses which have been ordered to be paid under the maintenance order which is being enforced. employer’s letter or, Your Notice of Assessment of Income for the past 3 years, Your updated bank passbooks and/or updated bank statements (including sole and joint accounts), The calculations for the amount of maintenance arrears, The updated bank passbooks and/or updated bank statements of both yourself and your spouse (especially for the period when the maintenance was not paid). The Court normally orders the parent without care and control to pay the children's maintenance to the parent with care and control. There is a nominal fee of $1 to file a child maintenance application under iFAMS. Spouse and Child Maintenance Law in Singapore. To maintain impartiality, officers of the Court are not able to provide legal advice or recommend lawyers. Your child’s siblings may also make the application if they are 21 and above. After your complaint is filed, the Court will send the necessary papers to the authorities in the Respondent’s country for enforcement. The Department for Work and Pensions has taken steps to make sure it can continue to deliver essential services during the coronavirus (COVID -19) outbreak. Please remember to bring down the documents you are relying on so they can be checked or filed together with your application, if required. For more information on how to e-submit AEIC and supporting documents via iFAMS, please refer to User Guide to file AEIC and documents. June Lim was our layer in a marriage annulment case. The person applying for child maintenance from your spouse will have to prove that the child is unable to maintain himself or herself, and that your spouse has neglected or refused to provide reasonable maintenance for him or her.

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