By now you’d be seeing a common thread. Thank you! But at these levels, it is definitely better than having the same amount of sugar. Thiamine                                                      21.00 That one is from India and it’s said to be low GI, but it really isn’t. Basically, if limiting calorie intake is your goal, then (this will hurt), there is no difference between the three. The truth is there is still little data available on this topic. positively change our life. Signup for our mag – Get 10% off on your next order! And to do so, knowing a product’s calorie-density is key. It has lower calorie-density because ~15% of honey is water. It can be grated or broken up, and then used as a replacement for refined sugar in any food or drink. Ascorbic acid                                                11.00. Coconut sugar is also an excellent option to replace sugar. same calories. But again, at a ‘per teaspoon’ level, that difference is negligible. Apart from ‘it seems more natural’, there are two other reasons people generally quote, when I ask them why they chose brown sugar/honey/jaggery over regular sugar. Dates are great. Honey: Honey does have a slightly lower calorie density. It’s also claimed to solve many everyday-ailments like activating digestion, fighting a cold (taken with black pepper), reducing flatulence (which is why it’s used as a quick dessert after meals in many Indian households), curing mild headaches…the list goes on. Coconut oil – Copra – Karuppatti- Palm sugar – Coconut Shell Kitchen Spoons etc. Far lesser chemicals, far more nutrients, and perhaps some magic formula that has many ancient cultures believing in them. It is essentially the same as palm sugar and jaggery, which can be made from palm sap or sugar cane. It is used as a sweetening agent for the preparation of dishes and is superior to cane jaggery. And most often, I see people adding a bit extra honey (or licking the bit stuck to the spoon), thinking they’re making the healthier choice. Magic, because I don’t think traditional western science can decode it (yet). That extra 2g, and your calorie difference vanishes. The coconut palm syrup or jaggery can be crystallized to produce fine granules of sugar. 3. That belly starts…, HIIT Vs Steady State Cardio - Which is Better for You? Where do I find Good Jaggery ? Molasses are a by-product of sugar production. Neither nutritionally, nor calorie-wise. Good deal. We drank till late last night. ‘Green tea with a teaspoon of honey please’, she said, feeling proud that today she’s made a healthier choice. Let’s begin with some basics. Empirically speaking, I’ve seen it work (same for honey in curing coughs). Now bear in mind, I am NOT suggesting you make jaggery your go-to medium to get magnesium and iron. Copyright © 2020 Fitshit Health Solutions Private Limited. It’s just a fact that you need to factor into your daily calorie count. Quite simply: If it sweetens like sugar, it has the calories of sugar. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The application of this sugar is tremendous and offers huge potential owing to its most important health attributes, the low Glycemic index and the high nutrient content. Like coconut sugar, jaggery is also getting a lot of eyeballs lately. 375kcal and 390kcal per 100gm. Insulin is the hormone our body produces to regulate these changes in blood sugar. I don’t know what ‘healthier’ means. Coconut Sugar vs. Other Types of Sugar: Healthier or Not? It is understood that in producing countries like Indonesia, around 50,000 MT of coconut sugar is produced per month and 6 lakh MT produced per year. Home made pickles or factory made pickles – which type of achar should you buy ? So let’s examine each of the three, on both these planks. Salad with celery – Thai salad with peanuts – Salad Recipes, Healthy Baked Spinach with Cottage Cheese – Cooking Recipes. So, for what it’s worth, gets absorbed a bit slower and hence causes a lower blood-sugar spike when consumed in the same amount. Hope that helps. Depending on the source, honey can be even worse for you than the regular white. Sugar Vs Honey Vs Jaggery: Which Is Healthier? Pure Organic stuff. Fun Fact: While a product like jaggery is found in many cultures across the world (all over Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean), India produces about 70% of the world’s jaggery! Please give more info on dry and fresh dates.. how abt having a dates and fig barfi?? Buy Online Coconut Products -from natureloc. Dates are good. Talk about sweeteners and crystal-like refined sugar comes to mind. ‘Green tea with a teaspoon of honey please’, she said, feeling proud that today she’s made a healthier choice. Regular Use of Coconut can Great article. They undergo some degree of processing. It’s healthier because it’s more natural and raw. Honey, is a larger proportion of fructose. Jaggery has been a household commodity since 3000 years and also finds its relevance in ancient Indian scriptures related to medicine. I’m not qualified to prove or disprove these. A lot of myths busted. Thanks! also one shld have seedless fruits or fruits with seeds?? I know, right now you’re looking for some hope that morality isn’t totally lost in the health-marketing world. but slightly more nutritious than sugar. That’s all. The same can also be said about jaggery, which is another superfood scam. You’ve reached rock bottom. The product has good local market in Indonesia. Here’s proof. The only difference is color and taste. To be better for weight-loss, a food product needs to have lower calorie-density. Jaggery is less refined and does not undergo bleaching process. Buy Online Rubco Natural Virgin Coconut Oil from, Share the post "Coconut Products – Coconut Palm Jaggery – Coconut Palm Sugar", TOPICS coconutcoconut oilCoconut Palm SugarCoconut ProductscopraNatureLoC Rubco coconut oilneerarubco. The recovery of palm sugar from coconut palm jaggery is 15%. Your email address will not be published. Jaggery has ~380kCal/100gm. That’s diabetes. But I must say this — given its nutritional composition, I wouldn’t be surprised if this cocktail of vitamins and minerals creates some magic in our body. Nicotinic acid                                                5.24 I have been wanting to understand this in a long time. If you speak to an expert, they might refer to it as a ‘non-centrifugal’ sugar. So there’s very little difference in calorie density. It can be the most suited alternative sweetener, especially when agave sugar is being rejected owing to the high fructose content. Sugar and jaggery are the two most commonly used sweeteners across the country. Things usually only go up from here. You also do not have to convert the amounts of regular sugar you are using. Also – seeded fruits that you de-seed yourself are best! But if you’re going to have sugar, replacing it with jaggery or dates would be my go-to option. But another variety of sweetener – Jaggery or popularly known as Gur in India is what our parents and grandparents would associate with. Please. Lower the GI, lower the spike, better that food is for diabetics (and for everyone in general). Perhaps one benefit the sugar of coconut has going for it is that it’s vegan. Well, I have both good and bad news. Transition of coconut jaggery into a ground granule sweetener is more accepted by global markets. I don’t think most people do either. I must admit here, that jaggery does have the highest ‘nutrient-density’ of all the alternatives we’ve considered till now.

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