The components or units of social structure are persons. Culture 2. Start studying 4.1 - What are the two main components of social structure?. Even though the persons are subject to change the structure as such maintains its continuity. COMPONENTS SOCIAL STRUCTURE 2 List and describe the six primary components of social structure Primary components of social structure 1. Social structure includes different components like culture, social class, status, roles and social institutions (Carl & Bélanger, 2014, P.89). The major components of social structure are statuses, roles, social networks, groups and organizations, social institutions, and society. Thus, social structure refers to the components of the social system, whereas social organization refers to the patterns of interaction between the components. Roles 5. Society is a social structure that: Occupies specific geographic territory Is self-sufficient: reproduction (family) socialization (family; education) selection and nourishment of talent (education; workforce) creation of knowledge (science; industry) social … Both patas monkeys and Hamadryas baboons live in one-male groups that can have essentially similar age and sexual composition. Each one these components play out a different action in how we behave within … Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Social class 3. Social institutions Using social structure, explain why Native Americans have such a low rate of college graduation. In the following essay, I will discuss how I fit into the social structure. Groups 6. Components of Social Structure: Institutions. Social status 4. I will also define and give examples of the many key terms associated with social structure. Specific types of statuses include the ascribed status, achieved status, and master status. A person is a human being that occupies position in a social structure. A social structure is exactly as it sounds—the way society is structured, or organized. Social structure today has 4 main components: status, roles, groups, and institutions.

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