November 22nd, 2005. a year after Condemned’s release. If TrustedReviews were a crude and unpleasant place, we might describe it as … Share on Facebook. Joe Dodson. It was published by Sega and released for the Xbox 360 in November, 2005, and the PC in April, 2006. You play as FBI agent Ethan Thomas who is part of the Serial Crimes Unit, abbreviated SCU. Condemned: Criminal Origins – 360 – Review. Instead of throwing just supernatural threats at you, Condemned pits the lower dregs of society in front of your shotgun. Condemned: Criminal Origins is a horror video game for your Xbox 360 and PC that also blends in some detective game aspects. Condemned is actually a survival horror game, and a shockingly brutal one at that. By. Condemned,Condemned: Criminal Origins Review. ... Condemned: Criminal Origins is on that short list and thankfully it’s a great game that all Condemned: Criminal Origins Summary : Pursue relentless serial killers through detailed urban environments filled with terrifyingly real sociopaths who lurk on the periphery of humanity. It was published by Monolith, who also released F.E.A.R. Condemned: Criminal Origins is scary, intense and occasionally brilliant. jkdmedia - May 4, 2012. The game delivers a really good horror atmosphere and brought plenty of fresh ideas into a stale genre at the time. Condemned: Criminal Origins takes place in the fictional Metro City, at least that’s what I think it’s called. For this review, I played the PC version. For me this was an intriguing game because it was a first-person psychological horror game with a dash of CSI… Condemned: Criminal Origins rolled onto the scene for the Xbox 360 launch as one of the initial titles available in 2005. ... the developers at Monolith just snatched the key with the gory and insane Condemned: Criminal Origins. Condemned: Criminal Origins Review of Condemned: Criminal Origins (Xbox 360) Raw, savage beatings are the order of the day in Condemned: Criminal Origins, an original first-person action game developed exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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