It isn’t unusual for the response rates of direct marketing to hover at 1-3%. The pros and cons of direct marketing show that when you give this method an opportunity to succeed, you’ll often find new opportunities awaiting you at some point in the future. Consider the cons for traditional marketing. Direct marketing allows you to do it all on your own. You’re able to present a targeted sales opportunity in a way that allows people to think about the offered value proposition. If you don’t have that kind of information, you’ll have to rent a list of potential customers. 6. 4. 8. 7. Environment: Using leafleting or paper-heavy direct mail campaigns can be bad for the environment. If you don’t have patience or it is difficult to find consistency within your brand message, then this might not be the marketing style to use. Thanks for the info! With the right metrics and key performance indicators in place, you can know with certainty how effective your direct marketing campaigns happen to be. When it comes to your budget, it’s called a waste of money. Whenever you choose to do direct marketing, you are essentially interrupting their day to ask them to buy. You really don’t know where to start looking first. You’ll know what people are impacted by your activities and how they were impacted. 1. If you’re a small business looking to grow market share, there are very few opportunities to show how you can meet needs and match desires with such a small investment. Share your thoughts with others in the comment section below. Discover marketing best practices, learn how to get the most out of your campaigns and read the latest news about Fivestars. Direct marketing provides people with specific product information. 7. Before you pull the trigger on a direct mail campaign, use this calculator to see if the benefits outweigh the costs. If you rent a list, you’re looking at $50-250 per one thousand names. You don’t need to have an extensive team supporting you to begin direct marketing. How has it worked for your business? Direct mail pieces give a lot of room to work with (front and back! The pros and cons of direct marketing will always focus on how annoying it is to receive a phone call while eating dinner or receiving a dozen items of “junk mail” in the mailbox, but there is more to this process than just the negative feelings it can create. Thanks for explaining the pros and cons us using direct mail marketing. You might get the attention of a prospect, but if you don’t create a strong value proposition, the chances are good that you’ll have created a negative experience from the encounter. Direct marketing can make negativity spread quickly. This type of marketing almost always interrupts potential customers. You can see here, the San Francisco Art Exchange was able to relay a lot of information about its new Beatles exhibit in this greeting card: Businesses can easily plan for redemption tracking. Research shows tat 44 percent of direct mail is never opened. When that’s an email, then it is called spam. Direct marketing always requires a warm market to begin. You’re giving them the information they need to make a meaningful decision in an environment that is comfortable to them, like their home or their office. Back-in-Business: Create Your Brick-and-Mortar Store... Keep Your Business Afloat: How to Launch and Promote a... How to Pick the Best Customer Loyalty Program For Your... 5 Easy Ways to Drive Word of Mouth for Your Business, Customer Acquisition for Small Businesses. Businesses have to create an offer that lands the client without decreasing profits. If you rent a list, you’re looking at $50-250 per one thousand names. Very few marketing styles give you the depth of response information that direct marketing is able to provide. Some businesses collect customer information including addresses, demographics and buying behaviors. I feel like there really can be a lot of benefits that come with sending actual mail. For example, asking customers to bring in a coupon to redeem a deal, including a promo code or barcode specifically associated with your print piece, or having the recipient fill out a pre-numbered application that’s included in the mailing, are common ways to track the success of a campaign. 8. You can evaluate responses and adapt accordingly. Like with the car dealerships you mentioned, repeat business is extremely beneficial, and any way you can get it is worth the cost. We’d love to hear some of your success stories and your advice for those who might be considering direct marketing for the first time. Direct marketing can target many people who have no interest. Some sources put direct mail response rates below two percent, while others suggest rates around 3.7 percent. Bring more customers to your store with rewards, messaging, and automated promotions in one powerful marketing program. If you have a design team create the materials, add the hard cost into your equation. It’s why a smile and a handshake have been so powerful in the business world over the years. The mailing requires an offer, or an incentive of some sort. Whatever your offer is, you’ll need to present it in a visual way. From that perspective, low response rates can be difficult to take. What have your experiences been using direct marketing? Direct marketing is still affordable. Direct marketing can often look very cluttered. Direct marketing takes up a lot of time. Ever notice how misery loves company? You have a chance to provide in-depth information that can’t be conveyed in a text, Tweet, Facebook ad, or even an email. Sometimes you can do everything right, but have third parties in the mix mess up your reputation for you. When you interrupt what someone is doing to present them with a clear, precise message, it impacts them in a positive way if they are interested in what is being presented. Because you’re interrupting people with most direct marketing efforts, that negativity can then be enhanced as well. Some people are open to this distraction; others are resistant. Is it right for your business? There are some pros cons to using this marketing technique as well.‍ Of course, curating this list can be tricky. This means you have more control over the message that each individual receives with your marketing efforts. ), hence you can also give customers a lot more information. Direct marketing requires a lot of patience and consistency. Or how much would it cost for you to print up a few brochures on your own printer to distribute throughout a neighborhood? It is all too common for each industry to contain a giant that is the most popular in … If you’re creating a personalized message to everyone you’re contacting on a marketing list, then it’s going to be a time investment. Of course, every story has two sides. Take a look at the pros and cons of direct mail marketing below to see if it’s a viable option for your company: Download our free retail customer loyalty success guide to learn how to drive customers back 2x more. That brings us to the final expense: Postage. I think for many companies, being able to target a niche market is the life of their marketing strategy. Sure – there is the negative aspect of the interruption which can be bothersome to both parties, but the positive vibes from a solid value proposition cancel out those negative feelings. Many times the experience feels to the customer like you’re trying to talk them into purchasing something that they really do not want. Any business that needs to reach out to existing or past customers should get in contact with a direct mailing company and see the benefits. Add in the time it takes to build trust through these methods and you’ve got even more time that you’ve got to invest. You can door-to-door passing out brochures or you can write emails to people to discuss your value propositions.

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