Corpus Christi comprises one of the major festivals in Valencia, Spain. Many people participate in colourful parades that are organized on the day. In other countries where it is not obligatory, it is observed on the following Sunday. - Pope John Paul II, In the first place, through the reception of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, Christ himself, the cause of grace becomes present in man. Many Christians in the United States, particularly those of the Catholic faith, observe Corpus Christi in … Emancipation Day 2020: History, Origin, Date, Significance, Ways of Celebrating .... Windrush Day 2020: Know History, Meaning, Significance of Windrush Day, Dates, W .... International Day of Yoga 2020: Important date, History, International Day of Yo .... Autistic Pride Day 2020: Important date, History, Causes and Facts about Autism. The procession is conducted along the length of local streets, ending by entry to another church, or returning to the church where it started. The festival is observed in Valencia on the eighth Sunday that follows Easter Sunday. Religious processions and Special masses are important ways of observing this day in the Catholic church. Fall grades due at noon. It is a  moveable feast that is celebrated on Thursday that comes after Trinity Sunday. - Bishop Robert Barron, The Eucharist is the secret of my day. It is primarily an occasion that is celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church to pay a tribute to the Catholic belief in the actual presence of the body of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. List of dates for other years. Traditional Catholics are in favour of such processions being adopted everywhere in the world, following the Pope’s example. Winter Break- Campus Closed. For the latest information on dates and deadlines, please consult the … While in the papacy, Pope John Paul II conducted a Corpus Christi procession from St Peter's Square, the Vatican to the streets in Rome, every year. It is observed in many parts of the world. Here is the date of the Feast of Corpus Christi, both the traditional Thursday celebration and the Sunday transferred celebration, next year and in future years: Corpus Christi 2020: Thursday, June 11 (transferred to Sunday, June 14) Corpus Christi 2021: … It is believed to be the product of the endeavours of a nun named Juliana of Liège. He is motivated by his love and by his desire to teach us to love others Jesus come on earth and has stayed with us in Eucharist. Corpus Christi for the year 2020 is celebrated/ observed on Thursday, June 11th. Corpus Christi: 11 June 2020 is observed as the feast of Corpus Christi. It is not a fixed day observance, as it falls on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday, which is around 60 days after Easter. For how long does Corpus Christi last? She requested the Bishop of Liège, who, In those days could institute feasts in the dioceses of their locality. The commonality is that bread and wine are considered a symbol of the Body and Blood of Christ in Communion. Ever since she was a child, Juliana claimed  that God had instructed her that there must be a feast day especially for the Eucharist. It is celebrated usually 60 days after Easter and falls between 21 May and 24 June every year. Corpus ChristiThursday June 11-5 months, -16 days or -169 days, Flag DaySunday June 14-5 months, -13 days or -166 days, Fathers DaySunday June 21-5 months, -6 days or -159 days. It is a Christian festival day where believers celebrate the Holy body of Christ in the form of the sacred bread. The day was first celebrated in 1335 and continued regularly since the year 1372. - Pope Benedict XVI. Although there have recently been attempts to bring back the tradition in some towns and villages. All rights reserved. Two months earlier, the institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper is obse… The Feast of Corpus Christi (Ecclesiastical Latin: Dies Sanctissimi Corporis et Sanguinis Domini Iesu Christi, lit. - Raniero Cantalamessa, Without the Eucharist, the Church does not exist. More:Texas election 2020 results: Real-time data on Corpus Christi-area races More: Texas sets voter registration record after adding 1.8 million … The bishop consented and facilitated a celebration of Corpus Christi that would be held every year. Corpus Christi 2020 started on Thursday 11th Jun, 2020 (11/06/2020) 154 days ago. Corpus Christi is a one-day feast in the Catholic church. In the Catholic faith, it is observed on the streets in the form of a procession. Riddle Solved. Second Thursday after Whit Sunday annually. It is a Catholic holiday that celebrates the presence of the body and blood of Jesus Christ through Holy Communion (Eucharist). It is a Catholic holiday that celebrates the presence of the body and blood of Jesus Christ through Holy Communion (Eucharist). The day is primarily a Roman Catholic feast, but it is mentioned in the roster of some Anglican churches, the most notable of which is the Church of England. Corpus Christi is of much significance for celebrating Catholics as they celebrate the idea that the death of Jesus Christ was to provide salvation for the whole world, of which the consecrated wafer is a symbol. Corpus Christi recapitulates the sacrifice of Jesus, his body offered and his blood poured, by which we are reconciled to God.

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