Blur works particularly well for street photography. An easy way to get started is to use a piece of architecture to frame your subject. If so, start by holding your iPhone a few inches from the glass. In the example below, I shot through a steamed-up window of a train. Think about which angle you’d like to photograph the person from. The water droplets will distort the scene, creating an abstract quality to your image. Changing your angles is a simple and effective way to achieve more creative street photography. Or you could shoot from further away to ensure everything is sharply focused. As you can see, rainy weather is great for iPhone street photography. Letting the eye ‘rest’ by including big skies or plain walls in your photographs is a creative way to incorporate some emotion into your street photography too, as it can often evoke feelings of desolation, calm, or unease. Most people avoid taking photos in harsh light. They allow you to isolate the subject. You can invest…, Printing your images can turn into a struggle if you don't know what you're doing. Do you want to get more creative with your iPhone street photography? And this helps to create more visual interest in your photo. 'rmocx.RealPlayer G2 Control.1', Photographing a reflection on an angle to the surface reflecting will keep you out of the frame (unless you want to be there as part of your story!). For example, you could use an app like Snapseed to darken the shadows or increase contrast. Here are 3 of the 7 steps we uncover in this 21 minute video: ['rmockx.RealPlayer G2 Control', Before you take a photo, ask yourself: “Is there a more interesting or unique perspective that I could shoot from?”. Then notice how the light is reflected in nearby cars. During or after the rain, look out for windows covered in raindrops. Creative Street Photography From Inside, 5. Stationary buses and trains are also great places for window reflection photography. If the air is clear and the sun is bright, try capturing repeating lines and shapes by turning your lens towards window reflections or puddles. Shoot Into the Light; 5. This might sound challenging! There are plenty of moments when I’ve put my camera down during a street photography shoot because clicking the shutter was not appropriate. One image can narrate multiple stories, and document the moment in time in rich detail. There are times to be in the middle of the action, and others when you can capture a powerful photograph by standing apart from a different viewpoint. Be ready for conversations and be confident with your street photography ideas and agenda. All these reflected elements will add incredible visual interest to your photos. A great place for close-up portraits is on the subway. If you zoom to any other number, the image quality will be reduced. The shape of the car will create wonderfully distorted reflection photos with an abstract quality. Engaging with them ensures they don’t become too guarded as they pose for your photo. The image will captivate the viewer as they try to work out what’s going on in the photo. Don’t be afraid to get up close to the window. Just find an illuminated storefront or billboard, and shoot towards the light. Try sitting on the footpath and photograph what’s happening at ground level – feet walking, weeds creeping, bicycle wheels whizzing, strollers and wheelchairs rolling. Animals provide an interesting contrast between highly controlled architecture and society, and uninhibited nature. Shooting through rippled glass is another way to create amazing distortion in your photos. It also means less weight to carry around (and fewer lens caps to lose which seems to be a hobby of mine!). Creating a sense of mystery is key to telling compelling stories in your iPhone street photography. Capturing emotions helps you tell more compelling stories through your street photography. Do you want the raindrops in sharp focus and the background blurred? It is one of the easiest yet most…, See all articles in Creative Photography Projects. Interested in finding some more great photography project ideas? Or have them fully illuminated while surrounded by the shadows. Fill the Frame; 14. So walk up to that window. We want our subjects to be in sharp focus. Another way to use foreground objects is to shoot through something that distorts or blurs the subject behind it. So try it out for yourself. Of course, you could also try focusing on the street and having the raindrops blurred. Your photos will become more compelling, simply because you found a more interesting perspective. Once you start looking, you’ll spot interesting framing elements all around you. By incorporating some creative street photography techniques and ideas, you can make truly original photographs that grab peoples’ attention and are authentic to your street photography experiences. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re constantly connecting with buildings, objects, other humans, and nature. I can sense my early photography tutors shuddering! . Steam rising from frosty surfaces in the sun or subway ventilation vents (if you have an underground transport system in your city), also has a similar effect. You are more vigilant while looking for certain subjects. Your aim is to create a blurred and distorted image that conveys a sense of movement. When you’ve found a suitable window with a person behind it, look at the reflections in the glass. And one of the easiest ways to add an extra layer is to shoot through something in the foreground. Living in an earthquake-devastated city, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to photograph negative space. And start shooting stunning reflection photos with your iPhone! Feeling a bit shy about pointing a camera around the streets? But bright sunlight is fantastic for shooting more creative street photography. So try to catch a moment when the subject is in full stride. And it allows for more creativity when you’re shooting. It allows you to remain discreet as the person won’t see you taking their photo. Now that the raindrops appear bigger, it’s much easier to set focus on a single droplet. For more creative photography, you need to explore different shooting angles. Locking focus allows you to take lots of photos of the scene without having to set focus and exposure for each new shot. When you take your shot, use burst mode to capture a sequence of images as you move the camera. I love using this technique because it provides so much complex information for viewers to explore and interpret. Shooting through raindrops adds an extra foreground layer to an image. Framing elements also add context to your image. If necessary, swipe down to darken the shadows further. The distortion emphasizes the movement and anonymity of your subjects. If necessary, adjust exposure (brightness) by swiping up or down on the screen. Look for ironic and clever placement of street features to tell the story. Don’t be afraid to approach people and ask if you can shoot their portrait. And this can create a very powerful street photo. Keep your eyes peeled for anything in the foreground that you could shoot through. But because the raindrops are small, it can be tricky to tap on a single droplet to get it in focus. on the sidewalk. You might find this daunting at first – especially if you’re new to street photography. Now, hold your iPhone against the surface. The longer you spend photographing the streets and people, the more likely you are to develop the photographers’ intuition. To improve your confidence, just believe that you have the right to capture what interests you. Use Negative Space; 13. Reflections are a great way to create extraordinary compositions from an ordinary scene. The iPhone camera lets you set focus by tapping on the screen. Look for areas where you have a lot of window light illuminating the floor. Often, they’ll be happy to let you take their photo, especially if you offer to send it to them. At night, you’ll even see reflections of street lights and neon signs. Then frame your shot to capture the people and their reflections. It’s easy to get this kind of shot when you’re in close proximity to other passengers. And we want to capture every detail in the scene. And having something in the foreground adds a sense of depth to the photo. Alternatively, you could stand on a staircase and get a great birds-eye view of what’s happening below. And this results in some unique imagery and striking street photography. My favourite for this is a 50mm prime lens because it’s compact, unobtrusive, light, and provides great sharp photos. 'RealPlayer.RealPlayer(tm) ActiveX Control (32-bit)', Be inspired by ordinary and unsightly objects such as rubbish bins, grafitti, and old buildings. 'RealVideo.RealVideo(tm) ActiveX Control (32-bit)', I’m frequently asked ‘what are you doing?’ by curious strangers, especially if I’m just sitting still for 10 minutes, staring into the distance holding my camera halfway up to my face. For example, you could sit inside a cafe and photograph the street through the window. 'RealPlayer'], 2. Now, all you need to do is wait for someone to walk into the frame. Things that are different draw the viewer in and encourage us to ask questions about the scene. That’s how you’ll produce the most creative street photography! Shoot using burst mode to ensure you have lots of shots to choose from.

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