That fact that they never sold them in stores (at least where I grew up) made them all the more special when you got one. Are you guys planning on bringing it back? *Not a light food Did you lose the recipe to the original cookie or something?? Featuring a creamy vanilla center sandwiched between two vanilla wafers, this delicious frozen snack makes a great after-dinner or anytime treat for kids and grownups alike. Also the famous chocolate part; WHERE IS IT? I’m glad that Good Humor is recognizing what i good product this was but I am so disappointed because it does not taste at all like how i remembered. Good Humor Frozen Dairy Dessert Sandwich packs plenty of creamy vanilla-flavored goodness between two vanilla wafers. If they brought back the original product this would easily be 5 stars!! NO this is bad there not original bring the original back and it doesn't even taste like the same formula of the ones I grew up on also. To view allergen, ingredient and other product information, please click on the button below. Why bring it back to change the recipe ????? Developed as ice cream sandwiches on sticks, the bars featured ice cream sandwiched between vanilla and chocolate cookie layers. 0 WWE … Various WWE personalities were featured on the ice cream treats, their images imprinted on the top vanilla cookie portion of each sandwich. They taste different and they look different. Good Humor WWE Super Stars Cookie Sandwich frozen dairy dessert treat delivers a brand-new spin on one of your favorite ice cream truck treats: the classic ice cream sandwich. Click on a product for nutrition facts and where to buy information. I would buy a pack at least every other week and so would many people I know. Rich, creamy and just 150 calories each, these frozen snacks are a delicious way to indulge and the perfect pick-me-up to keep in the freezer. Featuring a creamy vanilla center sandwiched between two vanilla wafers, this delicious frozen snack makes a great after-dinner or anytime treat for kids and grownups alike. AMAV Toys 1664NE AMAV Laffy Taffy Ice Cream Maker Machine for Kids - Easy to Use & Make Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavors at Home - Best Group Activity for Friends to Do Together! Roman Reigns, John Cena, Becky Lynch, and Randy Savage are the four featured superstars in the advertising.. CM Punk famously asked WWE and Vince McMahon to bring back the superstar ice cream bar, which were made from the late 80s to the early 2000s, during his on-screen contract negotiation … By Connor Casey - June 7, 2020 11:07 pm EDT. This new release has nothing special about it. While I appreciate the thought of bringing back one of the best ice cream bars ever launched, I don't understand why the cookie turned to graham crackers. Please, please, please add the chocolate layer. 3.8 out of 5 stars 54 $19.99 $ 19 . Little hands will find it easy to hold these irresistible snacks, so that they're a less-messy alternative to other ice cream bars and ice cream desserts. ID BUY CASES AT A TIME! REESE’S trademark and dress, Peanut Butter Cup design, and orange background color are used under license. I hope that good humor reads these reviews because I really wanted this comeback to be a good one, but it is sad to say that they didn’t do it right. Some WWE fans and stars have sought the return of the bars to the Good Humor line of products, indicating their appreciation for the frozen treat. This web site is not directed to consumers outside of the U.S. Each frozen snack is printed with one of four WWE super stars — Macho Man, Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch or John Cena — making these the perfect dairy treat for fans of wrestling.

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