It has slightly more handling, but less stability by a small chunk than it’s successor. This is thanks to its unique ability to roll with Kill Clip and Rampage simultaneously. Both of these perks turn Black Scorpion into a headshot machine from medium range. Let me tell ya, I’m not one to really use Scout Rifles all that much yet when looking up information and reviews on this one; a good few mentioned how well it handles. Required fields are marked *. Mida Multi Tool I’d put at #2 with Skyburners Oath (my secret love) at #3, Your email address will not be published. It is intrinsically full-auto, which allows the two perks you obtain to impact its consistency or damage output. Bungie. Year 3 of Destiny 2 really improved the meta for Scout Rifles. Starting us off is a Scout Rifle from the first Destiny Raid, Conspirator. They might seem like the perfect weapon for PVP as they make a real difference in your performance, but they can also help you in PVE situations because scout rifles can be a suitable choice for taking down bosses, especially in the raid, nightfall and trials of Osiris. As long as players keep some distance from the target, Randy's can pick off enemies faster than most Scouts in Destiny 2. Transfiguration's only negative is that it's a Kinetic, meaning you can't couple this with the likes of Astral Horizon or The Supremacy. Also increased range for being masterworked. Breakneck. NEXT: 10 Things To Do After You Beat Destiny 2: Beyond Light. If there was a b-line with high impact rounds I would definitely use it in pvp. The stats of the Polaris Lance are similar; minus the handling being slightly less and the stability is a bit larger. Revoker remains one of the most popular Kinetic weapons in Destiny 2 PVP, at least when power levels aren’t enabled. Season of Dawn's Exotic season pass weapon is one of Destiny 2's most unique weapons. By Charles Burgar Jun 20, 2020. Its boost to mobility and always-active radar was too good to pass up. Entertainment Top 10 Best Scout Rifles in Destiny 2 Brandon Hubbell. With Beyond Light's changes to aim assist on Scout Rifles, MIDA is easily one of the easiest Scouts to use in the entire game. Scout rifles are one of the most dynamic weapons in Destiny 2, but which scouts are the ideal weapons for PvP combat? Scout rifles in Destiny 2 can offer a wide variety of features that can let you successfully snipe anybody in PVE or PVP. Stats wise it’s around average except for the Handling, which it has some pretty decent amount of; that plus some Stability and Range this can be useful. Symmetry behaves like most Scout Rifles until its alternate fire is activated. So give the raid a go with some friends and see if you can get it to drop. Best Sniper Rifles for Crucible. It isn't the best choice for most loadouts, but Jade Rabbit can certainly hold its own when compared to many other Scouts. Lightweight Scouts are some of the best in Destiny 2, Night Watch being part of that archetype. Destiny 2 Best Auto Rifles (Ranked) Destiny 2 has great options for Auto Rifles, and after Warmind dropped they only got stronger. He is currently a Freelance writer for TheGamer and Game Rant. As of writing this, the perk pool for Trustee is currently unknown. For those that snagged this weapon while it was available, No Feelings has one of the fastest time-to-kill values in Destiny 2's PvP sandbox. With the right perks, Last Wish's Transfiguration Scout Rifle can become a two-tapping machine after a single kill. This weapon is only good in very specific circumstances, but those circumstances come up more often than not. Charles Burgar is an expert on all things tech and gaming. Just note that its infusion cap makes it unusable inside of Trials of Osiris. Home » Top 10 Best Scout Rifles in Destiny 2. Black Scorpion can roll from a large range of perks, but arguably its best combo is Moving Target and Rangefinder. Ranging from Exotics to lesser-known Legendaries, here are 15 Scout Rifles players should consider using in Destiny 2's PvP game modes. Do not underestimate this weapon. This combination turns Night Watch into a laser at longer ranges with virtually no recoil. Currently unavailable since the Sundial has been retired, the Patron of Lost Causes stands as one of the most consistent Scout Rifles in Destiny 2. Better yet, this weapon's fast fire rate and stable recoil pattern make it a solid choice at medium-range engagements in any PvP scenario. Then grab one of these bad boys, but you’re probably wondering “Well, which ones are the best to get?” and that’s what we’ll be going through on today’s Top Ten list. That’s because it already has some very good default stats and you really don’t need to add too much more on them, maybe a little more recoil control or Stability. Many consider Destiny 2's Crucible to be less balanced, but there is still room for subpar weapon archetypes such as Scout Rifles to shine. However, it isn't farfetched to suggest this weapon will be able to roll with some sort of damage perk such as Explosive Payload or Rampage. Before Randy's Throwing Knife was introduced, there was Black Scorpion-4sr. If you have it masterwork, you can literally one shop enemy players while at the edge of the map. I’d put it straight in at #1 having used it, got the catalyst and using it to get Randy’s Throwing Knife! Coming in at number seven on today’s list is the Legendary Scout Rifle; Vouchsafe and I’ll be going over how viable it is and popularity. Admittedly I wasn’t sure about this one even being on the list let alone in the top five of it, but obviously I did and that is because I found out that No Feelings has the fastest TTK (Time To Kill) of the Scout Rifles, the reason being is because it has Box Breathing guys! Jade Rabbit shines when players get the first shot off in a gunfight at medium distances. It’s my legendary scout rifle “go to” option with Dragonfly and Meganeura (dragonfly deals more damage based on the number of precision hits dealt beforehand).

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