Thanks to @48klocs for compiling all of the different recommendations into a single, easy to parse place. A: Upgrading your weapons, in broad terms, takes a small amount of glimmer, legendary shards, and, most importantly, Enhancement Cores. Extremely luck based to actually get a good roll though. At Tier 10, your multi-kills will generate orbs of light. Weapon Stats: Impact: 84. Trying to get a curated Kindled Orchid but unfortunately I've missed it the last two resets. I did not get a great roll however it still played very well in PvP and PvE and i have recently played with a explosive rounds kill clip version and all i can says is it is incredible. I like my Kill Clip + Explosive for Crucible, it makes for a great weapon for finishing people off who refused to die from Mountaintop -- splash damage makes it really easy to finish the job. A: Community Average Rolls are a way of "crowdsourcing" what the best roll is on each weapon. u/HavocsCall, with contributions from @chrisfried, and @sundevour. This could potentially get up to 80 range if you hit the jackpot. However, the one true god roll: Extremely good in pve, probably the best energy handcannons you can use. A: Yes. Reload Speed: 52. A roll with the least popular perk in each column should be ranked F-, and a roll with the most popular perk in each column should be ranked S+. (see Nation of Beasts or Vouchsafe for examples). Feeding Frenzy and Rampage. Did some damage in iron banner/ crucible. The combination of these perks make this gun insane. will likely trend toward being more popular, otherwise people wouldn't keep the roll, let alone equip it. It has good stats, a solid RPM-type and together with the many, viable and brutally strong perk combinations with Surrounded + Rampage and Kill Clip + Rampage at the top, it is by far the strongest PvE legendary weapon that is currently available. Ill go over the Kindled Orchid Curated DPS with Kill Clip and Rampage stacking. A: These are the possible stats that upgrading your weapon will grant a bonus to. A: The best way for everyone to help make this tool more accurate / complete is to update your privacy settings to allow API tools to view your non-equipped inventory. This obviously isn't accurate, as Blast Radius isn't applicable to, say, Auto Rifles. 5. The process will compute stats on items seen in the vault / inventory of players who have granted access to their "non-equipped Inventory". With Kill Clip and Rampage, you can do 243% more damage than your base Kindled Orchid damage. Even if you don't get a good range roll, this handcannon never feels like it underperforms. Plus punching holes in bosses & majors. Range: 78. hands down. A: The colors denote which type of activity the perk is recommended for: Blue = PVE, Red = PVP, Gold = Either. Absolute maniac in pve. The Ringing Nail (Solar Auto Rifle) - Volundr Forge. Definitely going for a Kill Clip, Rampage Roll soon... PVP god. A: Bungie has announced that beginning in Season 12, weapons will have a cap on the power to which you are able to infuse them. Kill Clip and Rampage perks will grant you the greater buff the more enemies you kill. Sometimes, that fixed version of the item will drop fully masterworked A: As part of this feature, we are now tracking all active players using the Bungie API, not just those who have signed in on Depending on what tier you are at, you can grant anywhere from 1-10 additional points in any of the stats listed to your weapon. For PvE it is the best thing you can have non-special/heavy-wise. Destiny 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details. To start the Quest you need to have Gofannon Forge activity unlocked and a … A: The Bungie API currently says that all weapons can potentially roll with all stats as their masterwork stat. I have every meta god tolled hc and this is the best one for me so far. God roll = hammer forged, drop mag, kill clip and rampage, i think surround+rampage can work better than killclip+rampage, it can easy to trigger, update your privacy settings to allow API tools to view your non-equipped inventory, You can read the explanation directly from Bungie here.

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