Buy online a range of Karndean, Amtico, Polyflor vinyl flooring tiles and planks at massively reduced prices. Free delivery Nationwide The higher quality of vinyl means that it no longer stands out as a dated material. Now, there's an understanding that vinyl is a fine substitute and a worthy flooring material in its own right. The unrivalled range of luxury vinyl tiles at Amtico, coming in a range of palettes and patterns, will bring your flooring vision to life. Vinyl flooring is modern, stylish and beautiful flooring alternative, with the added benefits of being adaptable, durable, easy to fit and to maintain. Here, you will find a great selection of vinyl flooring offcuts, remnants, last of batch and discontinued flooring at rock bottom prices, many with free delivery. With vinyl flooring, a designer can create something that is truly unique and never worry about how the material will stand up to use. The look you want to achieve with your flooring should be timeless and classic, yet some of the most timeless options are not always affordable for many homeowners. Likewise, vinyl can be used to replicate looks that are often more suited for a dining area or living areas in the kitchen or bathroom, allowing a designer to create a unique and beautiful look for a home. To top it off, it's a home-grown brand with a manufacturing base in Coventry. In most cases, a casual observer will simply think that the homeowner or designer has spent more than he or she has for the results. Visit our Amtico showroom in Basingstoke for help and design ideas. Should you use the right flooring, it's relatively difficult to tell the age of manufacture. While you can often use the traditional materials in these circumstances, the adaptability of vinyl simply makes it the superior choice. It. At Discount Flooring we strive to offer the most stylish collections of Amtico vinyl flooring, so you know you're getting the best choices. While problems like moisture can still pose issues for vinyl, they are not quite as limiting as other materials. Amtico luxury vinyl tiles are one of the most popular flooring tiles in the UK. Using vinyl allows a designer greater freedom to be highly creative which is reflected in the diversity and innovation of Amtico’s collections. This means that vinyl can be used more easily in places where woods might not function, enabling the designer to bring a certain look to life, without concerns about it being too impractical. Amtico First partners can help you plan your new room with a full room design and a visualisation. Amtico Flooring from Flooring Megastore. Thanks to their innovative production techniques, Amtico brings to you high quality and realistic vinyl floors that will simply blow you away. Because of the nature of vinyl, it can be used in novel ways that can not be replicated by more traditional materials. Because there is not quite as much hard labour involved with vinyl installation as one would expect with wood or tile, it is a more economical choice. A vinyl material is useful because it can mimic both natural and synthetic materials, giving scope to ideas that might otherwise be impossible due to the nature of the original materials. The higher quality of vinyl means that it no longer stands out as a dated material. Find out more and watch films about our heritage and approach at Atlanta, GA, March 28, 2011 -- Amtico International said it will discontinue the sale of its Stratica product. Vinyl is the perfect flooring material for any designer with a vision. but the very nature of the trend seems to be one that's giving way to permanence. It is a sign that the home owner cares enough about looks to use the right flooring, yet is frugal enough to avoid an unnecessary expense. Vinyl is primarily an indoor flooring material, but that does not mean it can not replicate the look of some materials that are more often used outdoors. You can order up to 6 samples free of charge. While vinyl has been around for quite some time, it is only in the past decade or so that it has truly come into its own as a design choice both for for homeowners and commercial businesses.

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