Lanky Kong. Kopter made an appearance as an enemy in Donkey Kong Country 3 before becoming a playable character in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. Characters that appear in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast will appear here. Template:Italic title Template:FA Template:Redirect Donkey Kong Barrel Blast (known as Donkey Kong Jet Race in Europe and Australia) is a racing game in the Donkey Kong franchise. Kongs: Donkey, Diddy, Dixie, Lanky, Tiny, Funky, Wrinkly, Cranky. To add a page to this category, append "[[Category:Characters in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast]]" to the page. Intially announced for release on the Nintendo GameCube with support for the bongo controller, it was released for the Wii in mid-late 2007 in Japan and North America and early 2008 in Europe and Australia. Donkey Kong Barrel Blast is a racing game for Nintendo's Wii video game console, announced on May 9, 2006, and that year's E3 convention for the GameCube under the title of DK: Bongo Blast.The GameCube version was ultimately cancelled in favor of a Wii release. It is commonly comed across as a rerelease of the cancelled Donkey Kong Racing. Playable Characters in DK Barrel Blast. Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, known as Donkey Kong Jet Race in PAL regions, is a video game released for the Wii. An orangutan of the Kong family. Photos of the Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast (Game) voice actors. The … He is one of the playable characters of Donkey Kong 64. The game was released for the Wii in Japan and the United States in 2007, and in PAL regions in 2008. 17 images of the Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast cast of characters. Donkey Kong Barrel Blast (ドンキーコング たるジェットレース Donkī Kongu: Taru Jetto Rēsu, Donkey Kong's Jet Race) known in Europe and Australia as Donkey Kong Jet Race, is a racing game the Wii as a part of the Donkey Kong series. The game itself is developed by Paon and published by Nintendo.

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