A new drop-down menu containing a list of the rate tables you've created will appear. Fill out the rest of the information in the listing flow, and list your item. Shipping rate tables are a tool that divides Canada into 21 distinct areas, allowing you to set more accurate shipping rates for each zone, and giving you more control over the shipping costs you charge your buyers across Canada. Find out about shipping rates, and how to calculate your shipping costs. In your listing, you specify free shipping. These rates will override the shipping charge in your listing. Gain more control, charge more accurate rates, and ensure that you’re not paying out-of-pocket for shipping costs with shipping rate tables. If you're selling an irregularly shaped item, estimate its dimensions by measuring a box you can fit it in. We have broken down the fee percentage for each item category below. Shipping rates for sellers. Select the name of the rate table you want to link to your listing. Link the rate table you've created to a listing to make it take effect. Labels and packaging tips. Best for: Inventories that are similar in both weight and dimension. Tick the box beside each listing you wish to link a rate table to. for which you have not specified a surcharge will be charged according to the shipping cost in your listing. If this is your first rate table, you can skip it as the dropdown will be empty. Getting your items delivered quickly, safely, and cost-effectively is an important part of providing a great buyer experience. Setting up your rate table to charge by weight allows you to set up a shipping cost that's charged per kilogram. Link your rate table to a listing to activate it. Canada. Areas for which you Once you have selected the regions, provinces, and zones you want included in this rate, select, The provinces, regions, and zones you selected now appear in the. Near the bottom of the page, tick the box next to, In the listing flow, under Shipping Details, you will see, In the Edit business policies overlay screen, select the drop-down menu under. Find out about shipping rates, and how to calculate your shipping costs. Your rate table specifies free shipping for all provinces except YK, NT, and NU. Your rate table specifies an additional $10 surcharge for buyers in Ontario and Quebec. Here's what to do: Note: When using this method, you can only link one rate table at a time to the listings you select. Repeat steps 1-6 for each shipping service for which you’d like to add a rate table. Something went wrong. Start setting up your first shipping rate table now. Depending on the type of rate table you selected above, the instructions are different: Setting shipping rates by item will apply a flat shipping rate to the regions, provinces, and/or zones you specify. for the areas you've specified in your rate table. You can add one or more provinces to your rate table by checking the box beside it, or you can further expand each province into zones by selecting the plus sign. which contains one or more provinces. If you'd like to view the details of the rate table you chose, select. You can set up a shipping surcharge rate table to charge buyers in certain areas an amount in addition to the shipping cost you specify in your listing. The provinces, regions, and zones you selected now appear in the table under the, To add a surcharge per kilogram, select the, Continue to add additional regions, provinces, or zones until you're finished. You can select one or more zones by checking the box beside it. This type of rate table will override the information in your listing for the areas This menu option allows you to set shipping rates by Item, Weight, or Surcharge. Here's what they mean: Rate table

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