If you’re not sure if a standard or custom base is best, contact one of our shower and bathroom designers. Whether it is durable Swanstone shower pans or strong Veritek®, Swan has the perfect shower pan for your bathroom. This depends on the people (and their mobility) using the shower and the size/shape you need. Here’s some facts about our background: Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear())2016 Innovate Building Solutions | All Rights Reserved, Textured Architectural Pattern Glass Block & Glass Bricks, Waterproof Laminated DIY Shower & Bathroom Wall Panels & Kits, Custom Cultured Marble & Granite Shower Pans & Bases, LED Lighted Bathroom Vanity Mirrors & Medicine Cabinets, Solid Surface Bath Vanity Countertops & Accessories, Luxury Shower Wall Panels Accessories and Storage System, To our valued customers: in order to observe social distancing we are now offering, “5 Proven Questions to Get the Size of Your Shower Opening Right.”, « Contemporary Acrylic Shower Base & Pan Kits, Roll in Shower & Walk In ADA Shower Pan », 36 x 36 with a curb along the front (popular for stand-up showers). Most of our curb heights are the popular 4”, 3" and 2” lower profile variety. Find the perfect base featuring the ideal drain placement including neo-angle shower … Stone Shower Pan Get a custom stone shower pan that will last forever. You want to fit your opening to both the size and mobility of the people using the shower (not just now, but also in the future). Standard sized showers with drains in odd locations can send you on a wild goose chase trying (in vain) to find a pan which words. If so, you’ll want to learn about custom and standard sized cultured marble and cultured granite bases from Innovate Building Solutions (a nationwide leader in grout free shower and bathroom systems). The Product – Cultured marble and granite bases are a cast (i.e. These stone shower pans are flexible to your needs. A durable manufactured composite of polyester resin and stone particles. Our Sistine Stone is constructed from quartz, granite, and  our proprietary blend of polymers to create a classic and aged look of real stone. Some patterns/colors you’ll want to see are: For a modern look you’ll want to keep your colors straightforward and simple or a bit edgy and an eclectic. Your shower tray can be adapted to your space. It is also easy to clean, but also stain, mold and mildew resistant. What type of tile shower base are you using? With our cultured stone pans, we’ll fit the base to your drain location. It’s matte black or matte white color pigments flows throughout the base. What type of tile are you using? Save money vs. natural marble or granite – When remodeling a bathroom cost is ALWAYS an issue. Hygenic for your family – With no mold, mildew or fungus build-up you won’t be concerned about your family’s health. They will save you money in the long-run. We combine natural stone … Modern styling – Who wants a shiny shower pan which shows water spots and sticks out like a soar thumb? All Innovate cultured stone bases have a slip-resistant bottom. Nice heavy duty hinges and hardware come in the finish of your choice were specially engineered for easy  installation with smooth and reliable service. This isn’t your Father’s old cultured marble any more. You’ll love the look of the wood, slate, and stone textures in the up-to-date white and matte black colors (see the colors/textures above). It’s nice knowing you can get the look of natural … However, if your drain is in a non-standard location, or you have a unique shape a standard solution will not work. When in the bathroom, the showers are perhaps the most heavily used area just behind the sinks. Save money vs. natural marble or granite – When remodeling a bathroom cost is ALWAYS an issue. Besides the fact we’re nice people (or at least that’s what our Mom’s and Dad’s say – most of the time) we have experience. We can work with you if you have a NEO angle shower (i.e. Our custom shower bases provide superior durability ensuring a long lasting look and feel. Yes, no and maybe. Easy to clean – All you’ll need is soap and water to clean your shower base. The fact that it is a man-made product means that it can be … Composite. Our bases have textured finishes and have to meet stringent government slip-coefficient standards. Check out the satin (matte) finished patterns in the ‘colors tab.’. Syn-Mar Engineered Stone Showers and Tub Surrounds Syn-Mar’s Engineered Stone surfaces are manufactured to mimic and even exceed the timeless beauty of real granite, marble, and onyx. Check out the frequently asked questions or click through the blue button to get your free samples. With a rubbing compound and a buffer pad on an electric drill you can remove minor. Underneath it’s clean-lined contemporary design, you’ll find a base built to last. The Shower … Base Width (in. Soft, earthy natural hues that are in tune with nature. If you have a large walk in shower, a lower profile shower curb is a cleaner, more contemporary design and simpler to get in. Made to beautifully complement FlexStone shower walls, the Shower Base is available in over 20 different colors.

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