If you find yourself facing a Western PA child custody dispute, contact your Allegheny County child custody lawyers at Lisa Marie Vari & Associates. The parent with primary custody is called the custodial parent and the other parent is called the noncustodial parent. I think mid-week kid-swapping is a roadblock to their school success. Family Court in Allegheny County Amidst the Coronavirus. The 5-2 schedule, which has your child live with one parent for 5 days and the other parent for 2 days. So when I was going through my divorce, that is what most people assumed would happen in regards to the custody of my son. Miami, FL 33131 Who gets to keep the dog after a divorce or separation in Pennsylvania? Contact our office today to speak with Attorney Spidell about your case. The schedule for the next week then starts with Parent B, so that the children get to spend the weekend with the other parent. Multiply that by 26 weeks (every other weekend) for a total of 1300 hours. Our attorneys have experience handling all sorts of child custody cases and we will work to put a Pennsylvania child custody schedule in place that keeps the best interest of your child in mind. I. The “Every Other Weekend” Parent. Get Directions, Lisa Marie Vari & Associates, P.C. This is the alternating weekends schedule in the calendar. 3. In response to these divorces, state statutes determine the relationships that a large number of children have with a noncustodial parent. Phone: 724-227-0293 Every other weekend is a visitation calendar where the children mainly see one parent on weekdays (typically the mother) and see the other parent (usually the father) on alternate weekends. Parenting time exchanges occur every weekend with one mid-week overnight rotated between parents. This schedule gives one parent 80% of the time with the child and the other parent 20%. There is a large group of parents that are relegated to every other weekend parents, and this quite frankly is not what any parent wants. Phone: 814-352-3037 Child custody issues are tough. 1 . I'm now a parent and I think it was an important lesson for part time and full time parents- quality time is most important. The two weeks between visits are going to seem long for you, but they will seem even longer for your child, especially if he or she is young. Every other weekend isn't much time for a non-custodial parent to have with their child (think how you'd feel if you only saw your child every other weekend), but it is what a lot of parents get. For every family that gets divorced, 59% of those families will divorce again. The “old school” approach where the mom gets primary custody and dad is only available every other weekend is not good for anyone – kids benefit from seeing both of their parents as much as possible. Tax and Insurance Considerations for Support, Custody Relocation, Modification & Enforcement. Multiply this by 52, as the Wednesday night custody is weekly. Generally, the arrangement is interpreted as meaning this: The children (or … CURING THE "EVERY-OTHER-WEEKEND SYNDROME": WHY VISITATION SHOULD BE CONSIDERED SEPARATE AND APART FROM CUSTODY . The extended every other weekend schedule, which works like the extended every weekend schedule, only less frequently. Even in those cases where, either through mediation or … Get Directions, 1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1950 ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition), Contempt, Enforcement, Modification & Appeals, Fighting for the Rights of Today's Families, Requirements for filing for divorce in Pennsylvania. This way your child will have something to look forward to and be really excited about the next time he or she gets to see you. My advice: just love your kid and try to give them a sense that it's all okay.

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