A phrase is a group of words that stand together as a single unit, typically as part of a clause or a sentence. Our aim is to present the English adverb Phrase in contrast to the Arabic Adverb Phrase 2. Adverb phrase in english and arabic language 1. Adverbs can mystify writers because they have a number of different functions within the English language. Learning the Arabic Adjectives is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. This word is called as “ Dzaraf” (ظَرْفٌ) which has function likes another language in generally. There are two kinds of adverb namely adverb of time and adverb of place. This post is about the Arabic coordinating conjunctions—list and examples. Arabic Adjectives. The locative adverb gives the time or place of occurrence for an action. Reviewing examples of adverbs and adverb phrases can help you identify them and use this part of speech effectively. Good examples of this in English are words, such as and, but, and so. Example of adverb of… The more you master it the more you get closer to mastering the Arabic language. Example: الكُرةُ خَلْفَ الصَنْدُوق. This adverb, however, cannot be used to give the place of action if such a place has well-defined, physical limits. It … The adverbs in all the above mentioned examples are in the accusative case, and they all consist of two annexed parts, each of the annexation parts is dispensable, i.e. In Arabic, coordinating conjunctions are called حُرُوفُ العَطْف. With a couple adverbs by your side, you can add further description, describe an action, or intensify the meaning of another word. * The noun after adverb of place in Arabic always is identified with article "the" الـ. -The girl - in the room -very beautiful 3. Arabic Tips: * هنا (= huna: here) and هُنَاك (= hunak: there) are أسماء إشارة (= asma'a esharah: demonstrative pronounces) even they indicate place, but they aren't adverb of place. He walked slowly, They will arrive tomorrow) Adverbs (Seq # 28) In the Arabic language adverbs are also categorized as nouns. Arabic language is like the others language, it has adverb to show adverb of time and place,for example that, there, morning, noon, over, afternoon, night, etc.. Adverb (A word that gives additional information about how, when or where an action takes place, e.g. The following sentences, for example, contain valid locative adverbs: But first we need to know what the role of Adjectives is in the structure of the grammar in Arabic. A phrase does not contain a subject and verb and, consequently, cannot convey a complete thought. Besides coordination, some have additional meanings.

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