The shrub grows to about 1.8 – 3 metres (6-10 ft) tall. I have it in a raised, sunny bed. Question by evabutton May 25, 2005. If leaves are wilted and soft - overwatering is the reason. 0. Could you please help in any way. - some Japonica's variegated form, they can start to show variegation/extended variegation, as yellowing or even complete yellowing of leaves, which is perfectly normal for them - they are just shedding some leaves, evergreens also do, for example, typically nowish, mine is losing some leaves, it's normal, they yellow and brown and fall, many new, young leaves on top Fatsia Japonica - yellowing (9 Posts) Add message | Report. These big palmate (hand-shaped) leaves just get bigger and more pronounced over time. If leaves are shriveled, the air is too dry or the leaves have been exposed to direct sunshine. Botanical Name: Fatsia japonica. Answer from NGA May 25, 2005. If leaves are brittle, too much heat is the cause. Fatsia japonica ‘Moseri’ Some are coming through with brown tips and also it has like brown spots on it. Meer over de verzorging van de kamerplant Fatsia lees je op deze pagina. They can be up to 30cm wide. It is in sun most of the day. Fatsia japonica has an undeniable architectural quality It’s not showy in terms of colour, but it has an undeniable architectural quality and is indisputably tough, in spite of its Asian origins. The leathery leaves radiate from the center of the plant and create a cloud of dense foliage, very much like leaves on outdoor trees, but in a compact, manageable form. wiltingfast Sat 09-Jul-16 22:55:28. De Fatsia komt van oorsprong uit Oost-Azië en komt hier in diverse soorten voor, zo zijn er helder groene varianten maar ook bonte exemplaren. Why isn't it happy? My Fatsia japonica is looking sad, with slightly yellow, limp leaves, though it's still growing at quite a rate. If leaves turn yellow and then drop, two separate culprits can cause the problem. My fatsia is in a pot and is suffering from yellowing leaves . It does well in shade and is frost hardy. They can grow upwards of six feet inside your home! However, its foliage is quite yellow. Obviously the old leaves at the base yellow and drop off, but on my plant all the leaves are yellowish. It seems healthy in that it grows well etc. De populairste variant is de Fatsia Japonica, deze variant bieden we ook aan in de webshop. Fatsia japonica ‘Annelise’ This lovely variety has dark leaves splashed with golden yellow and emerald green.

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