Banana pancakes for babies and toddlers. I also added some banana purée since I had some brown bananas and he absolutely loved them. So, all around only advantages when it comes to pancakes. Thanks for sharing this recipe. This will be my new go to recipe when making him pancakes. In order to be ready, your child needs to be able to sit up with support and be able to pick small objects up with his or her fingers. Next add in the oats and mix them in too. But a lot has been happening in our lives (namely, we have a toddler running around causing havoc). Cook an additional 1-2 minutes until set. I always shy away since I don’t want to admit that my toddler often just “requests the tasting menu“. Hi Christine, I usually gently melt the butter in the microwave. Please click accept to accept the use of cookies and continue to this site. Megan McNamee MPH, RDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist based in Scottsdale, Arizona. You’ll find links to these illustrations peppered throughout this post.). Most babies are ready for finger foods between eight and ten months of age. Melt it enough so it doesn’t pop! To make 1-inch pancakes (like in the photos), drop on the pancake batter using a teaspoon. Originally from California, she now lives in London. Pancakes are easy to pack up and bring with you out, and these healthy pancakes are great to eat in buggies (strollers). These mini pancakes take just a few seconds in the microwave to defrost. Enjoy! cook the rest of the pancake batter into larger sized pancakes for the other family members These pancakes are delicious as a baby’s first pancake, or for baby-led weaning. My little guy absolutely loves bananas! ***Please note, the consistency of the batter will be highly dependent on the size and ripeness of the banana and the size of your egg. But we have recently entered a pancake streak. Tina develops everyday breakfast recipes on The Worktop, and writes about all things related to breakfast and brunch. Cook, until the tops of the pancakes have bubbles on them, the batter is no longer shiny, and the bottom of the pancakes are a light golden brown, about 45 seconds to 1 minute. My 17 month old grandson (my husband & I) thoroughly enjoyed these. 10 Healthy Porridge Toppings Perfect for Toddlers and Busy Families, Free From Baby Pancakes (Allergy-Friendly), Healthy Toddler Muffins – one batter with 4 mix-ins, Toddler Muffins (Easy Muffin Recipe for Kids), Overnight Chia Seed Pudding with Almond Milk (Vegan, GF). As much as I love a good old fashion scotch pancake or crepes, when it comes to feeding my baby (and my toddler! Ingredients To Watch For Honey is 100% off limits for babies. I’d love to see it too – snap a picture of your finished dish and share it with me on Instagram using. So we don’t have to worry about any allergies. I made these tonite. These are our favorite waterproof bibs for purees and beginner foods like these pancakes! These baby banana pancakes are a perfect finger food for baby and are also a great banana … Not to sound scary or anything, but honey … Pancakes are always popular, some other baby pancake recipes I’ve made often include. Thanks for replying tina! These baby pancakes are a great first “solid” food for babies because they are easy to hold, yet are very soft and melt in their mouths.Baby banana pancakes are so quick and easy to make. Three ingredient baby pancakes are great for baby self-feeding and baby-led weaning (BLW). Between the bites, he helps me finish cooking the rest of the batter. See my Disclosure Policy for more information. This recipe will make approximately 10 pancakes but you can easily double or triple the quantities if you are feeding a crowd. (My other half draws these amazing and funny parenting comics on his Instagram account (@jonajooey). I also added in some wild blueberries to the last part of the batter and my daughter enjoyed them. Find easy breakfasts and brunch recipes for the family. They are also fun to eat and nutritious for a growing toddler. I’m Tina and I share my everyday breakfast recipes here. No problem though! Thanks. Remove from heat and set on a plate to cool. I think these pancakes make a really healthy and delicious breakfast but can be served any time of the day. You may see it pictured in some old pin images. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Two rows of three pancakes (top and bottom), and 2 rows of four pancakes (middle rows). In my free time you can catch me drinking too much iced coffee and daydreaming about cruising to Alaska! Hi.. what can I use as a substitute for eggs as my daughter has an egg allergy. The pancakes are best served warm but can also be cooled and kept in the fridge for up to 48 hours… These baby pancakes use either oatmeal or rice baby cereal, both of which can be store-bought or made at home. And thanks for the recipe my baby loves it ❤️. They are essentially a baby version of other “few ingredient” healthy pancakes I have seen out there. What does that mean? Tried these yesterday and they went down a treat with my fussy 2 year old, my husband and me! It might sound tedious, but it goes by quickly) and count each number out loud. Such a healthy recipe full of iron for baby and so quick and … As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I used coconut milk since my son has a dairy allergy, and they turned out excellent. Mix in the whole milk. You can make all five dozen pancakes, eat what you can, and freeze the rest. Even though I have been feeding him these pancakes since he was a baby (this is a great recipe for baby-led weaning), our toddler only recently decided that he absolutely loves pancake and needs them all the time.

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