The body remained a solid piece of Ash, and an adjustable truss rod added to the maple. It is interesting in that it embraced several Gibson-like features. Fender’s first major solidbody electric Spanish guitar, the Telecaster (originally named the Broadcaster), has transformed over time—reflecting both fashionable trends and the changes of other models in Fender’s lineup. The guitar came in Shoreline Gold, Arctic White and Black finishes with a 3-Ply Mint Green Telecaster Deluxe style pickguard. Estimates regarding the number of guitars made bearing the Broadcaster name range from 50 to 500, with most experts agreeing that there were no more than 200 made. The replica guitar features a Parsons/White String Bender, two-tone Sunburst finish, ’54 Strat neck pickup and Texas Tele pickup in the bridge position, tortoiseshell pickguard, figured maple neck, Scruggs/Keith banjo tuners on the E and A strings and Clarence White’s signature on the headstock. The Deluxe Telecaster featured either an alder or ash body with a contour ‘belly cut’ into the back of the guitar (similar to that found on a Stratocaster). Beliebt . Fender Vintage 3-Saddle Telecaster Bridge. Leo Fender was also aware that many musicians only owned one guitar, and if it was damaged and needed repair, this would be costly, and time-consuming. The Telecaster Custom retained the basic characteristics of a Telecaster, with some features added to give it a more refined and polished look. The pickups at the neck and bridge position are Jimmy Page Custom ’59 single-coil. The body of the Esquire was manufactured from a solid plank-like wooden slab which was a much simpler shape than an archtop guitar with fewer contours and curves. The initial models of the Telecaster shipping through to late 1954 featured a blond finish and black Bakelite pickguards. The Jeff Beck Tribute Series Esquire was released by Fender in 2006 to honor the distinguished solo guitarist and former member of The Yardbirds. In 1995, the James Burton Standard Telecaster was introduced. These include tribute models for Albert Collins, Andy Summers, Avril Lavigne, Britt Daniel, Buck Owens, Chris Shiflett, Clarence White, Danny Gatton, Deryck Whibley, GE Smith, John 5, Jeff Beck (Esquire), James Burton, Jerry Donahue, Jim Adkins, Jim Root, Jimmy Bryant, Jimmy Page, Joe Strummer, Joe Trohman, John Jorgenson, Merle Haggard, Muddy Waters, Nokie Edwards, Richie Kotzen, Seymour Duncan (Esquire), Waylon Jennings and Will Ray. While the Esquires featured in the 1950 catalog had a black finish with white pickguards, most of the instruments in this series featured a blonde, semi-transparent finish with a black Bakelite pickguard. The Fender Telecaster has established a long history and remains the preference for many famous guitarists. The bridge pickup remained mounted at an angle. $55.94 $ 55. The bridge at the top is a mid-1954 and prior style Tele bridge with brass saddles, and the serial number stamped into the bridge plate (reissue vintage Tele bridge plates with serial numbers have a "dot" pressed below the third number in the serial number, so not to be confused with original Tele bridge plates). Some of the more notable versions are the Telecaster Custom, Thinline Telecaster, Telecaster Deluxe, Custom Telecaster, Telecaster Plus, and Tele Jr. To delve deeper into the history and range of Telecasters be sure to check out the links and resources below. It featured a two-color sunburst finish with a laminated figured maple top, tone chambers, Ivoroid pickguard and binding, a maple set-neck with deep-carved heel and a unique abalone “Tuff-Dog Tele” inlay in the headstock along with Merle Haggard’s signature and pearl tuner buttons. Kostenloser Versand. Three-saddle chrome bridge assembly for use on vintage-style Telecaster guitars manufactured from 1986-present. The neck of the Esquire was made of a single piece of maple. Fender® Parts and Accessories 1-Year Limited Warranty, 3-Saddle American Vintage Telecaster® Bridge Assembly (Chrome), For vintage-style Telecaster guitars (1986-present). It featured an ash body, a 5-way pickup switch, a six-saddle bridge and three Lace Sensor pickups (Blue Senor at the neck position, Silver Sensor in the middle and Red Senor at the bridge position). It was available with a white pickguard and a choice of two-tone sunburst, Black, Vintage White or Candy Apple Red finish. Kostenloser Versand. The name ‘Telecaster’ was adopted in late 1951 (often referred to as a ‘Tele’). I play many styles of music and I use palm muting 80% of the time. Beliebt . James Burton Telecaster was introduced in January 1990. He is best known as a longtime member of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and who co-wrote songs with Tom Petty including ‘Refugee’ and ‘Runnin’ Down a Dream’. The Jimmy Page Telecasters come in two models, the mirror model features a white blonde finish with eight round mirrors attached to the body and white vinyl pickguard. One of the few successes of Fender’s CBS era was the Thinline Telecaster. This was never going to be a long-term solution as hollow-body guitars when amplified were prone to feedback. The Telecaster Custom was the first Telecaster to feature a top and back bound body (binding protects the edges of the guitar body proper from impact, wear, tear and moisture). SKU: KVTHB . The headstock was Stratocaster style, featuring Sperzel “Trem-Lok” tuners, and both the initials WR and Will Ray’s signature. Includes string-through-body plate, three vintage-style brass saddles, slot-head saddle-height screws, intonation screws and springs, and four vintage-style slot-head bridge-mounting screws. The Rosewood Telecaster however was never popular due to its heavyweight and was discontinued in 1972. In the 1960s, White was wanting to play steel-pedal style licks on his Telecaster. While other builders such as Paul Bigsby and Les Paul continued to make prototypes and custom-built solid-body electric guitars, in 1949, Leo Fender and George Fullerton sought to create a solid body guitar that could be created cheaply, mass-produced in a factory, easy to repair and that would be affordable, convenient and practical for working musicians. The Tele Jr featured a six-saddle bridge, two Gibson-style P-90 single-coil pickups and a smaller tortoiseshell pickguard from the ordinary Telecasters. The Fender Artist Series GE Smith Signature Telecaster is in tribute to George Edward (GE) Smith most known for being musical director for a decade on Saturday Night Live and lead guitarist in Hall & Oates. The evolution of the Telecaster was in direct response to key factors; a shift in musical styles requiring a louder musical instrument, the need to address problems with amplifying hollow-body guitars, issues around the ease of repair, and the availability of commercially produced solid-body acoustic guitars. This replica of his 1966 Custom Telecaster featured a Seymour Duncan ’59 humbucker pickup in the neck position and a Texas Special single-coil Strat pickup in the bridge position. This tribute model Esquire is for guitarist and guitar repairman Seymour Duncan, who set up a company bearing his name to manufacture guitar pickups. Strummer refinished the body and pickguard with a gray auto primer followed by a coat of black paint. The production released Fender Esquire bodies were made from ash, a much harder wood that was readily available and had a good grain that remained visible through the semi-transparent finish. It featured a Custom ’63 Tele Single-Coil Pickup in the bridge position and a Seymour Duncan SH-1N ’59 Humbucking Pickup in the neck position. This artist model features a – lightweight semi-hollow ash body with single f-hole, large black Thinline pickguard and custom Amarillo Gold lacquer finish. In terms of hardware, the Telecaster has a six-saddle bridge, DiMarzio Chopper T pickup in the bridge position, a DiMarzio Twang King in the neck position and unusually, a series/parallel rotary switch.

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