Go to the Honeybee Inn in the southeast corner here and talk to the man near the entrance to the building to find out Tifa is with the Don (you can also listen to Johnny being a jerk). Afterwards, when you regain control of Cloud, just head south to move to the next car. Here, you'll encounter Rocket Launcher and Blugu; in the corridors, you'll find Chuse Tank and Grashtrike. After looting them, ccontinue down the platform to engage in your first battle. Tifa will speak to you, and then Barret will hand you 1,500 Gil. Other than that, its attacks are rather unassuming; they're more powerful than the regular enemies, sure, but for a boss having most attacks deal 60-90 damage a hit and only hit one character when your three characters could each easily have 300 HP or more at typical levels is simply unimpressive. However, this alone will not produce the best result, so I recommend doing all parts of the quest noted below. Preparations: You'll find your character is in the front row. While you can name him anything you like, this guide will assume that you chose the default for all characters (including for this character, Cloud). Tifa will mention that the Weapon Shop owner wants to give something to you (we better remember that, we like getting treasure). FINAL FANTASY VII - In Midgar, a city controlled by the mega-conglomerate Shinra Inc., the No. Shortly after this, you'll be given the chance to name a second character (Default: Barret). To the north, you'll find a broken-down camper, which serves as the Weapon Shop. For Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation, Guide and Walkthrough by bover_87. You MAY host a copy of this guide if your site is listed on the Allowed Sites List below. In order to enter the Don's mansion, you'll need, at minimum, a dress and a wig. During the scene, you'll be given a chance to name your character. Once you've grabbed it, continuing making your way down. As you enter the bar, there will be some dialog. Big Bomber can only be used during Air Buster's first four turns; after that, it can only use Rear Gun and Energy Ball. **If you follow the walkthrough, the Phoenix Down won't be accessible until later. Talk to people if you want (it's an RPG, so you'll be talking to lots of people, especially this early in the game, and your play time has no significant effects on either the game or the ending), then go back upstairs using the arcade machine. Cloud and Aeris will leave through the back, after which you will see a small but humorous scene with Reno and the soldiers. Note that tips for defeating normal enemies will be contained in the Enemy List section. In this new car, feel free to speak to the other passengers. What to do is up to you, but if Aeris is low-levelled I recommend fighting to gain Exp for her (as well as kills, which are needed to learn higher-level Limits). If you got the Silk Dress and had a middling performance on the other tasks (not poor enough to have Tifa but not good enough to have Cloud), Aeris will be chosen. Finally, this guide is written with the PSX version in mind. Once you have control of Cloud again, feel free to talk to everyone in the bar; when you're ready to continue, try to exit, and Barret will practically run you over. What happens here depends on how good your items were. As you approach the warhead-like thing, Reno will enter the room, and Aeris will fall down. The bodybuilders are pretty pathetic, so you shouldn't have any problems. Later, however, you'll want to take a look at available Limits and equipment when deciding who to use. The first thing you should do is head north (use the Save Point in the southern screen if you want). Once downstairs, you can just run outside. Save your progress in the menu, then head southeast to continue. You'll notice that Guard Scorpion is weak to Lightning, and Cloud just so happens to have a Lightning Materia equipped. Once the battle is over, continue on to the next area. The Beginner’s Guide to Learning Piano You want to learn piano, but don’t know where to start? Time to get a tiara. The Queen's Room and Lover's Room both have scenes (view them if you want by selecting "Take a Peek"). You'll enter a plaza with a fountain. pour écouter une mélodie. To navigate this document, there are two main methods for you to use. It's actually very easy, and she even lets you practice before doing it for real (I suggest you do so). You won't be able to equip it on your characters just yet (the Materia option isn't available in the menu), so just press on. 1 Mako Reactor has been blown up by a rebel group, AVALANCHE.AVALANCHE was secretly formed to wage a rebellion against Shinra Inc., an organisation which is absorbing Mako energy, destroying the natural resources of the planet. A votre arrivée dans la ville de Kalm, Cloud se remémore son passé. Use the ramp thing to ascend, then cross the bridge-like path and go down to the lower level, then run through the semi-obscured tunnel to the other side. Talk to Tifa again if you like (everyone else will have followed Barret), then go with the others down the secret passage (examine the arcade machine). Ignore the crane, and instead run up the plank to return to the upper level, then follow the linear path northward from here to reach a playground. Playing piano is ended by pressing [Start] (5 on PC, on PlayStation, on Switch).Songs to try [] So far, see Tifa's limit break on information on how to play the Highwind theme. You'll find yourself on a ruined highway (battles here include Whole Eater, which you may have seen before, and Hell House, and new and somewhat powerful enemy); follow it north. To get some, first go to the diner in the middle of the southern section. For the Silk Dress, choose the "soft" and "shimmers" options (any other options will net you an inferior dress and screw you out of the best possible result here). In addition, they also sell Assault Guns (you should already have one equipped on Barret, and you'll never need a second) and Grenades, a battle item that does weak damage to all enemies. Exit the town to the southwest, then go back to the fork and follow the path west. Talk to the woman behind the counter in the dress shop to find out the dress-maker is drunk in the bar. When you're ready to advance the plot, speak with Jessie, the speak with Biggs or Barret. As usual, leave when you're finished.

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